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If unprepared, however, this man drink,

He hath not, as you know, an hour to live.
Mephistopheles -

He's my good friend, with whom 'twill prosper well;
I grudge him not the choicest of thy store.
Now draw thy circle, speak thy spell,

And straight a bumper for him pour ! [The Witch, with extraordinary gestures, describes a circle, and

places strange things within it. The glasses meanwhile begin to ring, the caldron to sound, and to make music. Lastly, she brings a great book; places the MONKEYS in the circle to serve her as a desk, and to hold the torches. She beckons Faust to


Tell me, to what doth all this tend ?
Where will these frantic gestures end ?
This loathsome cheat, this senseless stuff,

I've known and hated long enough.
Mephistopheles - Mere mummery, a laugh to raise !

Pray don't be so fastidious! She
But as a leech, her hocus pocus plays,
That well with you her potion may agree.

[He compels Faust to enter the circle. [The Witch, with great emphasis, begins to declaim from the book.]

This must thou ken :
Of one make ten,
Pass two, and then
Make square the three,
So rich thou’lt be.
Drop out the four!
From five and six,
Thus says the witch,
Make seven and eight.
So all is straight!
And nine is one,
And ten is none,

This is the witch's one-time-one !
Faust — The hag doth as in fever rave.
Mephistopheles — To these will follow many a stave.

I know it well, so rings the book throughout;
Much time I've lost in puzzling o'er its pages,
For downright paradox, no doubt,
A mystery remains alike to fools and sages.
Ancient the art and modern too, my friend.

'Tis still the fashion as it used to be,
Error instead of truth abroad to send
By means of three and one, and one and three.
'Tis ever taught and babbled in the schools.
Who'd take the trouble to dispute with fools ?
When words men hear, in sooth, they usually believe

That there must needs therein be something to conceive. The Witch [continues] — The lofty power

Of wisdom's dower,
From all the world conceald !
Who thinketh not,
To him I wot,

Unsought it is revealed.
Faust - What nonsense doth the hag propound ?

My brain it doth well-nigh confound.
A hundred thousand fools or more,

Methinks I hear in chorus roar.
Mephistopheles — Incomparable Sibyl, cease, I pray!

Hand us thy liquor without more delay.
And to the very brim the goblet crown!
My friend he is and need not be afraid ;
Besides, he is a man of many a grade,

Who oft hath drunk good draughts. [The Witch, with many ceremonies, pours the liquor into a cup; as

Faust lifts it to his mouth, a light flame arises.
Mephistopheles — Gulp it down!

No hesitation! It will prove
A cordial and your heart inspire !
What? with the devil hand and glove,
And yet shrink back afraid of fire ?

[The Witch dissolves the circle. Faust steps out.
Mephistopheles - Now forth at once! thou must not rest.
Witch - And much, sir, may the liquor profit you !
Mephistopheles [to the Witch]-

And if to pleasure thee I aught can do,

Pray on Walpurgis mention thy request.
Witch Here is a song, sung o'er sometimes, you 'll see,

That 'twill a singular effect produce.
Mephistopheles [to Faust] -

Come, quick, and let thyself be led by me;
Thou must perspire, in order that the juice
Thy frame may penetrate through every part.
Thy noble idleness I'll teach thee then to prize,
And soon with ecstasy thou'lt recognize

How Cupid stirs and gambols in thy heart. Faust Let me but gaze one moment in the glass !

Too lovely was that female form!
Mephistopheles -

Nay! Nay!
A model which all women shall surpass,
In flesh and blood ere long thou shalt survey.

As works the draught, thou presently shalt groet
A Helen in each woman thou dost meet.


(From "Wilhelm Meister's Apprenticeship.")
“What notes are those without the wall

Across the portal sounding?
Let's have the music in our hall,

Back from its roof rebounding."
So spoke the king: the henchman flies;
His answer heard, the monarch cries,

“Bring in that ancient minstrel."

“Hail, gracious king, each noble knight!

Each lovely dame, I greet you!
What glittering stars salute my sight!

What heart unmoved may meet you!
Such lordly pomp is not for me,
Far other scenes my eyes must see :

Yet deign to list my harping."

The singer turns him to his art,

A thrilling strain he raises;
Each warrior hears with glowing heart

And on his loved one gazes.
The king, who liked his playing well,
Commands, for such a kindly spell,

A golden chain be given him.

“ The golden chain give not to me:

Thy boldest knight may wear it,
Who 'cross the battle's purple sea

On lion breast may bear it;
Or let it be thy chancellor's prize,
Amid his heaps to feast his eyes, –

Its yellow glance will please him.

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