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Bottigbr, C. A.—Notes of Twenty-four Lectures on Archaeology (Greek Sculpture).

Andeutungen zu vier und zwanzig Yortràgen iiber die Archaeologie im winter 1806 gehalten. 8vo. Dresden, 1806.

Bouillon And St. Victor.—The Ancient Marbles in the Louvre.

Musée des Antiques, dessiné et gravé par P. Bouillon, Peintre, avec des Notices explicatives par J. B. de St. Victor. 3 vols. folio. Paris, 1821-2". British Museum.—A Description of the Collection of Ancient Marbles in the British Museum, with engravings chiefly from drawings by H. Cjrbould. 10 vols. 4to. London, 1812, et seq.

Elgin and Phigaleian Marbles. 2 vols. 12mo. London, 1833.

Bronzes. See Allioli, Cellini, Iierculaneum. Class C 2. Antiquities, Layard. See also Manufactures, Class R !). Bronze, &c.

Burrow, Rev. E. J.—The Elgin Marbles; with an abridged Historical and Topographical Account of Athens. 8vo. London, 1837.

Campana, G. P.—Ancient Terra Cottas discovered, collected, and explained.

Antichi Opera in Plastica discoperte, raccolte, c dichiarate da
G. P. Campana. Folio. Rome, 1842.

C A Nova, A.—Memoirs of Antonio Canova, with a Critical Analysis of his Works, and an Historical View of Modern Sculpture, by J. S. Memes. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1825.

The Works of Antonio Canova, in Sculpture and Modelling,

engraved in outline by Henry Moses, with Descriptions from the Italian of the Countess Abrizzi, and a Biographical Memoir by Count Cicognara. 3 vols. small folio. London, 1824.

Carter, J.-—Specimens of the Ancient Sculpture and Painting now remaining in England, from the earliest period to the reign of Henry VIII. Exhibited in 120 plates, drawn and etched by J. Carter. With critical and historical illustrations by Francis Douce, Richard Gough, John Fenn, J. S. Hawkins, William Brav, and the Rev. J. Milner. A new and improved edition, arranged in topographical order, and illustrated with copious notes, by Dawson Turner, Sir Samuel Rush Meyrick, John Britton, and others. Folio. London, 18..iS.

Cellini, B.—Two Treatises on Jewellery and on Sculpture and Casting in Bronze.

Due Trattati. Uno intorno alle otto principali Arti dell' Oreficeria. L'altro in materia dell' Arte della Scultura; dove si veggono infinili segreti nel lavorar le Figure di Marmo, et nel gettarle di Bvonzo. Composti da M. Benvenuto Cellini. Post 4to. Florence, 1568.

Chalmers Of Auldbar.—The Ancient Sculptured Monuments of the County of Angus; including those at Meigle in Perthahire, and one at Fordoun in the Mearns; with an additional plate and explanatory text. (Privately printed, and presented to the Bannatyne Club.) Atlas folio. Edinburgh, 1848.

Ch Oulant, Dr. L.—History and Bibliography of Anatomical Representation, in relation to Anatomical Science and the Fine Arts. Geschichte und Bibliographie der Anatomischer Abbildung nach ihrer beziehung auf Anatomische Wissenschaft und Budende Kunst. 8vo. Leipsio, 1852.

Cicognara, Count L.—The History of Sculpture from its Rise in Italy to the Century of Canova, to serve as a continuation of the Histories of Winckelmann and D'Agincourt.

Storia della Scultura dal suo Risorgimento in Italia fino al Secolo di Canova, per servire di continuazione all' Opere di Winckelmann e di D'Agincourt. 2nd edition, revised and enlarged by the Author. Small folio. Prato, 1823.

Clarac, Count F. De.—Museum of Sculpture, Antique and Modem. Musée de Scvilpture Antique et Moderne, ou Description historique et graphique du Louvre et de toutes ses parties des Statues, Bustes, Bas-reliefs, et Inscriptions du Musée Royal des Antiques, dont cinq cents au moins sont inédites, tirees des principaux Musées et des diverses Collections de l'Europe, accompagnée d'une Iconographie Egyptienne, Grecque, et Romaine, et terminée par l'Iconographie Française du Louvre et des Tuileries. 5 vols. 8vo. in 6. Paris, 1841—47- Atlas,

oblong 4to. 12 vols. in 6. 1826-41. Clarac, Le Comte De.—Description du Musée Royal des Antiques du

Louvre. 12mo. Paris, 1836.

Cockerell, C. 11.—Iconography of the West Front of Wells Cathedral, with an Appendix on the Sculptures of other Medieval Churches in England. 4to. Oxford and London, 1851.

Coins. See Adamson, Vertue.

D'agincourt, Seroux.—Recueil de Fragmens de Sculpture antique

en Terre Cuite. 4to. Paris, 1814.

D'agincourt, J. B. L. G. S.— Histoire de l'Art par ses Monumens,

depuis sa Décadence au IVe siècle jusqu'à son Renouvellement au

XVIe; Ouvrage enrichi de 325 planches. C vols. folio. Paris,


History of Art by its Monuments, from its Decline in the fourth

century to its Restoration in the sixteenth. Translated from the

French. 3 vols, in 1. folio. London, 1847.

Dagley, R.—Gems, principally from the Antique; with illustrations in

verse by the Rev. G. Croly. 12mo. London, 1822.

Dallaway, J.—Of Statuary and Sculpture among the Ancients, with

some account of specimens preserved in England. 8vo. London,


Dannecker.—Life and Works of the German Sculptor Dannecker.

Choix des Œuvres de Dannecker, accompagné d'une Notice sur la
Vie du Maitre. Small 4to. Hamburgh, 1841.

David, T. B. E.—Recherches sur l'Art Statuaire, considéré chez les Anciens et chez les Modernes, ou Mémoire sur cette Question proposée par l'Institut National de France: Quelles ont été les Causes de la Perfection de la Sculpture antique, et quels servoient les Moyens d'y atteindre? 8vo. Paris, 1805.

De Quincy, Q.—Le Jupiter Olympien, ou l'Art de la Sculpture antique considérée sous un nouveau point de vue, &c. (The mode of construeting the Chryselephantine works considered). Folio. Paris, 1815.

Monuments et Ouvrages d'Art Antiques, restitués d'après les

Descriptions des Ecrivains Grecs et Latins, et accompagnés de Dis-
sertations Archéologiques. (Attempted restorations in coloured plates
of Chryselephantine and other celebrated works of ancient Art.)
2 vols. 4to. Paris, 1829.

De Quincy, Q.—Canova et ses Ouvrages, ou Mémoires historiques sur

la Vie et les Travaux de ce célèbre Artiste. 8vo. Paris, 1834.

De Rossi, G. F.—Altars and Chapels of the Churches of Rome; with plans and measurements, &c.

Disegni di vari Altare e Cappelle nelle Chiese di Roma con le loro facciate, fianche, piante, e misure; de' piu celebri architetti, date in luce da Gio. Giacomo de Rossi nella sua stamparla in Roma alla Pace. Folio. Rome, n.d.

Diedo E Zanotto.—Sepulchral Monuments of Venice.

I Fasti della Veneta Repubblica rappresentati nei novanta Monumenti cospicui di Venezia, illustrati dal Cav. Antonio Diedo e da Francesco Zanotto. Folio. Milan, 1839.

Dufresne, N.—Œuvres de Flaxman. Les Tragédies d'Eschyle, contenant 31 planches, titres et explication. Small folio. Paris, n.d.

Œuvres de Flaxman. L'Odyssée d'Homère, contenant 29 planches,

t itres, et explication des sujets. Small folio. Paris, n.d.

Durelli, G. An» F.—The Charterhouse of Pavia.

La Certosa di Pavia, descritta ed illustrata con tavole incise dai fratelli Gaetano e Francesco Durelli. 62 plates, folio.

Milan, 1823-53.

Elgin, Eabl Of.—Report from the Select Commitcee of the House ol Commons on the Earl of Elgin's Collection of Sculptured Marbles, &c. 8vo. London, 1816.

Lettre du Chev. Antonio Canova; et deux Memoires lus à l'Institut Royalde France sur les Ouvrages de Sculpture dans la Collection de Mylord Comte d'Elgin, par le Chev. E. Q. Visconti. 8vo. London, 1816.

Elgin Marbles.—The Elgin Marbles, with an abridged Historical and Topographical Account of Athens. 8vo. London, 1837.

See British Museum, Burrow, Lawrence.

Escurial.—Description of the Royal Monastery of San Lorenzo of the Escorial.

Descripcion del Real Monasterio de S. Lorenzo del Escorial. Por el Padre Fr. Francisco de Los Santos, &c. 4to. Madrid,


Exhibition Of 1851.—Official Descriptive and Illustrated Catalogue of the Great Exhibition of 1851; with the Reports by the Juries, illustrated with photographs; and the Reports of the Commissioners to the Crown, &c. Presented by Her Majesty's Commissioners to the Department of Practical Art. 9 vols, imperial 4to. London, 1852.

— The Exhibition of Art Industry in Dublin. 4to. London,


Fe Rubri, C.—The Ark of St. Augustine, a marble work of the fourteenth century, now in the Cathedral of Pavia.

L'Arca di Sant' Agostino, Monumento in Marmo del secolo XIV. Ora esistente nella chiesa Cattedrale di Pavia. Disegnato ed inciso da Cesare Ferreri, colle illustazioni di Defendente Sacchi. Small folio. Pavia, 1832. Feuerbach, A.—Nachgelassene Schriften von An3elm Feuerbach. Geschichte der Griechischen Plastik (Greek Sculpture); edited by Hermann Hettner. 4 vols, post 8vo. Braunschweig, 1853. Flaxman, J.—The Theogony Works and Days, and the Days of Hesiod, engraved from the Compositions of John Flaxman. Oblong folio. London, 1817.

Flaxman, J.—Compositions by John Flaxman, Sculptor, R.A., from the Divine Poem of Dante Alighieri, containing Hell, Purgatory, and Paradise; with quotations from Italian, and translations from the version of the Rev. H. Boyd, to each plate. 112 plates, oblong folio.

London, 1807.

Lectures on Sculpture, as delivered before the President and

Members of the Royal Academy. 2nd edition. To which are now
first added, an introductory Lecture and two Addresses to the Royal
Academy, on the Death of Thomas Banks in 1805, and of Antonio
Canova in 1822; and an Address on the Death of Flaxman, by
Sir R. Westmacott. 8vo. London, 1838.

Florence, Baptistery Gates at.

Le tre Porte del Battistero di San Giovanni di Firenze. Folio.
Florence, 1821.

Fbagonard, A.—Recueil de divers Sujets dans le Style Grec. Accompagnés d'explications. (Figure subjects.) Folio. Paris, 1815.

Gems.—Gorlaeus' Collection of engraved Seals and Gems, with succinct Descriptions, by Gronovius, 2nd part.

Abrahami Gorlaei Antwerpiani Dactyliothecae, Pars secunda, seu variarum Gemmarum, quibus antiquitas in signando uti solita, Scalptuiae. Cum succineta singularum explicatione Jacobi Gronovii. Small 4to. Leyden, 1707.

— selected from the Antique, with illustrations. Ito. London,


See Agostini, Dagley, Giulianelli, Orleans (duke Of),

Panofka, Spence, Tassie And Raspe, Visconti.

Gherardini Models.—Extracts from a Report to the Chancellor of the Exchequer on the Gherardini Collection of Models, by Mr. Dyce, R.A., and Mr. Herbert, R.A. Ph. 8vo. London,

January, 1854.

Catalogue of a Collection of Models, in Wax and Terra

Cotta, by various Italian Masters, known as the Gherardini Collection, now being exhibited at the Museum of Ornamental Art, at Marlborough House, March 1854. 8vo. ph. London, 1854.

Ghiberti, L.—Porte principale du Baptistere de Florence.

Folio. Paris, n. d.
Giulianelli, A. P.—Memoirs of Modem Gem Engravers, &c.

Memorie degli Intagliatori moderni in Pietre dure, cammei, e
gioje dal secolo XV. fino al secolo XVIII. Small 4to.

Venice, 1753.

GozziNi,V.—Monumens Sépulcraux de la Toscane, dessinés par Vincent Gozzini et gravés par Jerôme Scotto. Nouvelle édition, augmentée de vingtneuf planches, avec leurs descriptions. 4to. Flo

rence, 1821.

Greece.—Photographs of Grecian Antiquities at present remaining in Greece, by Robertson. (55 in a portfolio.) 1853.

Gualandi, M.—New Collection of Letters on Painting, Sculpture, and Architecture, &c.

Nuova Raccolta di Lettere sulla Pittura, Scultura, ed Architettura, scritte da' piu celebri personaggi dei secoli XV. à XIX. Con note ed illustrazioni di Michelangelo Gualandi, in aggiunta a quella data in luce da Mons.. Bottari e dal Ticozzi. 2 vols,

post 8vo. Bologna, 1844-45.

Herbu.—Histoire des Beaux-Arts en France par les Monuments, spécialement de la Sculpture et de la Peinture, depuis la Domination Romaine jusqu'à l'Epoque de la Renaissance. 4to. Paris,

n. d.

Humphreys, H. N.—Ten Centuries of Art. Its Progress in Europe from the Ninth to the Nineteenth Century; with a glance at the artistic works of classical antiquity, and concluding considcrations on the probable influence of the Great Exhibition, and on the present statc and future prospects of Art in Great Britain. Small 4to.

London, 1852.

Imbard.—Tombeau de Louis XII. dit le Père du Peuple. Small folio. Paris, 1815.

Tombeau de Louis XII. et de François I. Dessinés et gravés

au trait, par E. F. Imbard d'après les Marbres du Musée des PetitsAugustins. Small folio. Paris, 1823.

Jourdain Et Duval.—Les Stalles de la Cathédrale d'Amiens. (Ex-
trait des Mémoires de la Société des Antiquaires de Picardie.)
8vo. Amiens, 1844.
Kinkkl, G.—Early Christian Art.

Geschichtc der bildenden Kiinste bei den Christlichen Volkern,
vom Aufgang unserer Zeitrechnung bis zur Gegenwart. Part 1.
Die alt-Christliche Kunst. (With eight plates.) 8vo.
Bonn, 184.5.

Lawrence, R.—Elgin Marbles from the Parthenon at Athens, exemplified by fifty etehings, with cxplanatory and eritieal remarks. Oblong folio. London, 1818.

Lacroix Et Seré.—Le Moyen-Age et la Renaissance, &c. 5 vols.

4to. Paris, 1848-51.

Layard, Dr. A. II.—Nineveh and its Remains; with an Account of a visit to the Chalda^ans of Kurdistan and Yczedis, or Devil Worshippers; and an Inquiry into the Manners and Arts of the Ancient Assyrians. 5th edition, 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1850.

— A PopuUir Account of Di3coveries at Nineveh, with numerous

woodeuts. 8vo. London, 1851.

* Discoveries in the Ruins of Nineveh and Babylon; with Travels

in Armenia, Kurdistan, and the Desert; being the results of a second expedition undertaken for the Trustees of the British Museum, with maps, plans, and illustrations. 8vo. London, 1853.

A Second Series of the Monuments of Nineveh; including Basreliefs from the Palace of Sennacherib, and Bronzes from the Ruins of Nimroud. From drawings made on the spot during a second expedition to Assyria. 71 plates, oblong folio. London, 1853.

Lectures On Sculpture. See Bottiger, Flaxman.

Lenoir, Alex.—Musée des Monumens Français; ou Description historique et chronologique des Statues en Marbre et en Bronze, Basreliefs, et Tombaux des Hommes et des Femmes célèbres, pour servir à l'Histoire de France et à celle de l'Art. Ornée de gravures: et augmentée d'une Dissertation sur les Costumes de chaque siècle. 6 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1800-6.

Louvre.—Description de Musée Royal des Antiques, par M. le Cte. de Clarac. 12mo. Paris, 1831.

—— See Baltard, Bouillon And St. Victor.

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