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De Rossi, L. F.—Collection of various Vases and Papal Armorial Shields on the Public Buildings of Rome.

Raccolta di Vasi diversi formati da illustri artefici, e di varie Targhe soprapposte alle fabbriche piu insigni di Roma da celebri architetti moderni. Oblong folio. Rome, 1713.

Designs.—A Miscellaneous Collection of Designs for Altar-pieces, Fountains, Scrolls, China, Pottery, Borders for Silk, &c. Folio, var. dates.

Deville, A.—Unedited Documents on the History of France.

Comptes de Dépenses de la Construction du Château de Gaillon, publiés d'après les Registres Manuscrits des Trésoriers du Cardinal d'Âmboise. With Atlas of plates. 4to. Paris, 1850.

Tombeaux de la Cathédrale de RoueD; avec douze planches,

gravées. 8vo. Rouen, 1837.

Diedo E Zanotto.—Sepulchral Monuments of Venice.

I Monumenti cospicui di Venezia, illustrati dal Cav. Antonio Diedo e da Francesco Zanotto. Folio. Milan, 1839.

Du Camp, M.-—Egypte, Nubie, Palestine, et Syrie. Dessins photographiques, recueillis pendant les années 1849-50-51, et accompagnés d'un texte explicatif. 125 photographs. Small folio. Paris


Durelli, G. And F.—The Charter House of Pavia.

La Certosa di Pavia descritta ed illustrata con tavole incise dai fratelli Gaetano e Francesco Durelli. 62 plates. Folio. Milan, 1853.

Duerer, Albert.—The Polyglott Lord's Frayer, with marginal illustrations.

Oratio Dominica Polyglotta singularum linguarum characteribus expressa et delineationibus Alberti Diireri. Cincta edita à Franz Xaver Stoeger. 4to., n.d.

Eberhard, H. W. Von.—Types of Plastic-architectural Ornament from the native Flora, in attempts at their application to Art and Manufacture.

Typen pitoresk-plastisch-architectonischer Ornamente aus der Vaterlsendischen Flora in Versuchen ihrer Anwendung fiir Kunst und Gewerbe. 4to. Leipzig, 1828.

Egyptian Ornament. See Du Camp, Egypt, Rosellini, WilKinson. Class D. Architecture.

Eisenlohr, F.—Ornaments as applied in Building Purposes, executed or designed for execution.

Ornamentile in ihrer Anwendung auf verschiedene Gegenstànde der Baugewerke. Ausgefuhrt oder zur ausfuhrung entworfen von F. Eisenlohr. Folio. Leipzig and Carlsruhe, 1849.

Elizabethan Ornament. See Alciati, Nash, Palmer, Richard


Fairholt, F.—Miscellanea Graphica: a Collection of Ancient, Medieval,
and Renaissance Remains, in the possession of Lord Londesborough.
Illustrated by F. W. Fairholt. 4to. London, 1854.
Falda, G. B.—Roman Fountains.

Le Fontane di Roma nelle Piazze, e Luoghi publici della
citta. 4to. Roma, n. d.

FïRRARlo, D. G.—Monuments, Sacred and Profane, in the Basilica of St. Ambrose, Milan.: Monumente sacri e profani dell imperiale e reale Basilica di Sant' Ambrogio, in Milano. Folio. Milan, 1824.

Ferreri, C.—The Ark of St. Augustine, a marble Work of the fourteenth century, now in the Cathedral of Pavia.

L'Arca di Sant' Agostino, Monumento in Marmo del secolo 14. Ora esistente nella Chiesa Cattedrale di Pavia. Disegnato ed inciso da Cesare Ferreri, colle illustrazioni di Defendente Sacchi. Small folio. Pavia, 1832. Fkuchère, Leon.—L'Art Industriel. Recueil de Dispositions et de Décorations intérieures. 72 plates, engraved by MM. Varin, frères. Folio. Paris, n. d. Flat Tinting.—A Collection of Examples of Coloured Ornament, to serve as first exercises in Flat Tinting; Section of Colour, Stage 1. Prepared for the use of Schools in connexion with the Department of Science and Art. Selected and arranged by J. C. Robinson, F.S.A. 4to. London, 1853. Florence.—The Decorations of the Saloons of the Pitti Palace, and of the Villas of Petraia, and Poggio a Caiano. By Giovanni da San Giovanni, Baldassare Franceschmi, Franciabigio, and Alessandro Allori. Pitture del Salone imperiale del Palazzo di Firenze. Si aggiungono le Pitture del Salone e Cortile delle imperiali Ville della Petraia e del Poggio a Caiano, opere di vari celebri pittori Fiorentini, in tavole 26. Atlas folio. Florence, 1751.

Gailhabaud, J.—On Architecture, from the fifth to the sixteenth century, and the Arts depending on it — Sculpture, Wall Painting-, Glass Painting, Mosaic, Ironwork, &c.

L'Architecture du Ve au XVIe Siècle, et les Arts qui en dépendent, la Sculpture, la Peinture murale, la Peinture sur Verre, la Mosaïque, la Ferronnerie, &c. Publiés d'après les travaux inedits des principaux architectes Français et étrangers. 4to. Paris, 1851, et seq. Gardens.—Hints on the Formation of Gardens and Pleasure Grounds, with Designs in various Styles of Rural Embellishment. 4to. London, 1813. Gell And Gandy.—Pompeiana. The Topography, Edifices, andOrna

ments of Pompeii. 4 vols. imperial 8vo. London, 1824-32.

Gibbs, J.—Designs for Gothic Ornaments and Furniture, after the ancient Manner, for Ecclesiastical and Domestic Purposes, for the use of Architecte and Workers in Metal, Stone, Wood, &c. Royal 8vo. London, 1854. '■:-f

——— A Series of Designs for Gothic Monuments, &c. 4to. London, 1853.

Gibbs, W.—The Decorator's Assistant and weekly Record of Painting, Sculpture, Architecture, Popular Science, &c. 5 vols. 8vo.

London, 1847-49.

Gothic Ornament. See Becker And Hefner, Billing*s, CotTingham, Davis, De Laborde, Gailhabaud, Gibbs, Harrer, Heideloff, Hunt, King, Lacroix And Sere, Leconte, Paley, Pugin; Reichensperger, Roux Ainé, -ruskin, Sch^epxens, Schmit, Scott, Sharpe, Shaw, Simpson, Smith, Sommerard, Ungewitter, Willemin, Woillez, Wyatt. See also Class D. Gothic Architecture. .'>•• l j •" >

Gozzini, V.—Monumens Sépulcraux de la Toscane, dessinés par Vincent Gozziniet gravés par Jerôme Scotto; nouvelle édition, augmentée de vingtneuf planches, avec leur descriptions. 4to. Florence,


Greek Ornament. SeeBoTTicHER, De Quincy, Hittorff, Holz, Klenze, Letronne, Moses, Penrose, Piranesi, Pistolesi, Prussian Drawing Book, Rochette, Roux And Barré Schmit, Semper, Tatham, Trollope, Vulliamy, Weit'Brecht, Zahn.

Gruner, L.—Description of the Plates of Fresco Decorations and Stuccoes of Churches and Palaces in Italy during the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. With an Essay by J. J. Hittorff, on the Arabesques of the Ancients compared with those of Raphael and his School. New edition, largely augmented by numerous plates, plain and coloured. 4to. London, 1854.

'—; Fresco, Decorations and Stuccoes of Churches and Palaces in

Italy, during the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, with Descriptions by Lewis Gruner, K.A. New edition, largely augmented by numerous plates, plain and coloured. Folio. London, 1854.

Specimens of Ornamental Art, selected from the best Models of

the Classical Epochs. Illustrated by 80 plates, with descriptive text, byEmilBraun. (By Authority.) Folio. London, 1850.

The Caryatides from the " Stanza dell' Eliodoro " in the Vatican.

Designed by Raffaello d'Urbino. Engraved and edited by Lewis
Gruner. 4to. London, 1852.

The Decorations of the Garden Pavilion in the tirounds of

Buckingham Palace. With an Introduction by Mrs. Jameson.
Folio. London, 1846.

——— The Mosaics of the Cupola in the Cappella Chigiana of S'* Maria del Popolo in Rome. Designed by Rafl'aello Sanzio d'Urbino.

. ..., ;Fplio. London, 1851.

-gunn, Rev. W.—Cartonensia, or an historical and critical Account of the Tapestries in the Vatican, copied from the Designs of Raphael of Urbino, and of such of the Cartoons whence they were woven as are now in preservation, with Notes and Illustrations, to which are subjoined Remarks on the Causes which retard the Progress of the higher Departments of the Art of Painting in this Country. 8vo. London, 1831.

Gwilt, J.—A Treatise on the decorative Part of Civil Architecture, by . Sir William Chambers. With Illustrations, Notes, and an Examination of Grecian Architecture. 2 vols. royal 8vo. London, 1825.

Harrer, A.—Middle Age Ornaments of the fifteenth century.

Mittelalterliche Verzierungen aus dem fiinfzehnten Jahrhundert, ; / &c. Small 4to. Munich, 1852.

Hay, D. R.—Original Geometrical Diaper Designs, accompanied by an Attempt to develope and elucidate the true Principles of Ornamental Design,. as applied to the Decorative Arts. Oblong folio. London, 1844.

. The Laws of Harmonious Colouring, adapted to Interior Decora

tions, Manufactures, and other useful Purposes. 4th edition,

. 8vo. London, 1838.-. . .. .•; v-. •;

. — The Laws of Harmonious Colouring adapted to Interior Decor itions, with Observations on the Practice of House Painting.

6th edition, 12mo. London, 1847. -:! . . •.

Heideloff, C.—Collection of Architectural Ornaments of the Middle Ages in the Byzantine and Gothic Styles. 4 vols in 2, 4to.


Architectural Members, their Construction, Composition, and

Ornamentation. For the Polytechnic School in Ntirnberg. Die Architectonischen glieder, deren Construction, Zusammenstellung und Verzierung, &c. Oblong 4to. Nurnberg, 1831. Arabesques in the Greek, Roman, Byzantine, German, and Renaissance Styles. (Selectedfromthe "Architectural Designs," &c.) Arabesken im Griechischen, Romischen, Byzantinischen, Altdeutschen, und Rennaissance Styl, gezeichnet und herausgegeben von Carl Heideloff. With five steel plates. 8vo. Nurnberg, 1851.

The Colour-washer and Plasterer, &c.; for Polytechnic and Trade

Schools; with an appendix on the preparation of chalk and mortar.
Der Tiincher, verbunden mit dem Stuccator, Zimmermaler, und
Decorateur, fiir Polytechnischer anstalten und Gewerbsschulen.
Nebst einem Anhange iiber Hydraulischen Kalk, anwendbar
fiir Tuncher, von Fr. Pauzer. One number, uncoloured,

oblong folio. Nurnberg, 1834.

Architectural Designs and executed Works, in Byzantine and

Old German style. Architectonische Entwiirfe, und ausgefiihrte Bauten im Byzantinischen und Altdeutschen Style. (Atlas of plates, small folio.) 2 vols. 8vo. Nurnberg, 1850. Hf.ller, B. K.—Designs for Gothic House-Furniture, &c.

Darstellungen sàmmtlicher Haus und Luxusartikel im Deutschen
Style, ein Musterbuch fur Deutsche Gewerbe und Deutsche
Gewerbsschulen. 5 parts, small folio. Nurnberg, 1849.

Herdtle, E.—Free-hand Drawing Copies.

50 Wandtafeln. Umrisse von Ornamenten-verschiedener Kunstepochen. Fiir den Unterricht im Freihandzeichnen in Real und Gewerbe-Schulen, bearbitet von E. Herdtle. 6 parts, folio. 1854.

Hessemer.—Saracenic and Old Italian Building Decorations.

Arabische und Alt-ltalienische Bau-veizierungen. 120 chromolithographs. 2nd edition, folio. Berlin, 1853.

Hittorff, J. J.—On Greek Polychromy ; or, the Painting of Architecture. Restitution du Temple d'Empédocle à Selinonte, ou l'Architecture Polychrome chez les Grecs. Text 4to., plates, atlas folio.

Paris, 1851.

Hittorff, J. J. Et Zanth, L.—Architecture moderne de la Sicile, ou Recueil des plus beaux Monumens religieux, et des Edifices publics et particuliers les plus remarquables de la Sicile. Folio. Paris, 1835. Hoffmann And Kellerhoven.—Art as applied to Manufactures among all Nations.

Les Arts et l'Industrie. Recueil de Dessins relatifs à l'Art de la Décoration chez tous les Peuples, &c. Small folio. Paris, 1852, et seq.

Holz, F. W.—Details of the principal Greek Mouldings.

Details Greichischer Haupt Gesimse zusammengestellt fur die mannigfachsten Anwendungen, in 40 blàttern. 4to. Berlin, 1854.

Hope, T.—Household Furniture and Interior Decoration, executed from designs by Thomas Hope. Small folio. London, 1807.

Humphreys, H. N.—Ten Centuries of Art. Its progress in Europe from the ninth to the nineteenth century; with a glance at the artistic works of classical antiquity, and concluding considerations on the probable influence of the Great Exhibition, and on the present state and future prospects of Art in Great Britain. Small 4to. London, 1852.

The Illuminated Books of the Middle Ages; an Account of the

Development and Progress of the Art of Illumination, as a distinct branch of Pictorial Ornamentation, from the fourth to the seventeenth century. Illustrated by a series of examples of the size of the originals, selected from the most beautiful MSS. of the various periods; executed on stone, and printed in colours by Owen Jones. Folio. London, 1849.

The Origin and Progress of the Art of Writing, &c. Illustrated

by a number of specimens of the writing of all ages, and a series of fac-similes from autograph letters from the fifteenth to the nineteenth century. 8vo. London, 1853.

Hunt, J. F.—Exemplars of Tudor Architecture, with Illustrative Details, &c. 4to. London, 1830.

Imbard.—Tombeau de Louis XII., dit le Père du Peuple. Small folio. Paris, 1815.

Tombeau de Louis XII. et de François I.; dessinés et gravés au

trait, par E. F. Imbard d'après des Marbres du Musée des Petits Augustins. Small folio. Paris, 1823. N

Indian Ornament.—A Collection of 143 Drawings in Water Colours from Objects of Indian Manufacture in the Great Exhibition of 1851. In portfolios.

Jones, Owen.—Designs for Mosaic and Tesselated Pavements; with an Essay on their Material and Structure, by F. O. Ward. Small folio. London, 1842.

An Attempt to define the Principles which should regulate the

Employment of Colour in the Decorative Arts; with a few words on the necessity for an Architectural Education on the part of the Public. Read before the Society of Arts, April 28, 1852. 8vo. ph. London, 1852. Jones And Goury.—Plans, Elevations, Sections, and Details of the Alhambra. From drawings taken on the spot in 1834 by the late M. Jules Goury, and in 1834 and 1837 by Owen Jones. With a complete Translation of the Arabic Inscriptions, and an Historical Notice of the Kings of Granada from the Conquest of that city by the Arabs to the Expulsion of the Moors; by M. Pasqual de Gayangos. Folio. London, 1842.

Jopling, J.—An Impulse to Art; or Ancient Greek Practical Principles for Volutes and Lines of Beauty innumerable; with two plates of diagrams. 8vo. London, 1849.

Dr. Brook Taylor's Principles of Linear Perspective, &c. New

edition. 8vo. London, 1835. Jubinal, A.—Royal Armory of Madrid.

La Armeria Real; ou Collection des Principales Pièces de la Galerie d'Armes Anciennes de Madrid. Folio. Paris, n. d. ——— On the Use and Origin of Figure Tapestries.

Recherches sur l'Usage et l'Origine des Tapisseries à Personnages, dites Historiées, depuis l'Antiquité jusqu'au XVIe Siècle inclusivement. 8vo. ph. Paris, 1840.

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