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lic wire or copper filing, put into ether at 145°, caused a sudden and copious explosion of gas and vapour, and lowered the boiling point many degrees. Plunging a thermometer into the hot ether, caused the production of bubbles at a temperature many degrees below the boiling point when no thermometer was present; after a time the effect ceased, but a removal of the thermometer from the ether, and a re-immersion of it, produced a repetition of the effect. The cedar wood acted best when perfectly dry. Alcohol of specific gravity 843, boiled in a glass vessel at 182o, but by dropping in successive pieces of cedar wood, the boiling point was reduced as much as 30 or 40°. The boiling point of water Dr Bostock found, was altered 4° or 5° by chips of cedar wood, requiring a temperature of about 217° when heated in a glass tube, by means of hot brine, but being brought down to the usual boiling point by the chips.

CRIMES IN SWEDEN. The state of crime in Sweden is less distressing than in most other countries. The whole number of persons committed to prison for offences does not exceed 1500, viz. about 800 convicted of various crimes, and 700 imprisoned for vagri•ncy and other offences of police. A royal commissioner has been appointed to superintend all the prisons and houses of correction, so as to place their discipline and administration on a common footing. A house of correction is building at Stockholm, in which the prisoners will be allowed part of the gaios made by their work, and may lay it up to form a sum against the time of their liberation. Similar measures are also in progress at Christiana in Norway.



Introductory Discourse to a few Lectures on the Application of Chemistry to Agriculture, delivered before the New York Atheneum. By William James Mac Neven, M. D. 8vo. pp. 40. New York. G. & C. Carvill.


History of Boston, No. 12. Boston.

Annals of the American Revolution; or a Record of the Causes and Events, which produced and terminated in the Establishment and Independence of the American Republic, &c. To which is prefixed a summary Account of the Settlement of the Country, and some of the principal Indian Wars, which have, at successive periods, afflicted its Inhabitants. To which are added Remarks on the Priuciples and Comparative Advantages of the Constitution of our National Government, and an Appendix, containing a Biography of the principal Military Officers, who were instrumental in achieving our Independence, compiled from a Mass of authentic Documents, and arranged in Chronological and Historical Order. By Jedidiah Morse, D. D. Author of the American Universal Gazeteer. 8vo. pp. 450. Hartford.

This title is sufficiently full and explicit, and requires no commentary from us.

LAW. Laws of the State of New York, in relation to the Erie and Champlain Canals, together with the Annual Reports of the Canal Commissioners, and other Documents requisite for a complete official History of these Works. With Surveys, and other Engravings. Containing a detailed Account of the Dimensions and Cost of the Canal and the several Locks. 2 vols. royal 8vo. Albany. Published by the Authority of the State.


A Treatise on Surveying, &c. By the Rev. Abel Flint. Fifth Edition. With Additions and illustrations. By George Gillett, Surveyor-General of the State of Connecticut. 8vo. Hartford. Walsh's Mercantile Arithmetic. Fifth Edition. Salem. J. R. Buffum.

MISCELLANEOUS. Christian Patriotism : An Address delivered at Concord, July the Fourth, 1825. By the Rev. Nathaniel Bouton. 8vo. pp. 24. Concord.

A Plea for Africa, delivered July the Fourth. By the Rev. Leonard Bacon. 8vo. pp. 22. New Haven. T. G. Woodward & Co.

The New York Review and Atheneum Magazine. No. 3, for August 1825.

Boston Monthly Magazine. No. 3. for August, 1825.

A Sermon preached to the Church in Brattle Street, with Notes IIistorical and Biographical. By John G. Palfrey, Pastor of the Church. 8vo. pp. 81. Boston.

The Long Island Journal of Philosophy and Cabinet of Variety, No. 3, for July. Huntington, L. I.


Frederick De Algeroy, the Hero of Camden Plains. A Revolutionary Tale. By Giles Gazer, Esq. 1 vol. 12mo. pp. 235. New York. Collins & Co. and others.

Tadeuskund, the Last King of the Lenape. An Historical Tale. 12mo. pp. 276. Boston. Cuminings, Hilliard, & Co.

Tales of the Crusaders. By the Author of Waverley, Quentin Durward, &c. 12mo. 4 vols in 2. [The Betrothed. pp. 163, 177. The Talisinan. pp. 168, 180.] Philadelphia.


American Ornithology; or the Natural History of Birds inhabiting the United States, not given by Wilson ; with Figures drawn, engraved, and coloured. By Charles Lucien Bonaparte. Vol. 1st. Imperial 4to. Philadelphia. Samuel Augustus Mitchell.

This work, which is to be comprised in three volumes, is intended as a Supplement to Wilson, and is the most splendidly executed book that has ever issued from the American Press.


The Garland, or New General Repository of Fugitive Poetry. Edited by G. A. Gamage. No. 1, June, 1825. 8vo. pp. 16.

The design of this publication is good, and this first number promises well for the execution, as it contains several beautiful pieces. The price, four dollars per annun, for such a volume of selections as will be composed of twelve numbers of

16 pages each, seems to us rather high. We suppose that it is by a typographical error, that the titles of the pieces, in the list of contents, stabd in a different order from that of the pieces themselves in the number.

POLITICAL ECONOMY. Outlines of Political Economy; being a Republication of the Article upon that subject, contained in the Edinburgh Supplement to the Eocyclopædia Britannica. Together with Notes explanatory and critical, and a Summary of the Science. By Rev. John M'Vickar, A. M. of Columbia College. 8vo. pp. 188. New York. Wilder & Campbell.


Missionary Herald. Vol. XXI. No. 8, for August. Boston. Crocker & Brewster.

A Serinon on Human Depravity. By Edmund Q. Sewall. 8vo. pp. 34. Amherst, N. H.

The American Baptist Magazine. Vol. V. No. 8, for August. Boston. The Gospel Advocate, for August. Vol. V. No. 8. Boston.


Quarterly Review. No. 63, for June. Boston.

Memoirs and Reflections of Count Segur, written by himself. 1 vol. 8vo. pp. 359. Boston and New York.

Stories, selected from the History of England, for Children. Hartford.

A Compend of History from the Earliest Times; comprehending a general View of the Present State of the World, with respect to Civilization, Religion, and Government, and a brief Dissertation on the Importance of Historical Knowledge. By Samuel Whelpley, D. D. Principal of the Newark Academy. Eighth Edition, with Corrections and important Additions and Improvements, by Rev. Joseph Emerson, Principal of the Female Seminary in Wethersfield. 2 vols. in 1. Boston.

The Surgical and Physiological Works of John Abernethy, F. R. S. &c. &c. From the Sixth London Edition. Embracing Reflections of Gall and Spurzheim's System of Fhysiology and Phrenology. 2 vols. 8vo. Hartford.

The Memoirs of Joseph Fouché, Duke of Otranto, Minister of the General Police of France. Translated from the French. 1 vol. 3vo. pp. 474. Boston.

Letters on the Importance, Duty, and Advantage of Early Rising ; addressed to the Heads of Families, the Man of Business, the Lover of Nature, the Student, and the Christian. By A. C. Buckland. From the Fifth London Edition, with an additional Letter and a Preface. 18mo. pp. 237. Boston.

Village Dialogues, between Farmer Littleworth, Thomas Newman, Rev. Mr. Lovegood and others. By the Rev. Rowland Hill, A. M. From the Eighteenth London Edition, with additional Dialogues. 3 vols. 12mo. New York.


The Christian Father's Present to his Childron. By the Rev. J. A. James. 2 vols. 18mo. Boston.

Elements of Phrenology. By George Combe, with two Engravings. Philadelphia. E. Littell.

Pharmacologia. 2 vols. 8vo. Sixth Edition. By John Ayrton Paris, M. D.

A Dictionary of Pathology and the Practice of Medicine. 1 royal 8vo. vol.

Blackall on Dropsy. From the Fourth London Edition. Sir Astley Cooper's Lectures. Complete Edition. Potter's Grecian Antiquities. By Charles Anthon. 1 vol. 8vo. New York.

Essays on Education. By the Rev. William Barrow, Philadelphia. Harrison Hall.

Biographical Memoirs of Eminent Men, with Portraits, Autographs, &c. Philadelphia.

The Cominercial Chart and Universal Traveller. Containing general Information respecting Roads, Steam-Boats, Stages, Packets, Hotels, &c. in the United States. By D. Hewitt.

Merivale's Reports. 3 vols. 0. Halsted. New York.

Shaw's Manual for the Student of Anatomy. Revised, and with Notes.' By William Anderson, D. D. Troy, N. York.

Atkins' Reports, third London Edition, revised and corrected, with Notes and References. By Francis W. Sanders. 3 vols. royal 8vo. New York.

History of the United States. 1 vol. 12mo. New York. C. Wiley. Seventeenth and Eighteenth Cantos of Don Juan. C. Wiley.

Law of Actions and Trials at Nisi Prius. By Isaac Espinasse. New York.

Lévizac's Grammar. 1 vol. 12mo. New York.
Questions to Adam's Roman Antiquities, for the use of Colleges, &c.

The Precepts of Jesus, the Guide to Peace and Happiness, extracted from the Books of the New Testament ascribed to the Four Evangelists. To which are added, the First and Second Appeal to the Christian Public, in reply to the Observations of Dr Marshman, of Serampore. By Rammohun Roy, of Calcutta. From the London Edition. New York. B. Bates.

An Elementary System of Physiology. By John Bostock, M. D. Boston.

A Practical Treatise on the Law of Evidence, and Digest of Proofs, in Civil and Criminal Proceediegs. By Thomas Starkie, Esq. of the Inner Temple, Barrister at Law. With Notes and References to American Decisions. By Theron Metcalf. 3 vols. 8vo. Boston.

The Works of the Right Hon. Edmund Burke. Complete from the last London Edition. Boston.

The “ Practical Reader,” in five books. By M. R. Bartlett. Utica N. Y.

A Planisphere or Map of the Sensible Heavens in two Hemispheres one N. and the other S. divided at the Equinoxial Circle. By M. R. Bartlett.

Published on the first and fifteenth day of every month, by CUMMINGS, HILLIARD,

& Co., No. 134 Washington-Street, Boston, for the Proprietors. Terms, $5 per annum. Cambridge : Printed at the University Press, by Hilliard & Metcalf.

[blocks in formation]

1. Tales of the Crusaders. By the author of Waverley,"

Quentin Durvard,” &r. 4 vols in 2. [The Betrethed. pp.

163, 177. The Talisman. pp. 168,180] Philadelphia. 1825. 2. Lives of the Novelists. By Sir WALTER Scott. Philadel

phia. 1825. 2 vols. 12mo.

It is now a twelvemonth precisely since we had the opportunity of reviewing a Waverley novel, and we have been compelled in the interim to peruse so many unhappy imitations, that the very contrast may incline us to hold a more favourable opinion of the “ Tales of the Crusaders,” than they really merit; as meat of an indifferent quality and carelessly prepared may have the haut gout for a palate just escaped from the nauseousness of draughts and the insipidity of ptisans.

The events of the first tale, entitled “The Betrothed,” are supposed to have happened on the borders or marches of Wales, in the latter part of the twelfth century and during the reign of Henry the Second. Gwenwyn, a Welsh Prince, is so far forgetful of prudence and good policy, as to ask the hand of Eveline, daughter of Raymond Berenger, the Norman castellane of a fortress in his neighbourhood, and of course a formidable enemy to his name and nation. Raymond refuses on two grounds; first, that such matches are unequal, ill-assorted, and impolitic; and secondly, that his daughter is already promised to Hugo de Lacy, a Noble Norman and the Constable of Chester. Either of these reasons was enough to rouse the fury of the Camprian, who advances to the attack of the

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