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your cruelty : send me the same road your villanies forced your

father to take.

Enter Mrs. MECHLIN. Mrs. Mech. Hey-day! What the deuce have we here ; our old lady in tears !

Mrs. Lov. Disappointed a little ; that's all.

Mrs. Mech. Pray, ma'am, what can оссаfion

Mrs. Lov. Lord bless me, Mrs. Mechlin, what a blunder you have made.

Mrs. Mech. A blunder! as how ?

Mrs. Lov. Do you know who you have brought me ?

Mrs. Mech. Not perfe&tly.
Mrs. Lov. My own fon! that's all.

Mrs. Mech. Your son !
Mrs. Lov. Ay, that rebellious, unnatural-

Mrs. Mech. Blunder indeed! But who could have thought it: why by your account, ma'am, I imagined your son was a child scarce out of his frocks.

Mrs. Lov. Here's company coming, so my reputation will be blasted for ever.

Mrs. Mech. Never fear, leave the care on't to


Enter FUNGUS and DOLLY. Fun. What is the matter : you make such a noise, there is no such thing as minding the writings.

Mrs. Mech. This worthy lady an old friend of mine, not having set eyes on her son since the death of his father; and being apprised by me, that here she might meet with him, came with a


true maternal affection to give him a little wholsome advice.

Mrs. Lov. Well said, Mrs. Mechlin.

Mrs. Mech. Which the young man returned in a way so brutal and barbarous, that his poor mother-be comforted, ma'am; you had better repose on my bed.

Mrs. Lov. Any where to get out of his fight. Mrs. Mech. Here, Jenny.

Mrs. Lov. Do you think you can procure me another

party. Mrs. Mech. Never doubt it. Mrs. Lov. Ugh, ugh

[Exit coughing. Mrs. Mech. Bear up a little, ma'am. [Exit.

Fun. Fye upon you, you have thrown the old gentlewoman into the stericis.

r. Lov. Sir!

Fun. You a man! you are a scandal, a shame to your feet.

Enter Dr. CATGUT. Dr. Cat. Come, come, Mrs. Mechlin, are the couple prepared; the fiddles are tuned, the bows ready rosined, and the whole band-Oh, you, sir, are one party I reckon, but where is the-Ah, Dolly, what are you here, my dear.

Dolly. Soh!
Fun. Dolly ! Who the devil can this be?

Dr. Cat. As nice and as spruce too, the bridemaid I warrant: why you look as blooming, you flut. Fun. What can this be ? hark

, Dr. Cat. Well, sir.

Fun. Don't you think you are rather too familiar with a lady of her rank and condition ? Dr. Cat. Rank and condition : what, Dolly ?


Fun. Dolly ; what a plague possesses the man ; this is no Dolly, I tell you.

Dr. Cat. No!

Fun. No this is lady Scacharissa Mackirkincroft.

Dr. Crt. Who?

Fun. Descended from the old, old, old earl of Glendowery.

Dr. Cat. What she, Dolly Mechlin ?

Fun. Dolly Devil, the man's out of his wits, I believe.

Enter Mrs. MECHLIN. Oh, Mrs. Mechlin, will you set this matter to rights ?

Mrs. Mech How, Dr. Catgut !

Fun. The strangest fellow here has danced up fairs, and has Dolly, Dolly, Dolly'd my lady ; who the plague can he be?

Dr. Cat. Oh, a-propos, Molly Mechlin, what is this the man that is to be married ? the marriage will never hold good; why he is more frantic and madder

Fun. Mad! John, fetch me the foils ; I'll carte and tierce you, you scoundrel.

Enter Isaac FUNGUS and JENNY. I. Fun. Where's brother, it an't over; you be'n't married, I hope.

Z. Fun. No, I believe not; why, what is the 1. Fun. Pretty hands you are got into !

into! Your fervant, good madam ; 'what this is the person, I warrant; ay how pretty the puppet is painted ; do you know who she is ? 2. Fun. Who she is ? without doubt,

1. Fun.

1. Fun. No, you don't, brother Zac. only the spawn of that devil incarnate, dressed out as

2. Fun. But hark ye, Isaac, are-don't be in a hurry-are you sure

1. Fun. Sure-the girl of the house, abhorring their scandalous project, has freely confessed the whole scheme. Jenny, stand forth, and answer boldly to what I thall ask : Is not this wench the woman's niece of the houfe ?

Jen. I fancy she will hardly deny it.

1. Fun. And is not this mistress of yours a most profligate

Mrs. Mech. Come, come, Master Isaac, I will fave you the trouble, and cut this matter short in an instant :-well then, this girl, this Dolly, is my niece ; and what then ?

2. Fun. And ar’n't you alhamed ?
7. Lou. She ashamed! I would have told

you, but I could not get you to listen ; why she brought me here to marry my mother.

2. Fun. Marry your mother! Lord have mercy on us, what a monster! to draw a young man in to be guilty of incense. But hark ye, brother Isaac.

(They retire. Dr. Cat. Gads my life, what a sweet project I have helped to destroy ; but conie, Dolly, I'll piece thy broken fortunes again ; thou hast a good pretty voice, I'll teach thee a thrill and a shake, perch thee amongst the boughs at one of the gardens: and then as a mistress, which, as the world goes, is a much better station than that of a wife, not the proudest of them all

Mrs. Mech. Mistress! No, no, we have not managed our matters so badly. Hark ye, Mr. Commissary. 2. Fun. 'Well, what do you want ?


Mrs. Mech. Do you propose to consummate your nuptials ?

Z. Fun. That's a pretty question, indeed.

Mrs. Mech. You have no objection then to paying the penalty, the contract here that Mr. Harpy has drawn.

2. Fun. The contra&, hey, brother Isaac. 1. Fun. Let me see it.

Mrs. Mech. Soft you there, my maker of can. dles, it is as well where it is; but you need not doubt of its goodness: I promise you the best advice has been taken.

Z. Fun. What a damned fiend, what a harpy !

Mrs. Mech. And why so, my good master Fungus; is it because I have practised that trade by retail which you have carried on in the gross? What injury do I do the world ? I feed on their follies, 'tis true; and the game, the plunder, is fair; but the fangs of

your tribe,

you and

A whole people have

felt, and

for ages will feel : To their candour and justice I make my appeal; Tho' a poor humble scourge in a national cause, As I trust I deserve, I demand your applause.

[Excunt omnes.


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