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DRAM-DRINKING USAGES. he is dry; when he suffers from cold or from heat ; were allowed to send three families, to consist of twelve Ir is high time that a resolute stand should be made when he is either at home or abroad; whenever he is paupers, six orphans or foundlings, a married couple,

or a woman to take charge of the children. against certain injurious and irrational social customs, either elated or depressed ; when he either wants an

The whole establishment was placed under the su. which, so long as they prevail to their existing extent, appetite or has gorged himself into indigestion. All present a truly formidable obstacle to the final triumph this valetudinarian drinking cannot be too strongly perintendence of General Van-den-Bosch ; a sub-diof temperance. The following are the customs to condemned. Ardent spirit, it is true, may be used me

rector was appointed to preside over each hundred which we allude :

dicinally, but let it be recollected that in this case families; a quarter-master over twenty families; and The first custom is that which prevails in many re

“every man is not to be his own doctor ;" or else an a section-master, thoroughly and practically an agri. spectable families, of giving ardent spirits to persons apology is directly afforded for the most inveterate culturist, over twelve families. Perhaps no arrangeemployed in occasional domestic services. By this spirit-drinkers in the world, for they will very readily ment to prevent confusion and to promote industry agency, ruinous habits of intemperance have frequently declare that they never drink, except to “do them- could be better than this plan, each section being as it

were placed in a state to emulate the other. been formed in the cases of porters, charwomen, &c.; selves good!”. Away with these frivolous excuses for

Their employments were regularly subdivided; some and by the same agency, intemperate propensities al personal indulgence !-British and Foreign Tempeready contracted, have been fearfully established and rance Advocate.

were occupied in making bricks, erecting dwellings, increased.

(There are other causes for intemperance not noticed burning lime, &c.; the women in spinning and wear. The second custom is that of offering drams, or in the above. One of the most prominent of these is ing. But the chief occupation was reclaiming and producing spirituous liquors under a mistaken esti- the system of public dinners, at which drinking toasts cultivating the land; the spade and hoe have been mate of hospitality. Thus, in many circles, if a friend forms the principal business of the meeting. We con

generally used. All labour has been, and is still, per. inake his appearance, he must be dosed with ardent sider public dinners as little better than schools for formed by the piece, or quantity, not by time. A re. spirits--while he remains, he must be dosed with ar- teaching drinking; they, at any rate, sanction the gular account of all the work done is kept; and be dosed with ardent spirits. Delusive hospitalitymost likely, soon be little heard of. We are delighted the sanguine expectations of the society, nor, as a which puts an enemy down a friend's throat to steal to observe that in Edinburgh and elsewhere, heavy, commercial speculation, is it likely to succeed, yet, viate the imputation of niggardliness, endangers the comforts of various kinds, are giving way before the vided for. The labour of the working

paupers has away his brains. Delusive hospitality! which, to ob- dear, public dinners, with their bad wines, and dis- eight thousand paupers, including two thousand four destruction of ihe body and the soul.

enlightened practice of light, agreeable soirées, conThe third custom is that of rendering every im. ducted at a tenth of the expense, and without any en

paid their maintenance, and the lands are considered

worth nearly as much annual rent per acre as the ori. Ing. In what numberless instances are births, baptisms, falling off in the quality of the speeches for which all dam, the order, sobriety, and industry of Frederick's portant occurrence in social life an occasion of drink couragement to intemperance, while there seems no

ginal cost. From the statement given me at Amsterentering upon situations, liberation from apprentice- such assemblies are convoked. We are, however, not ships, the forming of partnerships, the ratification of so sanguine as to expect to see this'venerable and Oord, is remarkable ; they have places of worship and bargains, marriages, natal and matrimonial anniver- ricious usage abated to any great degree, until society schools for Lutherans, Catholics, and Jews.” saries, and even the celebration of the funeral rites of at large has undergone a change for the better-until the dead-how often are all these erents made, if not a horror and contempt of dram-drinking has been in- Luck or FATALISM.–At Tunis, by permission, we the scenes of absolute excess, at any rate the means culcated in the moral training of the young. The old visited the powder-manufactory: it so happened that of accelerating the progress and extending the influ- are pretty nearly hopeless : temperance associations it took place after our having been presented to the ence of intemperance !

must address themselves vigorously to the task of en- Bey, so that we were in uniform, and, to make the The fourth custom is that of paying wages late on forcing intant education there a glorious tield lies matter worse, cavalry uniform. On entering the maSaturday nights. Against this custom, which prevails before them.)

nufactory, we wore rather surprised at finding part of to a deplorable extent both in London and the large

the guard quietly enjoying their pipes under the archprovincial manufacturing towns, it is absolutely neces

A HOME COLONY IN HOLLAND. way, within a few yards only of many hundred-weights unanimously and incessantly protest. Not only is this The idea of planting colonies of paupers or indigent sudden gust of wind, would have sent them, us, and

of powder drying on frames. One spark, carried by a custom injurious to the comfort of the working classes, families on waste lands, and assisting them to bring the fabrique, heaven knows where. This is not all. because it is impossible that they can go into the mar

the soil into a state of productive tillage, has frequently We went through the place with our sabres on, not to ket with the same advantage, or make their purchases been started in this country, chiefly with a reference

name spurs. Some of the mules, too, working at the on the same terms as though they were to be paid at to the poor and extensive wastes in Ireland, and, we mill, were shod ; and very little attention seemed to be an early period in the course of the day, but it is the believe, it has in some places been carried into effect paid as to whether or not there were flints on the origin of much of that revolting intemperance which is visible on the morning, and in fact during the whole has been done in the way of home colonisation in Holon a limited scale. The following is a sketch of what ground. And yet, who ever heard of the explosion of

a Turkish powder-mill ? At Tunis, at least, the thing course, of Sunday. Were this custom abandoned, a

was never dreamt of as probable, or possible; and I very large proportion of the wages now squandered land, as given by Mr Macgregor in his newly published

was informed never had, in the memory of the inhaaway in the taproom or the ginshop, would be de. work, “My Note Book."

bitants, occurred. Go into an English store-room, and voted to the promotion of domestic comfort and peace.

“ Frederick's Oord, a district lying near Steenwyk, behold list shoes, &c. And yet, where has Dartford, The tifth custom is that of paying wages in public- situated on the confines of the Drenthe, Overyssel, &c. been more than once ?-Amulet, 1836. houses. This custom is tantamount to an intolerable and Friseland, was fifteen years ago chiefly a barren

AN AMERICAN ADVERTISEMENT._“ Persons intar, both on the resources and the morals of that part heath, and the origin of its cultivation and settlement of the operative community which is cursed by its may be considered as owing to circumstances which debted to the Tuscaloosa Book Store are respectfully influence. When wages are paid in a public-house, it seem to coincide by arrangement for good purposes, is no use to honey the matter; payments must be made

solicited to pay their last year's accounts forthwith. It is almost universally expected that part of those wages Some time before, General Van-den-Bosch returned should be spent, as it is called, “ for the good of the from Batavia to Holland. He had been remarkably at least once a year, or I shall run down at the beel house;" and thus the gross amount of those wages successful in the profitable cultivation of waste lands Every body says, how well that man Woodruff is is not only materially reduced, but, in countless in- in Java, merely by imitating the example of a Chinese getting on in the world ; when the fact is, I have not, stances, the reign of intemperance is established, the mandarin, who, with several emigrant countrymen, positively, spare change enough to buy myself a shirt individual character is depraved, and domestic virtue settled near the lands possessed by the general. Soon

or a pair of breeches. My wife is now actually enand happiness are destroyed. The payment of wages after bis return to Europe, he published a pamphlet gaged in turning an old pair wrong side out, and in

trying to make a new shirt out of two old ones, She late on Saturday nights, and the payment (:' wages in on the utility and practicability of establishing na. public-houses, are the means of accumulating a mass tional pauper home colonies on the waste land within

declares that in Virginia, where she was raised, they

never do such things, and that it is, moreover, a of guilt, from which the mind recoils with dismay. the kingdom. The king immediately entertained the

The sixth custom, which is confined of course ex- subject; a society was at once formed at the Hague, downright vulgar piece of business altngerber. Come, clusively to working men, is that of connecting en- with Prince Frederick as president; the members of come, pay up, pay up, friends. Keep peace in the fatranoes into particular trades or particular departments which, twenty thousand in number, immediately con

mily, and enable me to wear my clothes right side of trade, with drinking bouts. Thus there are nu- tributed 70,000 florins, about L.5850 sterling, a small

You can hardly imagine how much it will footings," fines, &c., which are almost al- sum individually, only three and a half Horins ; yet oblige, dear sirs, the public's most obedient, most ways devoted to debauchery, and to the cherishing of sufficient to purchase one thousand three hundred acres obliged, and most humble servant."—Newspaper pa

ragraph. the most ruinous habits of extravagance. This custom of tolerably good land, two thousand six hundred acres is associated with many others of a similar character, of heath district, and to pay the expense of prelimi

INGENIOUS MODE OF Tying HORSES.-The Ice "kich our operative readers will immediately rememo nary operations. The land cost 56,000 florins; 14,000 landers have a most curious custom, and a most effecber, and which we have no space at present to describe. remained. The first operations were rendering the tual one, of preventing horses from straying, which, I

T'he seventh custom is that of holding the meetings river Aa, which runs through the district, navigable believe, is entirely peculiar to this island. Two gentieof benetit societies, trade societies, literary societies, to the Zuyder Zee ; erecting fifty-two cottages for as men, for instance, are riding together without atten&c. &c. in taverns and public-houses. It is of the many families, or for six or eight individuals each ; dants; and wishing to alight for the purpose of visiting nimost importance to the temperance cause, and to and a public magazine, a spinning factory, and a some objects at a distance from the road, they tie the the general good of the whole population of the coun- school.

head of one horse to the tail of another, and the head try, that in London, and in all provincial towns, com- On the 10th of November 1818, fifty-two pauper of this to the tail of the former. In this state it is utmodious buildings or apartments should be prepared, families were sent from various communes and settled terly impossible that they can move on either backin which the members of these societies may regularly in the colony, to ivhich was given the name of Fre

wards or forwards, one pulling the one way and the hold their meetings, without being compelled to throw derick's Oord.

other the other; and therefore, if disposed to move at away, upon the spirit-cask or the ale-barrel, that which The expense of establishing, with necessary outfits, all, it will be only in a circle, and even then, there inight be infinitely more usefully einployed.

three families, or twenty-four individuals, was found must be an agreement to turn their heads the same The eighth custom is that of resorting, in alınost to amount to 5100 forins, or about L. 142 sterling. way.-Barrow's Visit to Iceland. every case of real or fancied ailment, to the spirit- Loans were then raised, each limited to this amount, bottle. How general is the practice of recommending as the expense of locating three families—these were and taking spirits when there are pains in the stomach, advanced by the government; by the king, in his lume of the werk, for which a title-page and copious indes are

The present number of the Journal completes the fourth va or pains in the head, or pains in any other part of the private capacity : by communes; and by benevolent prepared, and may be had on application to the publishers ar corporeal structure; when the individual is wet or when I societies or individuals. For each loan the contributors Tiheir agents, at the usual price of a number.




Edinburgh: Printed and Published by W. and R. CHAMBERS, 19, Waterloo Pk ce ;

and Onr and Smith, Paternoster Row, London,

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