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Printed for T. WaLLER, opposite Fetter-Lane in



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Caroline's great distress and anxiety : her misera

ble night, and more miserable morning : her re-
moval by Mr. Dookalb.
F Mr. Yaifon’s distress was great on the
loss of Caroline, her's was infinitely great-
er to find herself in a small gloomy room,

laid upon a miserable tatter'd dirty bed, by the side of which stood a female, horrid of aspect, and terrible to behold, with a glimmering candle in one hand, and a bottle in the other ; some of whose contents the offered to Caroline, VOL. II,



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as soon as he unclosed her eyes, enquiring with a rough hoarse tone of voice, tho' it seemed greatly softened from its natural harshness, how she found herself, and what she would chuse to have? Caroline raised herself up, and looking beyond the bed, faw. by a little glimmering fire two men grim and dreadful, whose look ftruck terror through her soul, and whose voices made her tremble in every limb. The woman again renewed her requests, to know what she chofe, to which Caroline replied only, by asking where she was, and how she came thither, and why she was thus confined ? The woman informed her, that it was the house of one of those gentlemen who fate by the fire, her worthy husband, an officer of the county, or in other terms a bailiff, who had, with the other gentleman, been the means of seizing and conveying her bither by a writ granted for that purpose ; and that at prefent fhe must fubmit to continue in confinement, tho' possibly it might not last longer than this night only. “However, faid the, I'll make matters, very easy to you; you shall have a pair of clean sheets to your bed, and whatever you like, and nobody shall molest you, unless you prefer company, mine or my husband's, or any of the ladies in the House Some of them, I can assure you, Madam, are of the fivft rate, and very a


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greeable diverting ladies too." Caroline replied, 6 She had no mind at all to see any company in her present melancholy circumstances, but desired, after having asked the gentleman, her husband, a queftion or two, to be left alone.” The bailiff hearing this arose, and with a bold and assuming air demanded to be informed what she would know of him. Caroiine trembled at his voice and appearance. “I would only know, Sir, faid she, at whofe inftigation you have conveyed me hither, and what I have done to merit this treatment at your hands ?" Nay, madam, replied he, as to that matter, gentlemen of our profeffion don't stand much upon merit; we neither regard friend nor foe, when our king and the laws demand our compliance. I have a writ against you from my honeft master Dookalb, and have been a pretty while upon the watch for you, but

you have always been too well guarded for me ; however I have kidnapped you at laft, as I'd have you know I seldom fail. I never fail'd above once in my my

master Dookalb knows my excellence well, or he would not employ me so often. Don't imagine you are the first I have taken for him; and I think I never took one more cleverly in all my life.” Caroline could scarce refrain from tears ; deep fighs be{poke the anguish of her heart. And pray, sir,


life :

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