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Brown, T.—Elementary Freehand Drawing; Hints designed to aid teachers in the use of the Course of Drawing for Primary Schools, post 8vo. ph. London, 1851.

Brown, R. —An Elucidation of the Principles of drawing Ornaments, exemplifled in seven plates. 4to. London, 1822.

Burchett, R.—An Introduction to the Construction of those Shapes or Figures which, formed by straight lines or curves mechanically produced, are called plane geometrical figures; used as a part of the system of instruction in the Government Schools of Practical Art. 24mo. London, 1853.

Burgess, J. C.—A practical Essay on the Art of Flower Painting. 8vo. London, 1811.

Burgess, S. II. B.—Drawing Book of Scenery in the North of Ireland. 6 parts, oblong 4to. London, 1851.

Burn*, R. S.—Mechanics and Mechanism; being Elementary Essays and Examples for the use of Schools, Students, and Artizans. 8vo. London, 1853.

The Illustrated London Drawing Book. 2nd edition, 8vo.

London, 1853.

The Illustrated London Practical Geometry, and its Application

to Architectural Drawing. 2nd edition, Svo. London, 1853.

Carpenter, G.—First Lessons in Drawing and Design; or Pencilled Copies and Easy Examples. Post 4to. London, 1854.

Chambers, W. And R.—Drawing and Perspective, with General Directions. Oblong 4to. Edinburgh, 1851-54.

Mechanical Drawing Book. Oblong 4to. Edinburgh, 1853.

First Book of Drawing. 12mo. Endinburgh, 1851.

Second Book of Drawing, by John Clark. 12mo. Edinburgh, 1851.

Childs, G.—The Little Sketch Book: a Course of very easy Lessons in Landscape, Figures, &c. 2 vols, oblong 8vo. London, n. d.

A new Drawing Book of Figures. 4to. London, n. d.

Woodland Sketches; a Series of Characterestic Portraits of Trees.

4to. London, 1839.

. Drawing Book of Objects: Studies from Still Life. Oblong

8vo. London, n. d.

. English Landscape Scenery; an Advanced Drawing Book. 24 sketches from nature. Oblong 8vo. London, n. d.

Cooper, T. S.—Studies of Cattle, drawn from Nature. Oblong 4to. London, n. d.

Corbaux, L.—Twelve Studies of Heads, drawn from Nature. Royal

4to. Ixmdon, 1851. Decker, G. A.—Drawing Book; Collection of Classical Ornaments

in every Architectural Style.

Zeichen Vorlagen classischer Ornamente sàmtlicher Baustyle, &c. 13 parts, small 4to. Mayence, n. d. Delaistre, L.—Cours méthodique du Dessin et de la Peinture; avec

une Notice historique sur l'Art et les Artistes; et un Discours sur

l'Enseignement artistique. 2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1842.

". Atlas to ditto. Oblong 4to.

De La Joue, J.—Premier Livre de divers Morceaux d'Architecture, Paysages et Perspectives. Folio, n. d.

Dibdin.—Progressive Drawing Book for 1852. Oblong 8vo. London, 1852.

Dicksee, J. R.—Familiar Freehand Drawing Copies. Oblong 4to.

London, 1853.

Drawing.—The Art of Drawing and Painting in Water Colours. 12mo. London, 1770.

The Illustrated London Drawing Book. Edited and arranged by

R. S. Burn. 2nd edition. 8vo. London, 1853. Drawing and Shadow-washing, Ornament, Geometry, and Architectural Construction and Surveying.

Modèlts de Dessins et de Lavis, publiés conformément aux programmes officiels et par ordre de M. le Ministre de l'Instruction publique pour l'Enseignement dans les Lycées (Section des Sciences). Small folio, parts 1 and 2. 36' plates. Paris, 1853-54.

Drawing Copies.—Easy Drawing Copies for Beginners. First Stage, Simple Outlines without Perspective. Small 4to. London, n. d. Lineal, for the earliest instruction. 4to. London, 1840.

Drawing, Elementary.—Directions for introducing the First Steps of Elementary Drawing in Schools and among Workmen, with Lists of Materials, Objects, and Models. By the Author of "Drawing for Young Children," &c. Prepared and published at the request of the Council of the Society of Arts. Post 4to. London, 1852.

Drawing for Young Children, containing 150 drawing copies, and numerous exercises. Square 16.mq. London, n. d. Duhamel.—Pure Méchanics for Schools and Universities, &c.

Lehrbuch der Reinen Mechanick. Deutsche-bearbeitet fiir Universitaten. Polytechnische und Krieg-sclmlen, sowie zum selbstunterrichte von W. Wagner. In zwei theilen. Mit in den Text eingedruckten Holzschnitten. 8vo. ph. Bruns

wick, 1853.

Durer, Albert—Revived; or, a Boole of Drawing, Limning, Wash-
ing or Colouring of Maps and Prints, and the Art of Painting, with
the names and mixtures of colours used by the picture-drawers; with
directions how to lay and paint pictures upon glass. Small folio.
London, c. 1680.
——— Four books on Geometry, with figures.

Alberti Dureri, Institutionum Geometricarum, Libri quatuor.
Small folio. Arnheim, 1605.

Dyce, W.—Report on Foreign Schools of Design for Manufacture.
(Parliamentary Paper.) 1840.

The Report made to the Council of the School of Design, by

Mr. Dyce, on his return from the Continent, April 27, 1838.
Small folio.

Elkan, D. L.—Album Leaves, in the Medieval Style, in chromo-lithography.

Album Blatter im Mittelalterlichem style, m lith-Farbendruck. 4to. serial. Leipzig, 1853.

Elster, Dr. J. C.—The Higher Drawing, theoretically, practically, historically, and aesthetically developed, in 50 letters; with an Analysis of the principal Departments of Painting; and remarks on the latest works of Overbeck and Cornelius.

Die hôhere Zeichenkunst theoretisch, praktisch, historisch, und asthetisch entwickelt, in funfig Briefen; nebst einer Analyse der drei Hauptgattungen der Malerei und einem Urtheile uber die neuesten Werke von Friederich Overbeck und Peter von Cornelius, von Dr. Johann Christian Elster. Mit 40 holzschnitten, 2 colorirten blattcrn, und 2registern. Post 8vo. Leipsig,


Fuerstenberg, S.—School of Perspective.

Vorschule der Perspective fur den Schul und Selbstunterricht. 28 diagrams. 8vo. ph. Brunswick, 1854. ——— Introductory Lessons in Freehand Drawing.

Anleitung zum Unterricht ira Freihandzeichnen mit Riicksicht auf
die Unterrichtsmethode der Broder Ferdinand und Alexandre
Dupuis, nebst cinem Anhange "Vorschule der Perspective."
With 30 diagrams in the text, and two plates 8vo ph.

Braunschweig, 1854. Gwilt, J.—Sciograghy, or Examples of Shadows; with Rules for their projection, intendcd for the use of Architectural Draughtsmen and other Artists. 3rd edition, 8vo. London, 1824.

Hardixo, J. D.—Drawing Book for the Year 1841. Studies in Sepia, partly original and partly selected. Oblong 4to. London, 1841.

Elementary Art ; or, the Use of the Chalk and Lead Pencil advo

cated and explained. 3rd edition. Royal 8vo. London, 1846.

The Prinoiples and Practice of Art, with Illustrations, drawn and

engraved by the Author. Royal 4to. London, 1845.

• Early Drawing Book. Oblong 8vo. London, n.d.

Lithographie Drawing Book for the Year 1847.

Lessons on Art. 2nd edition, royal 4to. London, 1849.

Lessons on Trees. Royal 4to. London, 1852.

—— The Guide and Companion to the "Lessons on Art."

Royal 8vo. London, 1854. Harley, G.—First Lessons, or Drawing Book of Landscape. Oblong

8vo. London, n.d. —— A Guide to Landscape Drawing in Pencil aud Chalk. 12mo. London, 1849.

Hassell, J.—The Camera; or Art of Drawing inAVater-Colours, with Instructions for Sketching from Nature, &c. 8vo. London,


Ha Y, D. R.—A Letter to the Couneil of the Society of Arts on Elementary Education in the Arts of Design. 8vo. ph. p.p. 18. London, 1852.

Heideloff Axd Roskee.—Examples of Freehand Drawing for Trade

Voriibungen zum Freihandzeichnen fur Gewerbsschulen.
Oblong 4to. Nurnberg, 1830.
Heller, B. K.—Designs for Gothic House Furniture, &c.

Darstellungen sammtlicher Haus vmd Luxusartikel im Deutschen
Style, in Musterbuch fiir Deutsche Gewerbe und Deutsche
Gcwerbeschulen. Small folio. Nurnberg, 184.9.

Helsted, F.—The First Lessons in Drawing.

Veiledning i Tegnekunstens allerforste Gronde. Small 4to.

Copenhagen, n. d.
Herdtle, E.—Freehand Drawing Copies.

50 Wandtafeln Umrisse von Ornamenten verschiedener Kunst-
epochen. Fur den Unterricht im Freihandzeichnen in Real und
Gewerbe Schulen bearbitet von E. Herdtle. 6 parts, folio.

Hetsch, P.—Progressive System of Drawing.

Ritbok i Progressive S/stem. Utarbetad under Professor Hetsch's
vàgledning af L. A. Winstrup, Architect. (Elementary.)
Post 4to. Stockholm. 18-49.

Howard, Frank.—Colour as a Means of Art, being an Adaptation of the experience of Professors to the Practice of Amateurs. 12mo. London, 1838.

. The Science of Drawing, being a Progressive Series of the characteristic Forms of Nature. Part 1, Trees. 3 vols. 12mo. London, 1839.

Imitative Art; or, the Means of Representing the Pictorial

Appearances of Objects, as governed by Aerial and Linear Perspective; being a Manual of Details for the Amateur Sketcher, and the Man of Business, with a Chapter on Fmish. 8vo. London, n. d.

The Sketcher's Manual; or, the Whole Art of Picture Making

reduced to the simplest Principles, by which Amateurs may instruct themselves without the aid of a Master. 8vo. London,


Hullmandel, C.—The Art of Drawing on Stone ; giving a full Explanation of the various styles, the different methods to be employed to ensure success, the modes of correcting, and the several causes of failure. 8vo. London, 1835.

Hulme, F. W.—Graduated Series of Drawing Copies on Landscape Subjects, for the use of Schools. (Published by the National Society for promoting the Education of the Poor.) Oblong 4to. London, 1850.

Jackson, F. G.—The Art Instructor, containing suggestions for the development of a new system of teaching. 4to. London, 1852.

Julien.—Studies of Heads, selected from Paintings of eminent Artists, or drawn from Nature, lithographed by Thomas Fairland. Oblong 4to. London, n.d.

■ New Progressive Drawing Book of the Human Figure, drawn from Nature, lithographed by Thomas Fairland. Oblong 4to.

London, n.d.

Kexxion, E.—An Essay on Trees in Landscape; or, an attempt to show the propriety and importance of characteristic expression in this branch of art, and the means of producing it, with examples. 4to. London, 1815.

Korzistka, C.—Report upon Industrial Schools in Europe, made to the Austrian Government, by Charles Korzistka, Professor of the Polytechnic School in Prague. In German. Foolscap. 1854.

Lamotte, M. L.—Outline Drawing for Ladies, applied to Ornament for Embroidery, Shawl Designs, Flowers, &c.

Le Dessin Linéaire des Demoiselles avec les Applications à l'Ornement, et à la Composition, à la Broderie, au Dessin de Châles, aux Fleurs, et au Paysage. Ouvrage autorisé par le Conseil royal de l'Instruction publique. 2nd edition, 4to. Paris, 1842.

. Cours methodique de Dessin Linéaire et de Géométrie usuelle,

applicable à tous les modes d'enseignement. Ouvrage autorisé par le Conseil royal de l'Instruction publique. Première partie, Cours élémentaire. 8th edition, 4to. Paris, 1844.


Maman, D. H.—Industrial Drawing, comprising the Description and Uses of Drawing Instruments, the Construction of Plane Figures, the Projections and Sections of Geometrical Solids, Architectural Elements, Mechanism, and Topographical Drawing, &c. 8vo. New York, 1852.

Mainwaring, Captain R.—Instructive Gleanings, moral and scientific, from the best "Writers on Painting and Drawing, arranged as a book of reference to the pupil and amateur. 8vo. London, 1832.

Montabert, P. De.—Le Dessin Linéaire, enseigné aux ouvriers, ou les vraies Leçons de la Science Graphique applicables à tous les Arts. 2 vols. 4to. Paris, 1832. Morin And Tresca.—Examples for Drawing and Shadow Washing, &c. Modèles de Dessins et de Lavis, publiés conformément aux Programmes officiels, et par ordre de M. le Ministre de l'Instruction publique pour l'enseignement dans les Lycées (Section des Sciences.) Folio. Paris, 1853.

Nicholas, W. A.—The National Drawing Master, for all Classes, on a new System, and Self-Instructor's Practical School of Design. 8vo. London, 1854. Normand, Fils.—Cours de Dessin Industriel à l'usage des Ecoles primaires supérieures, des Cours de Commerce et d'Industrie, et des Ouvriers, par MM. Normand fils, Douliot, et Krafft. Ouvrage autorisé par le Conseil royal de l'Instruction publique. Oblong folio, text, 8vo. 2nd edition. Paris, 1841.

Peale, R.—Graphics, the Art of accurate Delineation; a System of School Exercise, for the Education of the Eye, and the Training of the Hand, as auxiliary to Writing, Geography, and Drawing. 12mo. Philadelphia, 1853.

Phillips, G<— Rudiments of Curvilinear Design. Folio. London,


Potter, E.—A Letter to One of the Commissioners for the Exhibition of 1851, being Remarks on that part of the Second Report of the Commissioners which recommends the Teaching of Practical Design as applied to Calico Printing by the State. 8vo. ph. London,


Trade Schools. A Letter to the Rev. C. Richson. 8vo. ph.

London, 1854.

Prout, S.—Microcosm. The Artists' Sketch Book of Groups of Figures, Shipping, and other Picturesque Objects. Royal 4to. London,


——— Elementary Drawing Book of Landscapes and Buildings. Oblong, 8vo. London, n.d.

Prussian Drawing Book. See Patterns For Manufacturers

And Artizans, Class R. Richson, Rev. C.—Intoductory Drawing Copies; or, First Exercises in

the delineation of Form; adapted to the Author's "Diagrams for

Collective Teaching, and Lessons on the Delineation of Form."

In 3 books, square 16mo. London, n. d. Diagrams and Instructions to be used in the Collective Teaching

of Elementary Linear Drawing, with a Preface by George Wallis, Esq.,

late Head Master of the Manchester School of Design. 2nd

edition improved, 4to. London, n. d.

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