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Verzeichniss der Abkürzungen und Ausgaben.

NB. Werke ohne Angabe der Ausgabe sind Tauchnitz edd.

gr. 8.

A. K. Alys. Kyng Alysaunder, s. Weber Metrical Romances III. Edinb. 1810. Andr. The History of the adventures of Jos. Andrews by H. Fielding Lond. 1775. Apartments, by W. Brough. Leipzig 1854. AE. altenglisch. ags. angelsächsisch. Ba. Bacon, Locke Select Works ed. 12. London 1841. Beo. Beowulf ed. Kemble Lond. 1835. B. FI. The Works of Beaumont and Fletcher ed Darley. 2.

Lond. 1859. B. J. Ben Jonson, Works bei W. Gifford. gr. 8. Lond. 1853. BL. Blair Lectures on Rhetoric. 3. 8. Basil. 1788. B. . The Bowton Luminary. Bolton, Zeitung im Lancash. Dialect. Bout. Screadunga ed. Bouterwek. Elberfeld 1858. Br. Goold Brown The grammar of English Grammars. New-York 1851.

Historical Sketches of Statesmen by H. Brougham. 3. 8. Lond. 1855. T. Br. Tom Brown's School-Days. B. St. Beecher Stowe. Bu. Bulwer. L. D. Last Days of Pompeji. N. & M. Night and Morning.

My N. My novel. Pelh. Pelham. W. W. h. What will he do

with it? Bun. Bunyan Tho Pilgrim's Progress. 16. Lond. 1852, Bur. Burn's Poetical Works. L. Letters 2. 16. Lond. 1819. But. Butler cf. Hud. By. The complete works of Lord Byron. 4. 8. Paris 1832. D. J. Don Juan.

Ch. H. Child Harold. Maz Mazeppa. C. F. Carlyle Frederick the Great. Fr. R. id. French Revolution. Ca. Caedmon ed. Thorpe. Lond. 1832. Ch. The Poetical works of G. Chaucer, s. Theil I. VII. Tr. Troilus; - Leg. Legend of women;

R. Rose. Chap. Chapman in Greene's Poems. Che. Letters written by the late Earl of Chesterfield. 4. 8. Lond. 1774. Clinker. Smollet, Humphrey Clinker. Co. Cooper England Paris 1837. 8. id. The Water witch 3. 8. Dresd. 1830. Col. A glossarial index to the printed E. literature of the 13th. century by H.

Coleridge. Lond. 1859. Col. Picc. Coleridge Schiller's tragedies (Cooke's Standard library); Poems. Crus. Defoe, Robinson Crusoe. Cw. Poems by W. Cowper. 16. Lond. 1848. D. Dickens. - H. Wo. Household Words. Christm. Christmas Number 1853.

Bleak H. Bleak House. Nick. Nickleby. Pickw. Pickwicks. Sketch.

Sketches. Amer. N. American Notes. Christmas Carol.
Disob. Ch. Enterlude of the Disobedient Childe, Programm, Danzig 1847.

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Do. Dodsley a select collection of old plays. Lond. 1780. Wakef. George the Pinner of Wakefield. H. Whore, Honest Whore. Ieron. Ieronimo.

Span. trag. Spanish tragedy. Inf. Mar. Inforced Marriage.
Drayton Polyolbion. 4. Lond. 1618.
Dr. The Poetical Works of J. Dryden. 2 voll.

Lond. 1848;

Aen. Virgil's Aeneis. London 1811. The critical and miscellaneous prose works of Dry

den ed. Malone, Lond. 1800. E. Ettmüller Engla and Seaxna Scôpas. Leipzig 1850. Lex. id. Lexicon An

glosaxonicum id. 1851. Ellis Specimens of Early English Romances 3. 8. Lond. 1811. Emerson English Traits. 8. Lond. 1856. Euph. Euphues and his England. Lond. 1610. F. Fielding, & Journey from this world. Gotha 1807. Ford, dramatic works of . . ed. Gifford. 2. 8. Lond. 1827. Fr. The works of Benj. Franklin. Nurnberg. 16. Fu. Fuller Church History of Britain ed. Nichols 3. 8. Lond. 1842. G. Gower Confessio amantis ed Caxton. fol. 1493. Ga. Gay Fables. 16. Nurnberg. Gi. Gibbon, History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. 12. 8. Ba

sel 1787. Go. Goldsmith. Nat. Hist. Natural History. Gr. Greene and Marlowe, poems ed. Bell. Lond. 1856. 8. Dramatical works

of R. Greene ed. Dyce. 2. 8. Lond. 1831. Grand. The history of Sir Grandison by S. Richardson. 7. 8. Lond. 1770. Gri. Grimm Deutsche Grammatik. - Tales from the Eastern Land by A. Grimm 12. Lond. 1852. The Guardian, 2. 8. Lond. 1756. Harris, philological inquiries. Lond. 1781; Hermes. Lond. 1771. Hemans, A. Songs of the Affections. Edinb. 1854. Ho. Hooker, Eight Books of the Laws of Ecc tical Polity. Lond. 1632. J. Horne Tooke "Enea atepbevta ed. Taylor. 2. 8. Lond. 1829. Hogg, The Queen's Wake. '16. Lond. 1841. Hu. Hume and Smollet History of England ed. Hughes. Lond. 1834. Hud. Hudibras. Poetical remains of James the first. 8. Edinb. 1783. J. Johnson; Rasselas. Lond. 1807. - L. id. Lives of the English Poets. Ir. W. Irving. Knick. Knickerboker's History of New York. Lond. Bobn's

Standard Library.
Ju. The letters of Junius. 16. Nurnberg.
L. Lagamon's Brut ed. Madden. 3. 8. Lond. 1847.
La. Latham. 2. 8. Lond. 1855.
Lamb's Tales from Shakespeare. 16. Lond. 1839.
Lewes Life of Goethe.
Le. Lever 0. D. O'Donoghue. - R. C. Roland Cashel.
Lilip. Swift, Gulliver's travels to Liliput.
Lo. Works of John Locke. 10. 8. Lond. 1812.
Long fellow's Poetical works Halifax 1852.
Lydg. Lydgate.
Ma. Marlowe, The works of, ed. Dyce. 3. 8. Lond. 1850.
Mac. Macaulay History of England. Ess. id. Essays; biogr. ess. biographi-
Macn. Tales by Rob. Macnish. 2. 8. Lond. 1844.
Mand. Mandeville 8. I. VIII.
Mar. Marryat. – P. S. Peter Simple. - J. Faith. Jacob Faithful. - Violet,-Mission.
Massinger and Ford ed. Coleridge. Lond. 1839.
Moore's Poetical works.
Mi. The works of J. Milton. 2. 4. Lond. 1753. P. L. Paradise Lost.

P. R. Paradise Regained. S. Ag. Samson Agonistes.
Mir. Pl. Miracle Play8, s. I. VIII.
A Mirror for Magistrates. 4. Lond. 1610.

cal essays.

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Montag. Letters of Lady Montague. 8. Leipzig 1849.
N. North Plutarch's Lives, 6. Delius Shakspeare.
Otr. Plays written by Th. Otway. 2. 8. Lond. 1733. S. F. Soldier's For-

Or. Orosius ed. 8. Lond. 1773.

Ossian. P. Percy, Reliques of Ancient English Poetry. Lond. 1839. Perkins Christian Religion. Lond. 1688. Pickle. Smollet, Peregrine Pickle. Lond. 1781. Po. The poetical works of A. Pope. 16. Lond. 1836. The select works of E. A. Poe. 2. 8. Leipzig 1856. Presc. History of the Reign of Philip ihe Second by Prescott. 3. 8. Leipzig

Ps. Psalm; Prov. Proverbs.
Q. D., q. Dur. Scott, Quentin Durward.
Poems by Allan Ramsay. 2. Lond. 1751.
R. The works of Sir W. Raleigh 8. 8. Oxf. 1829.
Ritson ancient english metrical romanceës 2. 8. Lond. 1802.
R. 0. G. Rob. of Glocester. Oxford 1724.
Rob. The History of America hy W. Robertson. 2. 8. Berwick 1811.
R. R. The adventures of Roderick Random by Smollet. 8. Lond. 1783.
S. Spenser, The Faerie Queene. 8. Lond. 1856.
Sam Slick in England. 2. 8. Paris 1845.
Sacku. Sackville s. Warton.
Se. Scott's Novels ed. Tauchnitz, und Waverley Novels. Edinb. 1842.
SC. schottisch.
Select pieces of early popular poetry 2. 8. Lond. 1817.
Sh. Shakespeare. C. 0. E. Comedy of Errors. as you l. As you like.

Taming, Taming of a shrew. Ind. Induction. Temp. Tempest.
M. W. Merry wives. M. N. Dr. Midsummernight's Dream. - A. & Cl.
Antony and Cleopatra. Tw. N. Twelfth Night. M. f. M. Measure for
Measure. - M. ado Much ado about nothing. L. L. Love's Labour's Lost.
Merch. Merchant of Venice. All's w.

All's well that ends 'well.
W. T. Winter's Tale. Troil. Troilus and Cressida, Cymb. Cymbeline.

Oth. Othello.
Shel. The poetical works of Shelley. 16. Lond. 1845.
Sher. Sheridan.
Shep. Ainsworth J. Sheppard.
Si. The countesse of Pembrokes Arcadia. 4. Lond. 1605.
The works of Rob. Southey. 12. Zwickau 1820.
Spec. The Spectator. 8. 8. Lond. 1718.
S. Journey. A Sentimental Journey. 2. 8. Leipzig 1771.
Sw. The works of J. Swift ed Hawkesworth. 12. 8. Lond. 1760 und Tub.
T'ale of a Tub, in the works of Swift. Schneeberg 1830.
Tat. The Lucubrations of Isaac Bickerstaff (Tatler). 4. 8. Lond. 1711.
Tay. J. Taylor Holy Dying.
Te. Poems of A. Tennyson.
Temple, s. pag. 151
Th. Thackeray. V. Fair, Vanity Fair. T. S. Titmarsh. Pend. Penden-

nis. Newcomes. Tho. The Poetical Works of J. Thomson. 2. 16. Edinburgh 1777. The works of Dr. J. Tillotson 12. 8. London 1743. Torrent of Portugal ed. Halliwell. 8. Lond. 1842. Tredd. Tom Treddlehoyle's Trip ta Lunnan. Leeds 1855. Tr. W. I. Trollope West-Indies. V. 0. W. Vicar of Wakefield s. Goldsmith. W. The Poetical works of W. Wordsworth. 8. Lond. 1858. Wa. The History of English Poetry by Th. Warton ed. Price. 3. 8. Lond. 1840. Joh. Wallis Grammatica linguae anglicanae. 8. Lond. 1688. War. Warren. - N. & Th. Now and Then. D. Diary of a Physician.

Wi. The holy bible in the earliest E. versions of Wycliffe and Followers ed. Mad

den. 4. 4. Oxf. 1850.

Hülfsquellen für englische Metrik.

Despauter latin Grammar 3. Theil versification (Cöln 1522).
W. Webbe a discourse of E. poetrie. Lond. 1586. 4. s. Johnson L. I. 253.
Gascoigne, Certaine notes of instruction concerning the making of verse or rime

in English, in Works. Lond. 1587, s. Br 819,
Puttenham The arte of english poesie. Lond. 1589. 8. s. J. L. 1. 253.
Sidney defence of poesie. Lond. 1595.
Meres observations on the art of E. poesie. Lond. 1602.
Dryden Essay on dramatic poetry (cf. L. I. 253) und Vorreden zu Dramen.
Rymer remarks on the tragedies of the last age (cf. J. L. 1. 294. 355).
Roscommon art of poetry (J. 1. 143).
Sheffield essay on poetry (id. 401).
Granville essay on unnatural flights in poetry (id. 2. 67).
Bishe art of poetry. Lond. 1718.
Dr. Johnson in seiner Grammar.
Monboddo origin and progress of language. 2. 8. Edinb. 1774. I. 314, II.

2. ch. 4.
Dr. Burney tentamen de metris (Edinb. Review XVIII. 185).
Pitt, Vida (cf. 2. 303).
Young on lyric poetry (vor sein Gedichte Ocean).
Beattie Theory of Language. Lond. 1783.
Campbell philosophy of Rhetoric. Lond. 1776 cf. Blair III. 212.
Edw. Guest a history of english rhythmus. Lond. 1838. 2. 8.
Poe, A. Notes upon E. verse (Pioneer Boston 1843. I. 102. s. Br. 800).
Humphrey E. prosody. Lond. 1847.
Everett System of E. versification. York 1848. 8. Br. 819.
Sidney Walker Shakespeare's Versification. Lond. 1854.
Crowe on E. versification (Moore III. 11. 8. Edinb. Review 1855. Oct. 513.

I n h a 1 t.


1 5 6 17 25 41 43



I. Verbum im einfachen Satze. 1. Genus.

A. Activum
B. Passivum
C. Reflexiv
D. Medialintransitive
E. Medialtransitive
E.2 Causativa
F. Neutralpassiva

G. Reciproca. 2. Modus.

A. Subjunctive
B. Optativ
C. Imperativ
D. Infinitiv

I. Ueberwiegend ohne to
II. Präpositionaler Infinitiv
III. Accusativus cum Infinitivo

IV. Nominativus cum Infinitivo
E. Particip

F. Verbal-Ellipsen 3. Tempus.

I. Present II. Imperfect III. Perfect III b. Futurum

IV. Conditional
4. Numerus
5. Person

Impersonale Formen mit Substantiven


51 53 54 64 69 73 74 78

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79 80

85 87 88 95 108 115 116


Nomen im einfachen Satze.


1. Wechsel von Adjectiv und Substantiv

I. Substantiv statt des Adjectivs II. Adjectiv statt des Substantivs

2. Nominal-Ellipsen
3. Genus
4. Numerus
5. Pronomen.

I. Personal
II. Self .
III. Possessive
IV. One

V. Schwächung und Anlehnung des Pronomens
VI. Indefinite Article

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