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NOTE: The sources of articles are named at the beginning or end of each, and these credits are not re-
peated in this index, which is either by titles or subjects. Under “Facts” will be found short bits of
information ; and the “Amenities" are paragraphs intended to be entertaining.



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Aberglaube ; poem. By G. A. Simcox
55 | De profundis ; poem

58 Death, within an ace of

Akbund, The, of Swat

332 Defence of Lucknow; poem. By A. Tennyson 559
All in all ; poem. By P. B. Marston
621 Dervishes to-day

Amenities. See end of each number.

Dick, R., the baker of Thurso

American trade virtues

311 Distracted young preacher; story 629, 663, 685
Anderssen, A.
543 Dog, arithmetical

Animals, intellcct of
595, 679 Dogs

Ant-hill city, my friends in
412 Drawing out the fear ; poem

Arbitration, in wages questions; by Mr. Weeks 597 | Dream, Lord Vivian's

Art students, hints to. By Sir D. Macnee 450 Dreams

Au revoir." By A. Dobson

61 Drolleries in reasoning

Automaton chess-player. By J. N. Maskelyne 539

Eåster eggs; story

Automaton chess-player again

Easter even ; poem. By E. Warden

Eddystone lighthouse

Baby, The; story

179 | Egyptians, religion of ancient. By J. N. Hoare
Ballades, two: By F. Villon
129 Electric light

Benediction, The; poem. Trapsl. from F.

Electric light. By J. Tyndall

341, 368
96 Emigrant; poem. By W. C. J. Wilkins

Bible, the new
403 | England, what she is expecting

Bidder, G. P.
228 | English loans, loss on

Bismarck, Prince von
612 | Ensign Ransou ; story

Blanqui, M.
710 Errors of Islam. By H. M. Hart

Blue Beard. By E. Vizetelly
495 | Escroquerie, an; story

Bluebeard at Broglio
321 Ethelbert, King; his sermon

Blunders, droll
27 | Etruria, Dennis's book.on, noticed

Bogey : poem
106 | Eves of two Christmas numbers; story

Bone-setters, The, mystery. By W. Chambers 447 Exodus, the

Bonifacio, siege of

Experiences of a Bow street runner

Book, smallest

Facts. See end of each number.
Boy-smokers. By W. Chambers
Bradford. A, in vention

Fairy legends of Queen's county

Fairy-love of savages. By J. Å. Farrer


Faithfull, Miss Emily

Burning; poem. By E. Jones

Fan, how to use ; verses

Burr, A., recollections of

Fashionable euphuism (verses)

Butterfly; poem. From Lamartine

Fellahheen of Palestine. By Mrs. Finn

By swift Tugela ; story

Feigning, A face; story. By Mabel Collins

By the light of the moon ; story


Ferocious favorites. By Surgeon-general Cowen 56
Calculator, an extraordinary
227 Finding fault, art of

Canine anecdotes
549 Fishes' ears

Cannon, a new

553 Flowers on the bank; poem. By T. G. Hake 582
Capt. Cole's passenger ; story. By J. Payn 601 Fools in high places

Carmen (parody on the opera)
449 Foi tsas ; a true story

Catholic emancipation at Rome
668 Frauds

Cavan superstitions. By Letitia McClintock 48 French cabinet, the new


578 Frozen watercourse, to a; poem
Chamfort and Rivarol
313 Fruit-farming and the fruit trade

Charity, an unappreciated. By W. Gilbert 393

Fry, Mrs. E. By Mrs. F. G. Faithfull

Charity, theory of

Galloping off with a baby ; story. S. Beauchamp 531
Chemical action in its geological aspect, By T. M.

Gambetta, as speaker

Chinese poetry. By W. H. Medhurst -

Geissler, H.

Germany, horse-racing in

Chinese question

Gladstone, W. E.

Civilization and the Chinaman

George Third's friends

Columba, St., hymn of

Ghost stories unveiled
Comets ; Does the earth go through? By M.

649 Ghost story, a true. By T. Heaphy

Confession ; poem; from Baudelaire
676 Ghosts, the argument for

Consider the ravens ; poem. By G. MacDonald 421 / Grampus, the
Constance; poem. By B. C. Walker

693 | Great, a, fool (England)

145 Gun, new great
Co-operation, practical cases of

Coquette, A; poem. By Barbara Lake

po Haiden-Roslein, by Goethe; and verses, translated 357
Cornish folk


Hamiltons, The; story. By Harriot M. Da-


24, 37, 62, 97
Criticism, a new word for a new

Hans on horseback

Crow, value of a

Happiness, definition of

Cruising for crustaceans

Happiness, present, in a happy past

Cyprus, letter from,

Hard times and their causes

Czar and sceptic; story

Harold Rivers ; story

189, 214, 251, 273
Daisies; poem
722 | Health and recreation

Day in bed
694 Hearts overworked

Death, fear of
45 | Hero's rest; poem








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Hidden; poem
536 Picking up the pieces ; a comedy

473 Highland bothy; story

14 Pitcairn, great revolution in. By Mark Twain 645 Historiettes, scraps from (of Tallemant des Reaux) 223 Playing at courting ; poem. By Charles Warren 144 Hoaxes, chapter of

Pleasant, a, person

346 Hoffmann's Kreisler

203 Plums; extracts from Dr. O. W. Holmes's address 107 Honest bargains 616 Poetical encyclopædia ; Coates's; noticed

291 Honest man; poem. By G. Herbert 712 | Pouched animals

514 Hope; poem 679 | Prisons, healthiness of

173 How the lady rescued the tramp ; poem

32 Professional, the, dog thief. By M. Williams 201 Hugo, Victor, anecdotes of 8 | Prussian guard-room story

302 In town; pantoum (verses). By A. Dobson 282 Psychometric system. By F. Galton

438 Indolence, what is ? By C. Waterton 681 | Pyramids, the

309 Inpismore, that day on; story

573, 609 Reading (parody on Tupper). C. S. Calverley 458 Insect, an old-clothes 558 Reading, select

291 Intellect of brutes

595, 679 | Red, yellow and green (doctoring wine) Irish song 542 | Reformers, a bint for

148 Jason and others. By F. Barrett

74 Regiments, British, names and mottoes of 113 Jeux d'esprit 478 | Retribution ; a ballad, etc.

367 Just too late ; story. By W. Dinsdale

256 | Rheumatism; a few words about Kabbala, and Sepher Yezirah 145 Rich Miss Harley ; story

180, 161 Kaffir wars, a story of

207 Riddle, the, of the ring; story. W. W. Fenn 718 Kemble, Fanny; her first appearance

159 Robsart, Amye Khabar, the 597 | Rorke's drift, fight at

567 Lamb, C.; anecdotes of. By A. Plack 497 Rose or tborn ? poem. By R. Wilson

623 Legal anecdotes 517 Rosicrucians

255 Lewes, G. H. 314 | Rothschilds, anecdotes of

727 Libraries, parents' responsibility for use of 119 | Russian probity, anecdotes of

614 Library, the twenty-five 374 Salt, Sir Titus

330 Locusts

Science and practical life. By F. W. Clarke 426 London police duty 732 Science at sea

594 Longing for springtime ; poem 531 Scientific rectifications

147 Lost and found (things),

Sermons, sensational

444 Lost literature 305 Sharks

213 Lost, a, sheep; story 523 Shelley. By T. Bayne

185 Louise ; poem 382 Shooting on the wing

199 Love in May 1879

Signalling by sunshine

651 Low-necked Canada 222 Siren, the, isle ; poem

696 Magic, the, of a song ; poem 627 Sleep, sleeplessness

519 Maid, the, and the leaf; poem • 609 Snake-bites

374 Mammoth, the 221 Soldiers

289 Manufacturing, short hours in

678 Somnambulism, artificial. By R. Proctor 564, 583 Massena in Genoa 373 / Sonnets, two. By G. Barlow

453 Medical, a, mystery; story 293 Souvenirs ; poem

319 Medium, a, of last century; story 349, 377, 405 Speech, slipshod

456 Metcalf, John

Spelling reform

262 Meteoric dust, 709 Stein, Baron von

401 Midnight adventure in London ; story 699 | Student, wise counsel to

250 Miss Morier's visions ; story 427 Strike, one out of sixty-eight wins

373 Moa, of New Zealand 593 Sunfishing

372 Money, handy

177 Sun-power, direct (Mouchot's machine] Monkey, a mischievous 705 | Supper-party in Pekin

730 Morocco leather 682 | Taglioni, and dancing

604 Mortality ; poem 568 Talkers

52 Motley, J. L., Dr. Holmes on 459 Task, the ; poem

486 Mr. Bowker's courtship; story 588 | Tennyson's ballad of the fleet, parody on

367 My steady pupil; story

5 Through the ages; poem My swim to the target; story 489 To my dog ; poem

72 Mysterious advertisement, the; story 151 Tourist's notes; poem

672 Mystery of Marmaduke; story. By


297 Napoleon, Louis; escape from Ham. By J. Orsi 657 | Tramps, law for

204, 290 Natural history anecdotes 623 Truth and proof

699 New, the Endymion ; story. J. Hawthorne 335, 361 | Tunnel, longest in the world

613 Night ; poem. By W. Sharp 395 Turner the painter

530 Nostradamus 461 | Two, the, lights ; poem. By G. Gun

488 Novel-readers of note 328 | Tyndall defines his position

18 Novel reading. By A. Trollope 245 | Uncle Tom's cabin; noticed

89 Number 47; story. By J. Payn 121 | Unity of Christendom

627 Observation and memory 213 | Unscen universe ; review

79 Oddities, seeming, in nature. By W. Chanibers 356 Vanderbilt, W. H.

572 Oil on the waters 218 Waddington, W. H.

425 Old and new; poem. By Alice Ward 296 Wages, English farm, for 678 years

174 Old tenants of a desolate hall. By H. F. Cox 724 Wallflower, to the; poem. By Wergeland 598 On the tramp (Isthmus of Panama) 465, 509 Wanted, a private tutor ; story

84 Opium traffic with China 735 | Waterton, C. By T. Hughes

358 Ornament, origin of 346 What the little birds told them; poem

147 Otter's, the, story 284 White, mineral,

703 Outfitter, the, outwitted. By Mrs. A. Smith 469 Wolf hunt in Vermont. D. P. Thompson 521 Oyster, whistling

420 Women in French silk industry. E.G. Watherston 422 Painted by Watteau ; poem 708 Work hours, losses by short

678 Pancirollus, a new

451 | Wounded, the hand ; story. By N. Rosavo 555 Pearls, are they alive? 30 | Wraith, the, of Barnjum; story

673 Peel, Sir Robert and the court 723 Wrestling, Nepaul

399 Penguins at Tristan d' Acunha 681 Young sailor's story

91 Peoples, the ; poem 84 Zulu and other weapons

505 Phænicians in Greece. By Prof. A. Sayce 125, 153 Zulus and their country. By R. Brown





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irreverently styled a bear-leader are not always

enviable, but Cecil, to do him justice, was by far The SATURDAY MAGAZINE begins now, be too generous a youngster to indulge in the sneers cause specie payment is not only coming, but is and slights that often fall to the lot of the roving here; because, therefore, business prosperity is in because therefore business prosperity is instructor of gilded youth. He had the command

of a good deal of money, for it was a theory of not only going to revive, but is reviving; be- This

nyingi. his guardian's that early stinting in this respect cause, for the first time since 1873, it is a right|lays the foundation for subsequent extravagance; time to start a new enterprise. It means to be but he showed no inclination for the freaks and agreeable. useful. cleanly, and honorable: a follies of his contemporaries, and over and over

again did I congratulate myself on the good luck fountain of pleasant thoughts and fresb knowl

that had provided me with such a pupil. The edge, and a helper of all that is good. It greets Rhine, Switzerland, Tyrol, each and all of these you kindly, and expects what it deserves. we had visited in the pleasant summer-time; we

had wintered in Italy, and the next spring found

us in Paris. MY STEADY PUPIL.

It was the time when the Grand Paris Exhibi

tion — exhibitions had not as yet grown common • A STORY.

enough to be classed as bores - attracted myri“Now, Mr. Baker, let us understand each other ads to the then imperial capital of France. Èmat once," Lord Hunsdon had said, leaning back peror, court, and empire were in their first freshin his official arm-chair, and tapping the massiveness, decked, too, with the prestige which success signet-ring on his fat finger with the official pa- confers; for the great struggle with Russia was per-cutter. “I have the great pleasure, as I going on victoriously for the allies, and the corhave said, of entrusting to you the task of my dial feeling between France and England was at nephew's education. All I have heard of you its warmest. In 1855 people had not yet become and what little I have seen of you induce me ashamed of enjoying themselves, and whatever to regard you as an excellent travelling tutor. the merits of the show might be, it certainly seIt only remains for me to state my views, as cured the suffrages of the well-dressed, wellbriefly as I can," — here a glance at the official pleased crowds of holiday-makers. My pupil and clock, -"for I have to receive a deputation imme- I made the new Palace of Industry our daily diately. Cecil Manvers has a fortune of his own lounge, and so did a French friend of ours, des- his mother's money — and will in all proba- tined to play no unimportant part in this story. bility succeed me in the title and property. I! It was by accident that we had made acquaintdon't want the boy to turn out a bookworm, a ance with Colonel the Baron Duplessis. Cecil milksop, or a scamp. Make him a well-informed, had a.walking-cane, with a handsome gold head, honorable English gentleman, with enough which had belonged to his father, and this cane knowledge of the world to steer clear of its he chanced to leave on one of the marble tables worst perils, and I shall be more than satisfied. of the Exhibition monster restaurant. Half an And nothing could conduce better to this than hour later, when my pupil discovered his loss, two years on the Continent in such good hands and went back in hot haste to seek for his missing as yours, Mr. Baker. I shall see you again, of property, it was courteously restored to him, course, before you leave England, but just now” with a bow and a smile, by a tall, elderly French- another glance at the clock — “my time is man, with the inevitable red ribbon adorning his positively not my own.".

tightly-buttoned frock-coat, and of what his comAnd I took the under-secretary's hint, and re-patriots designate as a distinguished appearance. tired, almost tumbling over the excited deputa- | This old officer had observed ourselves as the tion as I made my way downstairs. Next week occupants of a table near his own, and had been Cecil Manvers and I went abroad.

prompt enough to prevent the costly walkingOur first year of continental travel passed off stick from being purloined by a light-fingered unpleasantly enough. I found my pupil not merely der-waiter. This little kindness led in time to a iutelligent and quick to learn, but bright, frank, friendship which might be called intimate. and unassuming, and singularly docile for so The colonel, as became a man of ancient linespirited a lad. The duties of what is sometimes, age and reduced fortunes, lived in a gloomy old

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