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To Correspondents.

The Editor will feel obliged by (D. H. J.) the writer of T. T. E. sending his

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When on the lines thy hand has traced,

My mourning eyes I turn,
How every word with genius glows,

And seems like fire to burn !
Each sentence now prophetic reads,

Inscribed upon thy urn,
While thrills my heart at those dread words,

Thou never canst return!
How kind thy words, how sweet thy voice

To stranger ears like mine,
Who loved thee as the peasant loves

The Image in the shrine !
Yes, in thy tender tones and low,

A witching magic dwelt;
I never knew what was the charm,

And still its power I felt.
We saw thee young-we knew thee good

We heard of thy success,
And paused amid our daily toil

Thy efforts great to bless !
For us thy toil-for us thy time

Were freely ever given,
Till God removed thy loving soul

Back to its native Heaven !
Let us, like thee, be earnest still-

Like thee, be good and kind -
Like thee, each day increase the store

Of knowledge in the mind.
Thus will thy loss a blessing be,

Though now our tears flow fast,
So will thy memory ever be

A green spot to the last !
So will thy works bring forth good fruit,

Though thou art laid in dust;
So will we see the blossom fair

Of all thy hope and trust!
Still we must weep-weak Nature yields-

We cannot steel the heart ;
Oh bitter, bitter is the hour,

When from the loved we part !
Rest in thy coffin--still and calm,

In solemn peace now rest,
Till thy sad country brings theo home,

To lie within her breast !
24th February, 1853.


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