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Сторінка 234 - Full on this casement shone the wintry moon, And threw warm gules on Madeline's fair breast, As down she knelt for heaven's grace and boon ; Rose-bloom fell on her hands, together prest, And on her silver cross soft amethyst, And on her hair a glory, like a saint...
Сторінка 225 - Ah ! never shall the land forget How gushed the life-blood of her brave — Gushed, warm with hope and courage yet, Upon the soil they fought to save. Now all is calm, and fresh and still, Alone the chirp of flitting bird, And talk of children on the hill, And bell of wandering kine are heard. No solemn host goes trailing by The black-mouthed gun and staggering wain; Men start not at the battle-cry...
Сторінка 145 - For the several employments and offices of our fellows, we have twelve that sail into foreign countries under the names of other nations (for our own we conceal), who bring us the books and abstracts, and patterns of experiments of all other parts. These we call merchants of light.
Сторінка 146 - Lastly, we have three that raise the former discoveries by experiments into greater observations, axioms, and aphorisms.
Сторінка 146 - And this we do also ; we have consultations, which of the inventions and experiences, which we have discovered, shall be published, and which not : and take all an oath of secrecy, for the concealing of those which we think fit to keep secret : though some of those we do reveal sometimes to the state, and some not.
Сторінка 186 - And herein is that saying true : One soweth, and another reapeth. I sent you to reap that whereon ye bestowed no labour ; other men laboured, and ye are entered into their labours.
Сторінка 200 - O that men would therefore praise the LORD for His goodness : and declare the wonders that He doeth for the children of men...
Сторінка 145 - THIS fable my lord devised, to the end that he might exhibit therein a model or description of a college, instituted for the interpreting of nature, and the producing of great and marvellous works, for the benefit of men ; under the name of Solomon's House, or the College of the Six Days
Сторінка 16 - Tis the cessation of our breath. Silent and motionless we lie ; And no one knoweth more than this. I saw our little Gertrude die ; She left off breathing, and no more I smoothed the pillow beneath her head. She was more beautiful than before. Like violets faded were her eyes ; 436 437 By this we knew that she was dead.
Сторінка 225 - Now all is done that man can do, And all is done in vain ! My love ! my native land adieu ! For I must cross the main, My dear, For I must cross the main.

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