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went to a feast in Sweden at the court of the king who was called Fjolnir, and there he bought two maid-servants, Fenja and Menja: they were huge and strong. In that time two mill-stones were found in Denmark, so great that no one was so strong that he could turn them: the nature of the mill was such that whatsoever he who turned asked for, was ground out by the mill-stones. This mill was called Grotti. He who gave King Frodi the mill was named Hengikjoptr. King Frodi had the maid-servants led to the mill, and bade them grind gold; and they did so. First they ground gold and peace and happiness for Frodi; then he would grant them rest or sleep no longer than the cuckoo held its peace or a song might be sung. It is said that they sang the song which is called the Lay of Grotti, and this is its beginning:

Now are we come
To the king's house,
The two fore-knowing,
Fenja and Menja:
These are with Frodi
Son of Fridleifr,
The Mighty Maidens,
As maid-thralls held.

And before they ceased their singing, they ground out a host against Frodi, so that the sea-king called Mysingr came there that same night and slew Frodi, taking much plunder. Then the Peace of Frodi was ended. Mysingr took Grotti with him, and Fenja and Menja also, and bade them grind salt. And at midnight they asked whether Mysingr were not weary of salt. He bade them grind longer. They had ground but a little while, when down sank the ship; and from that time there has been a whirlpool in the sea where the water falls through the hole in the mill-stone. It was then that the sea became salt.

["The lay of Grotti:

They to the flour-mill

Were led, those maidens,

And bidden tirelessly

To turn the gray mill-stone:

He promised to neither

Peace nor surcease

Till he had heard

The handmaids' singing.

They chanted the song
Of the ceaseless mill-stone:
'Lay we the bins right,
Lift we the stones!'
He urged the maidens
To grind on ever.

They sung and slung
The whirling stone
Till the men of Frodi
For the most part slept;
Then spake Menja,
To the mill coming:

'Wealth grind we for Frodi,
We grind it in plenty,

Fullness of fee
At the mill of fortune:
Let him sit on riches
And sleep on down;
Let him wake in weal:
Then well 't is ground.

'Here may no one
Harm another,
Contrive evil,
Nor cast wiles for slaying,
Nor slaughter any
With sword well sharpened,
Though his brother's slayer
In bonds he find.'

But he spake no word
Save only this:
'Sleep ye no longer
Than the hall-cuckoo's silence,
Nor longer than so,
While one song is sung.'

'Thou wast not, Frodi,
Full in wisdom,
Thou friend of men,
When thou boughtest the maidens:
Didst choose for strength
And outward seeming;
But of their kindred
Didst not inquire.

'Hardy was Hrungnir,
And his father;
Yet was Thjazi
Than they more mighty:
Idi and Aurnir
Of us twain are kinsmen,—
Brothers of Hill-Giants,
Of them were we born.

'Grotti had not come
From the gray mountain,
Nor the hard boulder
From the earth's bosom,
Nor thus would grind
The Hill-Giants' Maiden,
If any had known
The news of her.

'We nine winters
Were playmates together,
Mighty of stature,
'Neath the earth's surface,
The maids had part
In mighty works:
Ourselves we moved
Mighty rocks from their place.

'We rolled the rock
O'er the Giants' roof-stead,
So that the ground,
Quaking, gave before us;

So slung we
The whirling stone,
The mighty boulder,
Till men took it.

'And soon after
In Sweden's realm,
We twain fore-knowing
Strode to the fighting;
Bears we hunted,
And shields we broke;
We strode through
The gray-mailed spear-host.

'We cast down a king,
We crowned another;
To Gotthormr good
We gave assistance;
No quiet was there
Ere Knui fell.

'This course we held
Those years continuous,
That we were known
For warriors mighty;
There with sharp spears
Wounds we scored,
Let blood from wounds,
And reddened the brand.

'Now are we come
To the king's abode

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