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Winckelmann, Abbé.—Reflections on the Painting and Sculpture of the Greeks; with Instructions for the Connoisseur, and an Essay on Grace in Works of Art. From the German of the Abbé Winckelmann, by Henry Fuseli, A.M. 8vo. London, 17fi5. Winckelmann, Gio.—History of Ancient Art.

Storia delle Arti del Disegno presso gli Antichi di Giovanni Winckelmann,Tradotta dal Tedesco e in questa Edizione correttu e aumentata dall' Abate Carlo Fea, Giureconsulto. .3 vols.

4to. Roma, 1/83. Winstanley, T.—Observations on the Arts, with Tables of the principal Painters of the various Italian, Spanish, French, Flemish, Dutch, and German Schools; their Scholars and Imitators; with lists of the most celebrated painters of those schools, arranged by the subjects in which they excelled. 12mo. Liverpool, 1828.

Wornum, R. N.—An Outline of a general History of Painting from the earliest Ages to the present Time. With upwards of 200 illustrations. Extracted from the Pictorial Gallery of Arts. Folio. London,


The Epochs of Painting characterized. A Sketch of the History

of Painting, ancient and modern, showing its gradual and various development from the earliest ages to the present time. 12mo. London, 1847.

Lectures on Painting by the Royal Academicians, Barry, Opie,

and Fuseli. Edited, with an introduction and notes critical and illustrative, by Ralph N. Wornum. 8vo. London, 1848.

— — Descriptive and Historical Catalogue of the Pictures in the

National Gallery; with Biographical Notices of the Painters. By
Ralph N. Wornum. Revised by Sir Charles Lock Eastlake, P.R.A".
(By authority.) 14th edition, 8vo. London, 1854.

Biographical Catalogue of the principal Italian Painters, with a

Table of the Schools of Italy. Designed as a Handbook to the
Picture Gallery. By a Lady. Edited by Ralph N. Wornum.
8vo. London, 1855.

Zahn, Wilhelm, Chev.—Pompeii, Herculaneum, and Stabiae; their most beautiful Ornaments and most remarkable Paintings.

Die schonsten Ornamente und merkwiirdigsten Gemaelde, &c. 3 vols., atlas folio. Berlin, 1829, et seq.



Arnold, M.—Libraryof theFine Arts. 3 vols. 8vo. London, 1831-32. Art Journal.—A Monthly Journal of the Fine Arts, &c. 4to. London, 1839, et seq.

The Art Journal Illustrated Catalogue of the Exhibition of the

Industry of all Nations, 1851. 4to. London, 1851.

Essay on the Science of the Exhibition. By Professor R. Hunt. on the Harmony of Colours, as exemplified in the Exhibition. By Mrs. Merrifield.

on the Vegetable Kingdom, as illustrated in the Exhibition.

By Professor Forbes. on the Machinery of the Exhibition, as applicable to Manu-
facture. By Professor Gordon.
The Exhibition as a Lesson in Taste. Prize Essay. By R. N.

The Exhibition of Art Industry in Dublin. 4to. London, 1853.

Arts.—Annals of the Fine Arts, 181C to 1820. 5 vols. 8vo. London, 1817-20.

Athen^um, The.—Journal of Literature, Science, and the Fine Arts.

4to. London, 1832, et seq. Builder, The.—A Journal for the Architect, Engineer, Operative, and

Artist. Small folio. London, 1843, et seq.

Civil Engineer and Architects' Journal, Scientific and Railway Gazette.

4 vols, for 1838-41. 4to. London. Daly. C.—Architectural Review.

Revue générale de l'Architecture et des Travaux publics. Journal des Architectes, des Ingénieurs, &c. 4to. "Paris, 1840, et seq. Design.—The Journal of Design. 6 vols. 8vo. London, 1849-52. Educator.—The Popular Educator. 5 vols. 4to. London 1852-5. Didron Ainé.—Annales Archéologiques. 4to. 1844, et seq. Eggers, F.—The German Art Journal.

Deutches Kunstblatt. 4to. Leipzig, 1850, et seq.

Excelsior.—Helps to Progress in Religion, Science, and Literature.

Monthly, small 8vo. London, January 1854, et seq. Expositor, The.—An illustrated Recorder of Inventions, Designs, and

Art Manufactures. Small folio. London, 1850-51.

Forster, Prof. C. F. L.—Universal Architectural Journal.

Allgemeine Bauzeitung mit Abbildungen. Text 4to., atlas small folio. Wien, 1854. Frazer, J. F.—Journal of the Franklyn Institute of the State of Pennsylvania, for the Promotion of the Mechanic Arts. 8vo. ph. January, 1854. Philadelphia, 1854.

Fricke And Hoffmann.—New Berlin Book of Fashions for Architects, Builders, Upholsterers, &c.

Neue Berliner Mode-Zeitung fur Bau und Môbel-Tischler, &c. 4to. Berlin, 1853. Gausbbn, A.—Portefeuille Archélogique. 4to. Paris, 1852.

Gazette.— Somerset House Gazette and Literary Museum; or, Weekly
Miscellany of Fine Arts, Antiquities, and Literary Chit-Chat.
Post 4to., 2 vols. in 1. London, 1824.
Gerhard, E.—Archaeological Journal.

Archàologische Zeitung, herausgegben von E. Gerhard,
6 vols. 4to. Berlin, 1843-18.

. Monuments, Researches, and Notices, in continuation of the

Anhivological Journal.

I lenkmàler Forschungen und Berichte als Fortsetzung der Archaologischen Zeitung, herausgegeben von E. Gerhard. 4 vols.

4to. Berlin, 1849-52. Indian Journal.—The Illustrated Indian Journal of Arts. 2 parts, 8vo. Madras, 1851.

of Arts, Sciences, and Manufactures. 2nd edition, 8 parts.

8vo. Madras, 1851. Journal.—The Scottish Educational and Literary Journal. 8vo., monthly. 1854.

The Art Journal. 4to., monthly.

» The Journal of the Society of Arts. 8vo., weekly.

The English Journal of Education. 8vo., monthly.

The Educational Times. 4to. Monthly.

The Practical Mechanic's Journal. 4to., monthly.

— The Indian Journal. 8vo.

— The Journal of the Photographic Society. 8vo.

The Monthly Journal of Industrial Progress. 8vo.

. Journal of the Franklin Institute of the State of Pennsylvania

for the Promotion of the Mechanic Arts. Edited by J. F. Frazer.
8vo., ph. Philadelphia, 1854.
Kimbels, W.—Newest Furniture Journal for the Cabinet-maker and
Upholsterer. i^BS^Hstttai
Neuestes Moebel-Journal fiir Môbel-schreiner und Tapezier.
Small folio. Frankfort, 1853.
Kunstblatt, Deutsches.—German Art Journal, and organ of German
Art Unions.

Zeitschrift fiir bildende Kunst, Baukunst, und Kunstgewerbe.
Organ der Kunstvereine von Deutschland. Redigirt von
F. Eggers in Berlin. 4to. Leipzig, 1850, et seq.

Labdner, Dr.—The Museum of Science and Art. Post 8vo.,

(monthly). January 1854, et seq. Literary Gazette, The. 8 vols. 4to..^ London, 1846, et seg.

Magazine, The Illustrated Magazine of Art. Imp. 8vo. London,

1853, et seq.

——— Parthenon, The.—A Magazine of Art and Literature. Royal

8vo. London, 1826. Penny Magazine of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful

Knowledge. '9 vols. 4to. London, 1832-40.

Photography.—The Journal of the Photographic|Society. 8vo.,

serial. 1853.

Rii'pingille, E. V.—The Artists' and Amateurs' Magazine, a work devoted to the Interest of the Arts of Design and the Cultivation of Taste. 8vo. London, 1843.

Sullivan. W. K.—The Monthly Journal of Industrial Progress. 8vo. Dublin, 1854.



Adamson, J.—An Account of the Discovery at Hexham of a Brass Vessel containing a number of Anglo-Saxon Coins, called Stycas. (Published by the Society of Antiquaries.) 4to. London, 1836.

Agostini, L—Ancient Engraved Gems.

Gemme antiche figurate. 2 vols. 4to. Rome, 1686.

Allioli, Dr. F. J. Von.—The Bronze Doors of the Cathedral of Augsburg.

Die Bronze-Thiire des Domes zu Augsburg, ihre Deutung und ihre Geschichte. 4to. Augsburg, 1853.

Ancient Sculpture. See Becrbr, Bottiger, Bouillon And
St. Victor, British Museum, Clarac, David, De Quincy,
Feuerbach, Flaxman, Lawrence, Layard, Louvre, Meyer,
Montfaucon, Mc Ller, Piranesi, Pistolesi, Ramdohr, Ro-

SELLINI, Sl'ENCE, STATUES, Tatham, Vauthier AND Lacour,

Arts.—The Pictorial Gallery of Arts, Fine and Useful. 2 vols.

Small folio. London, n. d.
Augusteum. See Becker.

Baltard.—Paris et ses Monumens, mesurés, dessinés, et graves, avec des
Descriptions historiques, par le Citoyen Amaury Duval. 2 vols.
large folio. Paris, 1803-5.
Becker, G. G.—Collection of Ancient Sculpture at Dresden.

Augusteum, ou Description des Monumens antiques qui se trouvent
à Dresde. 3 vols. folio. Leipsic, 1804-11.

Bell, J.—Compositions from Morning and Evening Prayer. 4to. London, 1844.

Bergamo, Stepano Da.—Wood Carvings from the Choir of the Monastery of San Pietro at Perugia, 1535 (Cinque cento), said to be from designs by Raphael.

Gli Ornati del Coro della Chiesa di S. Pietro dei Monaci Cassinese di Perugia, intagliati in Legno da Stefano da Bergamo sopra i disegni di Raffaello Santi da Urbino, ora per la'prima volta tutti raccolti incisi a contorno e pubblicati. Folio. Rome.


Bettoni, N.—Tombs and Monuments of Italy.

Le Tombe ed i Monumenti illustri d'Italia. 2 vols. 4to.

Milan, 1822-23.

Biet, J. E.—Souvenirs du Musée des Monumens Français. (Originally formed by M. A. Lenoir). Small folio. Paris, 1821.

Bloxam, M. H.—A Glimpse at the Monumental Architecture and Sculpture of Great Britain, from. the earliest period to the eighteenth century. 8vo. London, 1836.

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