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und des Mittelalters, erlaeutert von G. Semper. Erstes heft. Dorisch Griechische Kunst. Folio. Dresden, 1836.

Sharpe, E.—A Treatise on the Rise and Progress of Decorated Window Tracery in England. Illustrated with 97 woodcuts, and 6 engravings on steel. 8vo. London, 1849.

A Series of Illustrations of the Window Tracery of the Decorated

Style of Ecclesiastical Architecture. 8vo. London, 1849.

Shaw, II.—Illuminated Ornaments, selected from manuscripts, and early printed books, from the sixth to the seventeenth centuries. With descriptions, by Sir F. Madden. 4to. London, 1833.

Specimens of Ancient Furniture. Drawn from existing authorities.

With descriptions by Sir Samuel Rush Meyrick. 4to.
London, 1836.

Examples of Ornamental Metal Work. 4to. Loudon, 1836.

. Ancient Plate and Furniture, from the Colleges of Oxford and

the Ashmolean Museum. Drawn by Henry Shaw, with descriptions

by Sir Samuel Rush Meyrick. 4to. London, 1837.

The Encyclopaedia of Ornament. 4to. London, 1842.

Dresses and • Decorations of the Middle Ages. 2 vols.

royal 8vo. London, 1843.

The Decorative Arts, ecclesiastical and civil, of the Middle Ages.

Royal 8vo. London, 1851.

Specimens of Tile Pavements, drawn from existing authorities.

4to. London, 1852. Siena, Cathedral Of.—Description de la Cathédrale de Sienne.

Atlas folio.

Silvestre, J. B.—Universal Palaeography.

Paléographie Universelle. Collection de Fac-simile d'Ecritures de tous les peuples, &c., de tous les temps, &c. dessinés et peints sur les lieus mêmes par M. Silvestre, et accompagnés d'explications historiques et descriptives par MM. Champollion Figeac, et Aimé Champollion, fils. 4 vols, large folio. Paris, 1839-41.

Alphabet Album.

Collection de Soixante Feuilles d'Alphabets historiés et fleuronnés, tirés des principales Bibliothèques de l'Europe, ou composés par Silvestre. Folio. Paris, 1843.

Simpson, F. Junior.—A Series of Ancient Baptismal Fonts, chronologically arranged. 8vo. London, 1828. Smith, J. T.—Antiquities of Westminster; the Old Palace, St. Stephen's

Chapel, &c. 4to. London, 1807.

Sommbrard, A. Dr.—Les Arts au Moyen Age. (Collection of the Hôtel de Clugnv.) Text, 5 vols. 8vo.; plates, 6 vols, folio. Paris,


Sonderlaxd, J. B.—Designs and Border Illustrations to Poems of
Goethe, Schiller, Uhland, Burger, Korner, Voss, &c.; with trans-
lations-. Large 4to. London, 1341.
Springer, A. H.—The Architecture of the Christian Middle Ages.

Die Baukunst des Christlichen Mittelalters. Ein Leitfaden zum Gebrauche fur Vorlesungen und zum Selbstunterrichte. (25 plates.) 8vo. Bonn, 1854. Stothard, C. A.—The Tapestry of Bayeux; 17 coloured plates, published by the Society of Antiquaries. Folio. London, 1819.

Suvs Et Haudebourt.—Palais Massimi à Rome. Plans, coupes, élévations, profils, voutes, plafonds, &c. des deux Palais Massimi, dessinés et publiés par F. T. Suys et L. P. Haudebourt. Folio. Paris, n. d.

Tapestry.—Tapisserie de Bayeux. Antiquités Anglo-Normandes de

Ducarel. (Imperfect.) 8vo. Caen, 1824.

Tatham, C. H.—Etchings, representing the best examples of Ancient

Ornamental Architecture, drawn from the originals in Rome and

other parts of Italy, during the years 1/94, 1795, and 179ti. Third

edition. Small folio. London, 1810.

Taylor, Le Baron J.—L'Alhambra. Dessins et lithographies par Asselineau. Folio. Paris, 1853.

Tennent, J. E.—A Treatise on the Copyright of Designs for Printed Fabrics; with Considerations on the Necessity of its Extension, and copious Notices of the State of Calico Printing in Belgium, Germany, and the States of the Prussian Commercial League. 8vo. London, 1841.

Thiollet Et Roux.—Nouveau Recueil de Menuiserie et de Decorations intérieures et extérieures. Contenant en outre un choix de grosse Menuiserie et de Charpenterie légère combinées avec le Fer, et diver objets introduits depuis peu dan les Jardins et autres Rendezvou publics, tels que Urinoirs, Guérites ornées, Tentes pour la Lecture, & c Small folio. Paris, 1837.

Thoms, P. P.—A Dissertation on the Ancient Chinese Vases of the Shan Dynasty, from 1743 to 1496 B.c. Illustrated with 42 Chines wood engravings. 8vo. London, 1851.

Tosi And Becchio.—Altars, Tabernacles, and Sepulchral Monuments
of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries existing at Rome. Published
under the patronage of the celebrated Academy of St. Luke, by
MM. Tosi and Becchio. Descriptions in Italian, English, and French,
by Mrs. Spry Bartlett. Folio. Lagny, 1853.

Trollohe, Rev. E.—Illustrations of Ancient Art, selected from Objects
discovered at Pompeii and Herculaneum. 4to. London, 1854.
Turkish Ornament. See Robertson.
Ungewitter, G. G.—Designs for Gravestones.

Entwurfe zu Grabsteinen. 4to. Leipsig, n. d.

Entwurfe zu Gothischen Ornamenten zunàchst fur Decken und

Wancie von G. G. Ungewitter. (Eight plates of Gothic ornaments
and illuminated title.) 4to. Leipzig, n. d., 1854?

Valadier And Feoli.—Collection of the most remarkable Buildings of
Ancient Rome and its Neighbourhood.

Raccolta delle piu insigni Fabbriche di Roma antica e sue adjacenze.
Misurate nuovamente e dichiarate dalT Archiietto Giuseppe
Valadier, illustrate con osservazioni antiquarie da Filippo Aurelio
Visconti, ed incise da Vincenzo Feoli. Folio. Rome,


Vases.—A Collection of Engravings of Vases in the Italian and French
Styles, by Augustin, Lucas Vicus, Bouchardon, Damery, Le Potre, &c.
Folio, n. p., n. d.

Vulliamy, L.—Examples of Ornamental Sculpture in Architecture.
Drawn from the Original of Bronze, Marble, and Terra Cotta, in
Greece. Asia Minor, and Italy, in the years 1818-19-20-21.
2nd edition, 4to. Loudon, n. d.

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Waring, J. B.—Architectural, Sculptural, and Picturesque Studies in Burgos and its neighbourhood. Folio. London, 1852.

Waring And Macuuoid.—Examples of Architectural Arts in Italy and Spain. Chiefly of the thirteenth and sixteenth centuries. Folio. London. I860.

Webster, T.—On Property in Designs and Inventions in the Arts and Manufactures. 8vo. London, 1853.

Weitdrecht, C. — Ornamenten Zeichiiungs-Schule. (Ornamental Drawing School for Artists, Manufacturers and Workmen.) 100 plates, 2nd edition. Oblong folio. Stuttgart, 1852.

Westwood, G. O.—Palaeographia sacra Pictoria; being a Series of Illustrations of the Ancient Versions of the Bible, copied from Illuminated Manuscripts, executed between the fourteenth and sixteenth centuries. 4to. London, 1845. — On the distinctive Character of the various Styles of Ornamentation employed by the Early British, Anglo-Saxon, and Irish Artists. 8vo. ph. London, 1854.

Whitney, G.—The First Parte of a Choice of Emblems, and other Devises; gathered, Englished and moralized, and diverse newlie devised. Small 4to. Leyden, 1586.

Whittock, N.—The Decorative Painters' and Glaziers' Guide; containing the most approved Methods of Imitating Oak, Mahogany, Maple, Rose, Cedar, Coral, &c.; also a complete body of information on the Art of Staining and Painting on Glass. 3rd edition.

4to. London, 1832.

Wihtvvorth And Wallis.—The Industry of the United States in
Machinery, Manufactures, and Useful and Ornamental Art.
Post 8vo. London, 1854.

Wilkinson, Sir J. G.—The Manners and Customs of the Ancient Egyptians, including their Private Life, Government, Laws, Arts, Manufactures, Religion, Agriculture, and Early History; derived from a Comparison of the Painting, Sculptures, and Monuments still existing; with Accounts of Ancient Authors. 3rd edition.

5 vols. 8vo. London, 1847.

A Popular Account of the Ancient Egyptians. Revised and

abridged from the larger work, illustrated with 500 woodcuts.
2 vols. 8vo. London, 1854.

Willemin, N. X.—Monuments Français inédits, pour servira l'Histoire des Arts depuis le VIe Siècle jusqu'au commencement du XVIIe. Choix de Costumes civils et militaires, d'Armes, Armures, Instruments de Musique, Meubles de toute espèce, et de Decorations intérieures et extérieures des Maisons. Dessinés, gravés, et coloriés d'après les originaux. Classés chronologiquement et accompagnés d'un texte historique et descriptif par André Pottier. 12/. 12s.

6 vols. small folio. Paris, 1806-39.

Wiseman, Cardinal.—On the Connection between the Arts of Design and the Arts of Production. An Address delivered at Manchester, April 28, 1853. 8vo. ph. London, 1853.

Woillez, Dr. E.—Archéologie des Monuments religieux de l'Ancien • Beauvoiscs pendant la Metamorphose Romane: composée, 1, d'un texte, précédé d'une introduction historique, et dont la partie descriptive est rédigée conformément aux Instructions du Comité des Arts et Monuments; 2, d'une Carte Archéologique et des 129 planches, comprenant plus de 1,200 sujets. Small folio.

Paris, 1839-49.

W Ornum, R. N.—Catalogue of Ornamental Casts in the possession of the Department of Science and Art. Third division: Renaissance Styles. With illustrations on wood, engraved by the f.emale students of the Wood Engraving Class. Published by authority. 8vo. London, 1854.

The Exhibition as a Lesson in Taste: an Essay on Ornamental

Art as displayed in the Industrial Exhibition in Hyde Park, in which
the different styles are eompared, with a view to the improvement of
taste in home manufactures. (Prize Essay in the Art Journal IUus-
trated Catalogue of the Industry of AU Nations, 1851.) 4to.
London, 1851.

Worsaae, J. J. A.—Illustrations of Norse Antiquities in the Royal
Museum of Copenhagen.
Afbildninger fra det Kongelige Museum for Nordiske Oldsager i
Kjôbenhavn. 8vo. Kjobenhavn, 1854.

Wùest And Wolff.—Ornamental Designs, various (Renaissance).

Geoezt od' Geschnittene Gallanteries von Johan Leonhard Wüest in Augspurg gemacht, und Perpectivisch Vorgestellt. Verlegt von Jeremias Wolff, Kunsthandlern. (Six plates.) oblong 4to. 1715. Wyatt, M. D.—Specimens of the Geometrical Mosaic of the Middle Ages. With a brief historical notice of the Art, founded on papers read before the Royal Institute of British Architects, the Royal Society of Arts, and the Archaeological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland. 8mall folio. London, 1849.

— Metal Work and its Artistic Design. Folio. London,


— Industrial Arts of the Nineteenth Century, at the Great Exhibition, MDCCCLI. By M. Digby Wyatt, Architect. 2 vols. folio. London, 1851-3. Zahn-, W.—The most beautiful Ornaments and most remarkable Paintings of Pompeii, Herculaneum, and Stabiae, &c., from original drawings made on the spot.

Die schonsten Ornamente und merkwiirdigsten Gemàlde aus Pompeii, Herkulanum, und Stabiae, nebst einigen Grundrissen und Ansichten, nach den an Ort und Stelle gemachten Originalzeichnungen, von Wilhelm Zahn. Folio, 5 vols in 3, and 1 part. Berlin, 1829-54.

Ornaments of all Classical Art-Epochs, represented from the

Originals in their proper colours.

Ornamente aller Klassischen Kunst-Epochen nach den originalen in ihren eigenthiimlichen farben dargestellt. Oblong folio. Berlin, 1849. Zobi, Ant.—On the Origin and Progress of Mosaic in Piètre Dure. Notizie Storiche sull' origine e progressi dei lavori di Commesso in Pietre Dure che si esequiscono nell' I. e R. Stabilimento di Firenze. 2nd edition, with additions and corrections by the Author. 4to. Florence, 1853.

Zœllner, L.—Der Ornamentier. Small folio, Leipzig, 1843.

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