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Scott, D.—Memoir of David Scott, R.S.A., containing his Journal in Italy, Notes on Art and other Papers; with Seven Illustrations by W. B. Scott. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1850.

Sillig, J.—Dictionary of the Artists of Antiquity, Architects, Carvers, Engravers, Painters, Sculptors, Statuaries, and Workers in Bronze, Gold, Ivory, and Silver, with Three Chronological Tables. Translated from the Latin Original by the Rev. H. W. Williams; to which are added, C. Plinii Secundi Naturalis Historiae Libri xxxiv.—xxxvi. C. 1-5. Comprising a History of the Fine Arts, with Four Indexes, and a Preface by E. H. Barker. 8vo. London, 1836.

Siret, A.—Dictionnaire historique des Peintres de toutes les Ecoles depuis les temps les plus reculés jusqu'à nos jours. Ouvrage rédigé sur un plan entièrement neuf. Precédé d'un abrégé de l'Histoire de la Peinture, suivi de la Nomenclature des Peintres modernes et d'une Collection complète de Monogrammes. 4to. Bruxelles, 1848.

Smith, John.—A Catalogue Raisonné of the Works of the most eminent Dutch, Flemish, and French Painters, in which is included a short Biographical Notice of the Artists, &c. With a Supplement. 9 vols. 8vo. London, 1829-12.

Smith, J. T.—Nollekens and his Times; comprehending a Life of that celebrated Sculptor, and Memoirs of several contemporary Artists, from the time of Roubiliac, Hogarth, and Reynolds, to that of Fuseli, Flaxman, and Blake, by John Thomas Smith. 2nd edition,

2 vols. royal 8vo. London, 1829.

Smith, W., LL.D.—Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology. Illustrated by numerous Engravings on Wood. Edited by Dr. William Smith. 3 vols. 8vo. London, 1851.

Southey, R.—The Remains of Henry Kirke White, of Nottingham, late of St. John's College, Cambridge; with an Account of his Life. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1823.

Stirling, W.-—Annals of the Artists of Spain. 3 vols. 8vo.

London, 1848.

Velazquez and his Works. With a Portrait. Post 8vo.

London, 1855.

Stothard, Mrs. E.—Memoirs of the late Charles Alfred Stothard, with some Account of a Journey in the Netherlands. 8vo. London, 1823.

Stothard, T.—The Life of Thomas Stothard, with personal Reminiscences, by Mrs. Bray. With numerous Illustrations from his Works. Post 4to. London, 1851.

Taylor. See Haydon.

Thorwaldsen.—Andersen's Life of Thorwaldsen.

Bertel Thorwaldsen. Eine Biographische Skizze von J. C.Andersen.
Aus dem Dànischen ubertragen von Julius Reuscher.
12mo. ph. Berlin, 1845.

Albert Thorwaldsen and his Works, by Mrs. Rowan. 4to.

Part 1 only.

Titian. See Northcote.

Turner, D. See Catalogue.

Ulson. See Heince And Bignon.

Van Gool, J.—The new Theatre of Dutch and Flemish Painters.

De Nieuwe Schouburg der Nederlantsche Kunstschilders en Schilderessen. &c. (In continuation of Houbraken.) 2 vols. 8vo. Hague, 1750-51. Vasari, Giorgio.—Lives of the most eminent Painters, Sculptors, and Architects; translated from the Italian of Giorgio Vasari, with notes and illustrations, chiefly selected from various commentators, by Mrs. Jonathan Foster. 5 vols. 8vo. London, 1850.

Velasco, Palomino.—An Account of the Lives and Works of the most eminent Spanish Painters, Sculptors, and Architects, and where their several performances are to be seen. Translated from the Museum Pictorium of Palomino Velasco. Post 8vo. London, 1739.

Velazquez. See Stirling, W.

Vinci, L. Da. See Amoretti, Brown, Da Vinci.

Walpole, H.—Anecdotes of Painting in England, with some Account of the principal Artists, and incidental Notes on the Arts, collected by the late Mr. George Vertue; digested and published from his original MSS. by the Hon. Horace Walpole, with considerable additions by the Rev. James Dallaway. 5 vols. royal 8vo. London, 1828.

Watkins, G.—The Universal Biographical Dictionary; or, an Historical Account of the Lives, Characters, and Works of the most eminent persons in every age and nation, from the earliest times to the present, particularly the natives of Great Britain and Ireland. A new edition. 8vo. London, n. d.

West, B.—The Life, Studies, and Works of Benjamin West, composed from materials furnished by himself, by John Galt. 8vo. London, 1820.

Wilkie, Sir David.—The Life of Sir David Wilkie ; with his Journals, Tours, and Critical Remarks on Works of Art; and a selection from his Correspondence, by Allan Cunningham. 3 vols. 8vo.

London, 1843.

Williams, D. E.—The Life and Correspondence of Sir Thomas

Lawrence. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1831.

Wilson, R. See Wright, T.

Winckelmann.—Lettres familiares de M. Winckelmann. Avec les Œuvres de M. le Chevalier Mengs. 3 vols. 12mo. Yverdon,


Wornum, R. N.—Descriptive and Historical Catalogue of the Pictures in the National Gallery; with Biographical Notices of the Painters. By Ralph N. Wornum. Revised by Sir Charles Lock Eastlake, P.R.A. (By authority.) 14th edition, 8vo. London, 1854.

— Biographical Catalogue of the Principal Italian Painters, &c., by a Lady. Edited by Ralph N. Wornum. Small 8vo. London,


Wren, Sir C. See Elmes.

Wright, T.—Some Account of the Life of Richard Wilson, Esq., R.A., with Testimonies to his Genius and Memory, &c. 4to. London, 1824.



Alexander. W.—Plan and Description of the original Electro-magnetic Telegraph, with Prefatory Note to the Royal Commissioners of the Exhibition of the Works of Industry of All Nations, and relative Documents. By the Inventor, William Alexander. 8vo. ph.

pp. 30. London, 1851. Allen, C. B.—Cottage Building; or. Hints for improving the Dwellings

of the Labouring Classes. Post 8vo. London, 1849-50.

Archimedes.—The March. Guidobaldo Monti on Archimedes' two books on Equiponderants and Centres of Gravity.

Guidiubaldi, e Marchionibus Montis, in duos Archimedis aequeponderantium libros, Paraphrasis soholiis illustrat;». Small folio, vellum. Pisa, 1588.

Billington, J.—The Architectural Director; being a Guide to Builders, Draughtsmen, Students, Workmen, in the Study, Design, and Execution of Architecture, &c.; to which is added a Glossary of Architecture, including Carpentry, Joinery, Masonry, Bricklaying, Slating, Plumbing, Painting, Glazing, Plastering, &c. Royal 8vo. London, 1834.

Brandon, R. And J. A.—The Open Timber Roofs of the Middle Ages. Illustrated by perspective and working Drawings of same of the best varieties of Church Roofs; with descriptive letter-pr< ss. 4to. London, 1849.

Brickmaking. See Dobson.

Bridges.—The Theory, Practice, and Architecture of Biilges of Stone, Iron, Timber, and Wire; with examples on the principle of Suspension. Illustrated by 13 engravings and 92 woodcuts. By various Contributors. (John Weale.) 4 vols. 8vo. London, 1853.

Builder, The.—A Journal for the Architect, Engineer, Operative, and

Artist. Small folio. London, 1843, et seq.

Burnell, G. R.—The Rudiments of Hydraulic Engineering. 2 vols.

post 8vo. London, 1852. Bury.—Examples of Joinery, the newest and most remarkable in Paris. Modèles de Menuiserie, choisis parmi ce f|ue Paris ofire de plus nouveau, de plus remarquable, et de meilleur goût; accompagnés de Details, &c. Small folio. Paris, 1825.

Caros, A.—On the Architectural Arrangement of Theatres; with practical Observations.

Ueber die Architectonische Einrichtung von Theater-Gebaiiden. Practische Erorterungen jeder Art uber diesen zweig der Baukunst. 4to. Leipzig, 1849. Carpentry. See Bury, Crunden, Emy, Krafft, Romberg, Tredgold.

Civil Engineer and Architect's Journal, Scientific and Railway Gazette. 4 vols. for 1838-59-40-41. 4to. London.

Cottage Building. See Allen, Eisenlohr And Feederle, Holz, Parker, Robinson, Class D.

Cluysenaar, J.-P.—Chemin de Fer de Dendre-et-Waes, d'Ath à Lokeran, et de Bruxelles vers Gand par Alost. Bâtiments des Stations et Maisons de Garde. 4to. Bruxelles, 1854.

Cranes. See Glynn.

Crunden, J.—The Joiner and Cabinet Maker's Darling, containing 60

useful Designs for Ornamental Frets. 8vo. London, 1786.

Daly, C.—Architectural Review.

Revue générale de l'Architecture et des Travaux publics. Journal des Architectes, des Ingénieurs, des Archéologues, des Industriels, et des Propriétaires. 13 vols. 4to. Paris, 1840, et seq.

Daviler, A. C.—Dictionary of Architectural Terms, &c.

Explication des Termes d'Architecture, qui comprend l'Architecture, les Mathématiques, la Maçonnerie, la Décoration, &c. Ensemble les etimologies et les noms Latins des Termes, avec des examples et des préceptes; le tout par Raport à l'Art de Bâtir. (Suite du Cours d'Architecture.) 4to. Paris,


Dechales, R. P. C. F. Milliet.—Complete Course of Mathematics practically applied.

Cursus seu Mundus Mathematicus. 4 vols, folio. Lyons, 1690.

Dobson, E.—A Rudimentary Treatise on the Manufacture of Bricks and Tiles; containing an outline of the Principles of Brickmaking, and detailed accounts of the various Processes employed in the making of Bricks and Tiles in different parts of England. Illustrated with 36 engravings on wood. Post 8vo. London, 1850.

Rudimentary Treatise on Masonry and Stone Cutting; in which

the principles of Masonic Projection, and their application to the construction of curved wing walls, domes, oblique bridges, and Roman and Gothic vaulting, are concisely explained. With 49 engravings on wood, and an atlas containing 51 illustrations, drawn on stone. Post 8vo., with Atlas in 4to. London, 1849.

Rudiments of the Art of Building. Small 8vo. London,


Dobson And Garbett.—The Student's Guide to the Practice of Designing, Measuring, and Valuing Artificer's Works, &c.; 38 plates and woodcuts. 2nd edition, 8vo. London, 1853.

Donaldson, T. L.—Collection des Exemples les plus estimés des Portes Monumentales de la Grèce et de l'Italie, mesurés et dessinés exprès pour cet ouvrage. &c. 4to. Paris, 1837.

Doors. See Donaldson.

Downes And Cowper.—The Building erected in Hyde Park for the Great Exhibition of the Works of Industry of All Nations, 1851. Illustrated by 28 large plates, embracing plans, elevations, sections, and details, laid down to a large scale from the working drawings of the contractors, Messrs. Fox, Henderson and Co. 4to. Lon

ggg don, 1852.

Duhamel.—Pure Mechanics, for Schools and Universities, &c.

Lehrbuch der Reinen Mechanik. Deutsche bearbeitet fur UDiversitaten, Polytechnische und Kriegsschulen, sowie zum selbstunterrichte von W. Wagner. In zwei theilen. Mit in den text eingedruckten Holzschnitten. 8vo. ph. Brunswick,


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