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geroy, 395.

circus for bull-fights, gates, 453: Prado Northampton, law school at, 395.
and Delicias, 454 : bridges, cabinet of Novelists, the Italian, translations from
natural history, 455: royal collection by Roscoe, 236 : Scott's Lives of, 406.
of paintings, 456 : royal armory, 457, Novels, American, noticed --Adsonville,
squares, police, 459.

113: Goslington Shadow, 161: Red.
Magazine, American Mechanics', 34; field, 234: Pesignation, 392: The

intended to contain principles applica Christian Indian, 394; The Refugee,
ble to practical mechanics, ib. ; lauda 268 ; The Stranger of the Valley, 394:
ble and useful design of, ib. ;-Atlantic, The Travellers, 218 : Frederick de Al-
the third volume of, 273; -Atheneum,
for June 1825; noticed, 273 ; - Black
wood's Edinburgh, degeneration of,

113; contributions of Neal, ib. ; ac Oration, delivered at Concord by Ed-
count of American writers, ib. ; opin ward Everett, reviewed, 293; occasion
ion of Lionel Lincoln, 467 :- London, of the performance, ib.; motives and
its opinion of President Monroe's tendency of such works, ib. ; inade-
speech, 76.

quate resources of the colonists, 295 ;
Magnetism, discoveries of Professor Bar general consequences of the revolution
low and M. Poisson, 232.

upon our own country, 297; upon oth-
Match, account of a cricket, 303; of a er countries, 298;-in honour of Gen-
boxing, ib.

eral Lafayette, by William Gibbes
Mather, Cotton, 17, 446.

Hunt, noticed and recommended for its
Massachusetts, its history, 91; continued liberal spirit, 352 ;-delivered in Bos-

by Mr Bradford from Minot and Hutch ton, on the 4th of July, by Charles
inson, ib. ; its singular and interesting Sprague, noticed and commended, 353.
character, ib. ; qualifications of its au Owen, Robert, his New Views of Socie-
thor, 92; battles of Lexington and Con ty, 61 ; his productions diffuse and de-
cord. 93; remark of the author on Mr clamatory, 62: his principles, ib.; and
Jefferson's administration objectiona plan, ib. ; his success at New Lanark
ble, 94 ; typographical errors, ib. ; op io be attributed to circumstances, which
position to the constitution, 95.

cannot exist in the United States, 64;
Memoir of Josiah Quincy. jr. reviewed his views of religion dangerous, 65.

and recommended, 241 ; materials for
it, 242 ; abstract of his life, ib. et seqq ;

defends the British soldiers on the oc Paris, statistics of, 275.
casion of the Boston massacre, 244; Partnership, the Law of, Gow's treatise
sails for Charleston, 245, for England, on, noticed and recommended, 194.

246 ; his proposed return and death, ib. Peace Society of Massachusetts, Dr John
Merico, Mr Poinsett's Notes on, 436. Ware's address to the, 73; encourage
Milton, discovery of papers relating to, ing nature of its views and selicity of

its execution, 74.
Monastery, the Lay, see Monk.

Peel, Mr, 109.
Monk, the Lay, feelings respecting his Peep at the Pilgrims in 1636, English no-

native country, 24 ; peculiarities of the tice of, 275.
poetical character, 182 ; difference be- Pestalozzi, account of his school, 132.
tween poets and common-sense men, Plague, in London, description of, 311.

184; character of the latter, 185. Pleiad, the Lost, 168.
Monroe, President, 76; bis speech, ib. : Poems, Barton's, fourth edition of, 315;
foreign opinion of, ib.

by John Turvil Adams, noticed and
Mortality, comparative, in Paris, 277. condemned, 235.
Mothers, Tales for, by J. N. Bouilly, 75; Poetry, occasional pieces, by Brainard,
character of them, ib.

167; their irregularity, ib. ; the Lost
Mourner, The. by Miss Roscoe, 61.

Pleiad, 163 ; Lines to the Dead, their
Munchausen, see John Bull in America. beauty, 169 ;-Original, A Dream of

the Sea, 430; Address to the Moon,

An April Day, 69; Epitaphs
Napoleon, his codes of law, 150.

from the Italian, 264; Gen. Frazer
Natural history, American, proposals for slain at Saratoga, 170; Hymn, 28 ;

publishing, 117; of the Bible, 116. Hymn of the Moravian Nuns at the
Neal, John, bis works, 113; his account consecration of Pulaski's Banner, 186;
of American writers, ib.

Jeckoyva, 348; Love Asleep, 187;
North American tradition of the floo Morning To ght, 889; Song, 188 ;

Sonnet, 347 ; Spring, 30; Sunrise on


the Hills, 262; The Desolate City, Remains, antediluvian, letter of Professor
308 ; The Four Ages, from Schiller, Buckland concerning, 117: organic,
70; The Graves of the Patriots, 261;

see Bat.
The Mythology of Greece, 429; The Rensselaer, Jer. Van, his Lectures on
Grecian Partizan, 142; the Indian Geology, 287,
Hunter, 143 ; The memory of joys that Reporting, art of, its importance, 111, 463.
are past, 390; The Proclamation of Reports of Cases in the Supreme Judicial
Saladine, 223: The Reign of May, Court of Maine, by Simon Greenleaf,
112; The Sea Diver, 390 ; The Soul noticed and commended, 463.
of Song, 227; The Spirit of Beauty, Resignation, an American novel, notic-
263; The Summer Morning, 391 : To ed, 392.
a Friend at Sea, 112; To Fancy, 349; Review, Edinburgh, for Ortober 1824,
To Genevieve, 310 ; To L M B. 347; 31 : their opinion of a “ Tour in Ger-
To the Arno, 310; True Greatness, many,” 31 : of French loyalty, 32: of
111; Venetian Moonlight, 144: Morn the reception of Lafayette in the Unit-
ing among the Hills, 439: Dreams, 462. ed States, ib.: of the abolition of the
Poets, Italian Lyrical, number and cha corn laws, 33 : of impressment, ib. :
racter of, 136: Savioli, his life and

general character of, ib. : its severity
character, ib.: translation of his ode against Göthe, 81: probable cause of
to Venus, 137: of his ode to Solitude, it, 82: circulated in Germany by Oker,
138: life and writings of De Rossi, 225 : ib. : --Number for January 1825, notic-
translations from his poems, 226: life ed, 145 : the opinion of Mr Campbell's
and writings of Cardinal Pietro Bembo, last poem, ib. : of the manners and mor-
258 : translations of his sonnets, 259: als of absolute princes, 146: of plans
life and writings of Guidiccioni, 260 : for the government and instruction of
translations from his sonnets. 261: boys in large numbers, 147: of the
Filcnja, bis life, character, and poems, British policy in Western Africa, ib. :
381, 382: translation of his socnet on of the state and prospects of Ireland,
the Earthquake of Sicily, 383: of his ib.: of the criminal law of Scotland,
canzone on the siege of Vienna, 383 : 149: of slavery in the British West In-
lite and writings of Claudio Tolommei, dia colonies, 149 : of the duty on cof.
427: of Bernardino Rota, 428 : trans fee, 149: of the state of Hayti, ib.. of
lation of one of his sonnets, ib.

Mr Brougham's pamphlet on the edu-
Poinsett, Mr, English republication of his cation of the people, 150.--New York,
work on Mexico, 436.

for June 1825, noticed, 273: articles
Pompeii, new discoveries in, 316.

on Madame Knight's Journal, 273: on
Portsmouth, catastrophe in, 18.

Lionel Lincoln, ib.: character of the
Prior, see Burke.

number, 274: high price, ib. :-- North
Privateering, inconsistency of its op American, for April 1825, contents of,
posers, 75.

150: insurrection of Tupac Amaru,
Project, zoological, of Sir Humphrey Da ib.: vindication of Count Pulaski, ib. :

modern astronomy, ib. : Napoleon's
Prospectus, French, 36; of the new Uni codes of lau, ib. : Garnett's leciures on
versity in London, 468.

education, 151 : erroneous view, ib :-
Publications, list of new, 37, 78, 118, 158, Number for July 1825, noticed, 312: ar-

198, 238, 278, 318, 356, 397, 437, 477. ticle on naval history, ib : Brown's phi-
Pulaski, Count, his vindication, 150, losophy, 313: on Recollections of the

Peninsula ib. : on recent American nop.

els, ib. : critique on the last, 314: article
Quadruped, newly discovered, Dr Harris' on common law jurisdiction, 350 : on
account of, 277.

European politics, ib.: on Colombia,
Quincy, Josiah, jun., memoir of, 241. ib. : Long's second expedition, 351: on

Da Ponte's observations, ib. ; on Brai.

nard's poems, ib.: critical notices, ib. :
Rawle, William, his View of the Consti. practice of puffing this review, 352.

tution of the United States of Ameri Quarterly, for October 1824, 31: their
ca, 321.

opinion of a Tour in Germany, 31 : of
Records of Scotland, reprint of, 315. the progress of dissent in England, 32:
Redfield, a Long Island tale, noticed, 234. of the Brazilian government, 33: of
Reform in Harvard University, see Har the aborigines of America, ib. : gener.

al character of, ib. : attacked by the
Refugee, The, a romance, noticed, 268 : Westminster, 151:-Number for March

analysis and character of the story, ib. 1925, noticed, 189: change in the edi-

vy, 317.

(orial department, ib.: articles on the Roscoe, Thomas, his selections from
funding system, ib. : on canals and rail the Italian novelists, 236.
roads, ib. : on artizans and machinery, Russia, books printed in, 355.
190: on Daru's Venice, ib.: on the
church in Ireland, ib.: complimentary

notice of Mr Irving's works, 191.-no-

Sales, his improvement of Josse's
tice of the sixty-third Number, 433 :
articles on Church of England inis-

Spanish Grammar, 35.
sions, Palladian architecture, the origin Sarioli, see Italian Lyrical Poets.
of equitable jurisdiction, South Ameri- Say, account of bis American ento-
ca, Dibdin s literary companion, ib. :

mology, 236.
on the past and present state of the Sayings and Doings, second series,
couritry, Irish fairy tales, Niebuhr's noticed, 265; character and ex-
Roman history, 434: the English in

tracts, 266
this last instance behind the American School, at Hofwyl and Yverdun, 132 ;
literary public, ib: opinion of the at Northampton, 134, 395 ; at Gar.
Quarterly Reviewers concerning Eng. diner, ib.; Edinburgh High, Gris-
lish classical learning and the Lion com's account of, ib.; upon the
Greek Grammar, 433. – Westminster,

plan of rellenberg, 267 ; account
for January 1825, 151: not so well

of the Hazelwood, reviewed and
conducted as the Edinburgh and Quar-
terly, ib. : opinions of Dallas and Med-

recommended, 170 et seqq. ; ac-
win, ib.: of Dibdin's library com-

count extracted, 171 et seqq.; diffi-
panion, ib. : of contagion and sanitary

culties of school government, 176 ;
laws, ib. : severe articles on Mr Sou circulating media, 177.
they's Book of the Church and an arti- Schoolcrafl's Travels in the Central
cle in the Quarterly Review, ib.: portions of the Mississippi valley,
Number for February 1823 noticed, reviewed, 201 ; occasion of the
231; article on libel, ib : on Schlegel's travels, ib. mode of travelling, 202;
lectures on literature, 232: on the dis frontier warfare, 203; habits of
coveries in magnetism, ib : on Italy, New England emigrants, 204;
233 :-Number for April 1825 noticed, lead mines of Missouri, 205 ; In-
265: articles on the corn laws, on prison

dian negotiation, 2016; account of
discipline, on emigration, on Boaden's
memoirs of Kemble, ib. : enlightened

the Michigan Territory, 208.
character of the British ministry, ib.

Scoll, Sir Walter, elected Rector of
Reynolds, Sir Joshua, a companion of

St Andrews, 197; his identity with
Burke, 48 : value of his lectures, ib.

the author of Waverley, 407.
Rice paper, its composition, 436. Scotland, criminal laws of, 149; re-
Roads, improvement of, 299 : progress in cords of, 315

this department, ib. : deficiencies still Shakspeare, recovered edition of,
existing, 300: account of Mr M'Adam's 115.
practice, 300: abundance of materials Sheep, Ladahk, Mr Moorcroft's ac-
in New England, 301: partial adop count of, 117.
tion of the M'Adam system, 301 : bad Sheridan, neglect of his talents, 49;
effects of the practice of working out

his great powers, ib.
the highway tax, 302.
Robinson, Samuel, his Catalogue of A. Smyth, see Apocalypse.
merican Minerals, 193,

Society, new views of by Robert Ow-
Romance in the heroic and middle

en, 61; see Peace; Worcester bis-
ages, 343, 344; Arthur and Charle. torical, formation and objects of,
magne, 345 ; comparison between

English and French, 346 ; com.

Socielies, Peace, advantages of, 73.
parison of its peculiarities, 386 et

Solar, Mariano Cubi y, his Spanish
seqg: ; new, founded on Irish Sce Grammar, 35.
nery and character, 316.

Southey, his book of the Church at-
Rome in the nineteenth century,

tacked, 151
praised by the Westminster Re- Spirit of our country, the Literary, 24;
view, 233; remains of obelisks in,

progressive nature of, 25; influ-

ence of climate and scenery upon,
Rota Bernardino, 428.

25, 26.
Rothelan, a romance of the English Sprague, Charles, his oration on the
histories, noticed, 311.

4th of July, 353.


Stanhope colonel,his letters on Greece, 355 ; new one in England, 277 ;

43; his exertions in favour of the prospectus of the new London, 468.
Grecian cause, 43; an associate of Unirersilies, German, attack upon,197.
Lord Byron, 45 ; recalled from, 46; Ulica Lyceum, address to, notice of,
his book too radical, 46; omissions 114
in the American edition, ib.

Statistics, of Hayti, 198 ; of Paris, 275, Vapour, variation of its boiling points,
277; of Sweden, 397.

Steam-boat in Holland, 468.
Steam engines in England, 318.

Stranger of the Valley, The, an Ameri Walladmor, romance, noticed,
can novel, noticed, 394.

435 ; an imposition upon the Ger-
Sullivan, Mr William, his address to man public, ib; badly executed, ib.

the members of the Suffolk bar, 252. Ware, Dr, see Peace Society.
Summer, Indian, see John Bull in Watchman, account of a wooden, 276.

Wayland, Rev. Mr London editions

of his sermon, 316.

Webster, Daniel, his address at Bun-
Tales, see Mothers ; New Moral, by ker hill, 327.

Madame de Genlis, 374 ; of the Weimar, the German Athens, 90; ac-
Crusaders, reviewed, 402; analy. count of it, ib.
sis of the story of the first tale, ib; Werter, Sorrows of, see Göthe.
defect, 403 ; extract, ib; account Wheaton, Henry, his address on the
of the second tale, 405; religious opening of the New York Athenæ-
sentiment, 406; badly printed, 112;

um, 267.
of the road side, reviewed, 121. Whitehall Palace, see Chapel.
Testament, the New, see Grammar, Winer, see Grammar.

character of its language, 72; Wines, Russian, Dr Lyall's account
Title pages, not sufficiently explicit, of, 237

Worcester bistorical society, its for-,
Tolommei, Claudio, 427

mation and objects, 354.
Town Officer's Guide by By John Writers, American, account of them

Bacon, noticed, 272; and recom in the Edinburgh Magazine, 113.
mended, 273.

Writing on sand, used in Siberia, 317.
Travellers, The. A tale ; reviewed Wrighi, Francis, author of a Few
and recommended, 218.

Days in Athens, 34.
Travels in Greece, by Dr P. O. Bron-
stock, 237; Schoolcraft's, review.

ed, 201.

Year in Europe, by John Griscom,
Triumphs of intellect, a lecture by reviewed and recommended, 130;
Dr Chapin, noticed, 151;

advantage of such works, 131 ; bis

observations confined to subjects

of practical utility, 132; account
University, Harvard, reformin, see of the schools of Fellenberg and

Harvard ; plan for one in London, Pestalozzi, ib.

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