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Catâlogo dc los Cuadros del Real Museo de Pintura y Escultura de S. M. Redactado con arreglo à las indicaciones del Director actual de este Real Establecimiento. 8vo. Madrid, 1843.

Madrid. See Madrazo.

Mayence Museum.—Antiquities of the Museum of Mayence.

Abbildungen von Alterthiimern des Mainzer Museums; mit erklàrungen, herausgegeben von dcm Verein zur Krforschung der Rheinischen Geschichte und Alterthiimer. 4to. Mayence,


Mogford, H.—Instructions for Cleaning, Repairing, Lining, and Restoring Oil Paintings; with Remarks on the Distribution of Works of Art in Houses and Galleries for their better care and preservation. 3rd edition, with additions, 12mo. London, 1851.

Morin, O.—Conservatoire des Arts et Metiers. Catalogue des Collections, publié par ordre de M. le Ministre de l'Agriculture et du Commerce. 12mo. Paris, 1861.

Museo Borbonico. See Herculaneum, Class C 1. Antiquities;


Museum. See British Museum.
Naples. See Museo Borbonico.

National Gallery.—Descriptive and Historical Catalogue of the
Pictures in the National Gallery; with Biographical Notices of the
Painters, by Ralph N. Wornum. Revised by Sir C. L. Eastlake, P.R.A.
By authority. 14th edition, 8vo. London, 1854.

Report, Evidence, and Appendix, on the National Gallery, (Parliamentary Report). Small folio. London, 1853.

See Dyce, Landseer, Valpy.

Nineveh. SeeLAYARD.

Oxford.—Catalogues of Original Designs, by Michelangelo and Raphael, in the University Galleries. Small 8vo., ph. Oxford, 1848.

Palais Richelieu. SeeHEiNCE And Bignon.

Panofka, T.—Inscribed Gems.

Gemmen mit Inscriften in den Koniglichen Museen zu Berlin,
Haag, Kopenhagen, London, Paris, Petersburg und Wien.
4to. Berlin, 1852.

Panopticon.—The Illustrated Handbook of the Royal Panopticon of
Science and Art. An Institution for Scientific Exhibitions, and for
promoting Discoveries in Arts and Manufactures. Incorporated by
Koyal Charter. Square 16mo. London, 1854.

Papworth, J. W. And W.—Museums, Libraries, and Picture Galleries, Public and Private; their Establishment, Formation, Arrangement, and Architectural Construction. To which is appended the Public Libraries Act, 1850, and Remarks on its Adoption by Mechanics and other Scientific Institutions, with Illustrations. Royal 8vo.

London, 1853.

Paris. See Biet, Bouillon And St. Victor, Deseine, Lenoii;, Louvre, Morin.

Passavant, M.—Tour of a German Artist in England; with Notices of Private Galleries, and Remarks on the State of Art. 2 vols. 12mo. London, 1836,

Pistolesi, E.—The Vatican Described and Illustrated.

II Vaticano descritto ed illustrato. 8 vols. folio. Roma


—~— Antiquities of Herculaneum and Pompeii; being a selection of all the most interesting ornaments and relics which have been excavated from the earliest period to the present time. 4 vols. 4to. Naples, 1842.

Ramdohr, F. W. B. Von.—On Painting and Sculpture in Rome.

Ueber Mahlerei und Bildhauerarbeit in Rom fur Liebhaber des
Schonen in der Kunst. 3 vols. 8vo. Leipzic, 1787.

Robinson, J. C.—An Introductory Lecture on the Museum of Ornamental Art of the Department of Science and Art. 8vo. ph. London, 1854.

Rome. See Braun, Pistolesi, Ramdohr, Vatican, Visconh.
Sèvres. See Brongniart And Riocreux.

Sheepshanks, J.—The Collection of Pictures formed by John Sheepshanks, Esq. Post 4to. ph. London, n. d.

Sims, R.—Handbook to the Library of the British Museum; containing a brief history of its formation, and of the various collections of which it is composed; descriptions of the catalogues in present use; classed lists of the MSS. &c.; and a variety of information indispensable for the "readers" at that institution. With some account of the Principal Libraries in London, Post 8vo. London, 1854.

Smith, John.—A Catalogue Raisonné of the Works of the most eminent Dutch, Flemish, and French Painters; with a copious description of their principal pictures, a reference to the galleries and private collections in which they are contained, names of their engravers, &c. With a Supplement. 9 vols. 8vo. London, 1839-42.

Soane, Sir John.-—A Catalogue of the Original Drawings, Manuscripts, and Printed Books on Art and Science, in the Library of Sir John Soane's Museum, 13, Lincoln's Inn Fields. 8vo. London,


A General Description of Sir John Soane's Museum, with Brief

Notices of some of the more interesting Works of Art therein. A

new edition. 12mo. London, n. d.

Sommerard, A. Du.—Les Arts au Moyen Age (Collection of the

Hôtel de Clugny). Text, 5 vols. 8vo.; plates, 6 vols, folio. Paris,


Strange, R.—An Inquiry into the Rise and Establishment of the Royal Academy of Arts, to which is prefixed a Letter to the Earl of Bute. 8vo. London, 1775.

Strawberry Hill.—A Catalogue of the Classic Contents of Strawberry Hill, collected by Horace Walpole. 4to. London, 1842.

Toulouse. See Du Mège.

Valpy, A. J.—National Gallery of Painting and Sculpture, illustrated with 46 Engravings on Steel from the Old Masters, a Description of each Subject, and a brief Memoir of the Artist. 8vo. London, n.d.

Vatican. See Braun, Pistolesi, Ramdohr, Visconti.

VAtout, J.—Souvenirs historiques des Residences royales de France. Palais de Versailles. 8vo. Paris, 1837.

Vaux, W. S. W.—Handbook to the Antiquities in the British Museum: being a Description of the Remains of Greek, Assyrian, Egyptian, and Etruscan Art preserved there. Post 8vo. London, 1851.

Versailles.—Les Plans, Profils, et Elevations des Villes et Château de Versailles, avec les Bosquets et Fontaines, tels qu'ils sont à present; levez sur les lieux, dessinez et gravez en 1714 et 1715. Folio. Paris, n.d.

See Vatoct.

Viardot, L.—Les Musées d'Italie, d'Angleterre, de Belgique, de Hol-
lande, de Russie, d'Allemagne, et d'Espagne; suivis de Notices
biographiques sur les principaux Peintres de l'Espagne.
4 vols, post 8vo., 2nd edition. Paris, 1852.
Vicenza.—The Stranger's Guide to its Paintings and Architecture.

Il Forestiere istrutto nelle cose piu' rare di Architettura e di alcune
Pitture della citta di Vicenza. 8vo., 36 plates. Vicenza,


Vienna. See Bartsch.

Villa Borghese. See Visconti.

Villot, F.—Notice des Peintures, Sculptures, Gravures et Lithographies de l'Ecole Moderne de France, exposées dans les Galeries du Musée National du Luxembourg. 8vo. Paris, 1852.

'Notice des Tableaux exposés dans les Galeries du Musée National

du Louvre. Première partie, Ecoles d'Italie et d'Espagne.
4th edition, 8vo. Paris, 1852.

Visconti, E. Q.—Sculptures of the Villa Borghese.

Sculture del Palazzo della Villa Borghese detta Pinciana, brevemente descritte. 3 vols. 8vo. Roma, 1796—97

Œuvres.—Musée Pie-Clementin. 7 vols. 8vo. Milan,


Visconti, P. A.—Monumens du Musée Chiaramonti. 8vo. Milan, 1822.

Waagen, Dr.—Treasures of Art in Great Britain, being an Account of the chief Collections of Paintings, Drawings, Sculptures, Illuminated MSS. &c. 3 vols. 8vo. London, 1854.

Westminster Abbey. See Cunningham.

Wornum, R. N.—Lectures on Painting by the Royal Academicians, Barry, Opie, and Fuseli. Edited with an Introduction, and Notes, critical and illustrative, by Ralph IS. Wornum. 8vo. London,


Biographical Catalogue of the principal Italian Painters, &c.

designed as a Handbook to the Picture Gallery. By a Lady. Edited by Ralph N. Wornum. Small 8vo. London, 1855.

Descriptive and Historical Catalogue of the Pictures in the

National Gallery, with Biographical Notices of the Painters. By
Ralph N. Wornum. Revised by Sir Charles Lock Eastlake, P.R.A.
By authority. 14th edition, 8vo. London, 1854.

Report on the Arrangements and Character of French Art

Collections, and Systems of Instruction in Schools of Design in
France. (First Report of the Department of Practical Art, App. VII.)
8vo. London, 1853.

Worsaae, J. J. A.—Illustrations of Norse Antiquities in the Royal
Museum of Copenhagen.
Afbildningerfra det Kongelige Museum for Nordiske Oldsa^er i
Kjobenhavn. 8vo. Kjobenhavn, 1854.

Yapp, G. W.—Art-Education at Home and Abroad. The British Museum, the National Gallery and the proposed Industrial University. 2nd edition, 8vo. ph. London, 1853.



Bennett, J.—Original Geometrical Illustrations; or, the Book of Lines, Squares, Circles, Triangles, Polygons, &c. Small 4to.

London, 1837.

Bonnycastlb, J.—Elements of Geometry, containing the principal propositions in the first six and the eleventh and twelfth books of Euclid. With critical Notes and an Appendix, containing various particulars relating to the higher parts of the Science. Cth edition, 8vo.

London, 1818.

Bosse, A.—Practical Geometry and Perspective for the Use of Artists; formerly used in the French Academy of Painting, &c.

Traité des Pratiques Geometrales et Perspectives, enseignées dans l'Academie Royale de la Peinture et Sculpture. Très utiles pour ceux qui desirent exceller en ces Arts, et autres, où il faut employer la regle et le compas. 8vo. Paris, 1665. Brewster, Dr.—A Treatise on Optics. New edition, 12mo.

London, 1838.

Brown, R.—The Principles of Practical Perspective; or Scenographie Projection. 4to. London, 1835.

Burn, R. S.—The Illustrated London Practical Geometry, and its application to Architectural Drawing. 2nd edition, 8vo. London, 1853.

Byrne, O.—The First Six Books of the Elements of Euclid, in which coloured diagrams and symbols are used instead of letters, for the greater ease of learners. 4to. London, 1847.

Cowley, T. L.—The Theory of Perspective, demonstrated in a Method entirely new. 2 vols. 4to. London, 1766.

Cox, D.—A Series of Progressive Lessons, intended to elucidate the Art of Painting in Water-colours, with introductory Illustrations on Perspective and Drawing. Oblong 4to. London, 1845.

Darley, G.—The Geometrical Companion. 2nd edition, 8vo.

London, 1841.

A System of Popular Algebra. 3rd edition, 8vo.

London, 1836.

A System of Popular Trigonometry. 2nd edition, 8vo.

London, 1835.

Deacon, A.—Elements of Perspective Drawing; or, the Science of delineating real objects. 8vo. London, 1841. Dechales, R. P. C. F. Milliet.—Cursus seu Mundus Mathematicus. (Complete course of Mathematics practically applied). 4 vols, folio. Lyon, 1690 ——— The Elements of Euclid explained. Translated from the French.

by Reeve Williams, Philomath. 12mo. London, 1685.

Duhamel.—Pure Mechanics, for Schools and Universities.

Lehrbuch der Reinen Mechanik, Deutsch bearbeitet fur Universitàten, Polytechnische und Kriegsschulen, sowie zum selbstunterrichte, von W. Wagner. In zwei theilen. Mit in den Text eingedructen Holzschnitten. 8vo. ph. Brunswick, 185 i


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