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This catalogue, the details of which appear to me to be excellent, aflords a clear idea of the succession of schools, and of the dates of birth and death, and the chief circumstances of the life, of each artist; it includes well-devised indexes, and a map of the arrangement of the galleries, wbich gives a synoptical view of the history of the arts at a glance.

of the conscientious and artist-like manner in which the plan is worked out, the following sketch of the first division (abtheilung) may give some idea.

Introduction. On the chief epochs in the bistory of modern painting. Div. 1. ITALIAN SCHOOLS :-Class 1. Venetians :-Formation of school.

Masters—description of pictures-
subject and character, whence ob-

2. Lombards
» 3. Middle Italians.

4. Imitators.
5. Caracci.
6. Academics.

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Note G. Effect of Free Exhibitions, p. 215.


• The committee contemplate no part of the experience of the past year with so much satisfaction, as the success that has rewarded their attempt to bring the poorest classes of the community into connexion with the pure and exalting influences to which this building is devoted. Their faith in the good feeling of the public, and in the aptitude of all minds—even the lowest—to receive refined and elevating impressions, bas not disappointed them. Your museum has been crowded monthly, by thousands, whose eyes fell for the first time upon whole kingdoms of nature, and with whom no previous knowledge or familiarity broke the effect [?] of freshness and wonder. During the last year the first Monday in every month has been a public day. The numbers availing themselves of this privilege, and showing their appreciation of it, have been as follow : Jan. 120 Feb, 350 March,

1,500) 1839 April, 2,500 May, 4,480 June, 3,280

>Total 41,101.
July 5,335 August, 4,656 Sept. 2,620
7,060 Nov.

4,000 Dec. 5,260)
5,500 Feb.

11,360* (March,t 5,380) 1840

Total 28,524. April, 6,284]


, 6,5281

* On the second Monday in the month-the day of Her Majesty's marriage.

† The numbers within brackets are added to those in the report from subsequent information.

“ The uniform propriety and intelligent curiosity of these vast multitudes demonstrate that nothing is wanting but the opportunity of forming tastes, and a generous and respectful sympathy manifested towards them, to take away from the English people that character of rudeness and insensibility to the beauties of nature and art wbich has so long been a national opprobrium. In opening these opportunities to the labouring classes, this institution cannot but feel that it occupies the place of a public benefactor and instructor, awakening in uncultivated minds feelings and ideas calculated to soften the rudeness of manners, and to increase the bappiness and the virtue of life. With the sense of beauty and wonder dead in the mind, the poor man lives in a mean and ungraced world.”

Note H. Encouragement of Historical Art by Voluntary

Associations, p. 242.

UND WESTPHALEN. 1. In Halberstadt Cathedral: Christ and Peter on the sea, in oil, by

Götting. 2. In the Town Museum of Cologne : The Israelites in exile, in oil,

by BEN DEMANN. 3. In the Protestant Church at Arnsberg; The Resurrection of Christ,

an altar-piece, by Deger. 4. In the Parish Church of Königsteele : The Adoration of the Shep

herds, in oil, by ZIMMERMANN. 5. In Saint Andrew's Church, at Dusseldorf: The Holy Virgin with the

Christ-child, etc., in fresco, by MückE. 6. In the Town Museum of Cologne : A Lion Fight, in oil, by

MEISTER. 7. In the Church of Dülmen: Christ in Mary's Bosom, in oil, by

W. SCHADOW. 8. In the Parish Church of Dreis-on-the-Mosel : Saint Martin as

Bishop, an altar-piece, by GÖTTING. 9. In the Parish Church of Ebrenbreitstein: The Invention of the Cross,

an altar-piece, in fresco, by SETTĘGAST. 10. In Saint Andrew's Church: Christ in the Temple, an altar-piece, by

HÜBNER. 11. In the same Church : The Queen of Heaven with the Christ-child,

an altar-piece, by DeGER. Besides partial contributions towards 12. The Restoration of the Altar of the Church of the Sisters of Mercy,

at Coblentz, to which W. SCHADOW had presented bis altar-piece

The Queen of Heaven ; and 14. The Commission of a large Historical Picture of The last Syrian

Christians, by STIELCKE, for the Town Museum of Königsberg.


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