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Or, a Paraplaruse und Version of the New Testament: with Critical Notes, and a Practical Improvement of each Section. By P. DODDRIDGE, D.D. To which is prefixed, a Life of the

Authos, by A. Kippis, D.D. Y.R.S. and S.A. New Edition, 4 vola. Svo. 81. 166. cloth. DONOVAN.-TREATISE ON CHEMISTRY.

By M. DONOVAN, M.R.I.A. Fourth Edition, 1 vol. fcp. 8vo. with Vignette Titlo, 6o. cloth. DONOVAN.-A TREATISE ON DOMESTIC ECONOMY.

By M. DONOVAN, Esq. M.R.I.A. Professor of Chemistry to the Company of Apothecaries in

Ireland. 2 vols. fcp. 8vo. with Vignette Titles, 123. cloth. DOVER.-LIFE OF FREDERICK II. KING OF PRUSSIA.

By LORD DOVER. 2d Edition, 2 vols. 8vo. with Portrait, 283. boards. DRUMMOND.-FIRST STEPS TO BOTANY,

Intended as popular Illustrations of the Science, leading to its study as a branch of general

education. By J. L. DRUMMOND, M.D. 4th Edit. 12mo. with numerous Woodcuts, 9. bds. DUNHAM.-THE HISTORY OF THE GERMANIC EMPIRE.

By Dr. DUNHAM. 3 vols. fcp. 8vo. with Vignette Titles, 188. cloth. DUNHAM.-HISTORY OF EUROPE DURING THE MIDDLE

AGES. By Dr. DUNHAM. 4 vols. fcp. 8vo. with Vignette Titles, El. 48. cloth. DUNHAM.-THE HISTORY OF SPAIN AND PORTUGAL.

By Dr, DONHAM. 5 vols. fcp. 8vo. with Vignette Titles, 81. 109. cloth. DUNHAM.-THE HISTORY OF DENMARK, SWEDEN, AN

NORWAY. By Dr. DUNHAM. 3 vols. fcp. 8vo. with Vignette Titles, 188. clotb. DUNHAM.-THE HISTORY OF POLAND.

By Dr. DUNHAM. I vol. fcp. Svo. with Vignette Title, 68. cloth. DUNHAM.-THE LIVES OF THE EARLY WRITERS OF

GREAT BRITAIN. By Dr. DUNHAM, R. Bell, Esq. &c. ; vol. fcp. 8vo. with Vignette


By Dr. DUNHAM, R. BELL, Esq. &c. 3 vols. fcp. 8vo. with Vignette Titles, 128. cloth. EGERTON.-A TREATISE ON PHOTOGRAPHY;

Containing the latest Discoveries appertaining to the Daguerreotype. Compiled from Communications by MM. Daguerre and Arago, and other Eminent Men of Science. By N. P. LEREBOURS, Optician to the Observatory, Paris, &c. Translated by J. EGERTON. Post Svo. with Plate of Apparatus, 78. 6d. cloth.

" A translation of M. Lerebours' celebrated Treatise on Photography.' This work will be peculiarly acceptable to the scientific world, containing, as it does, the latest discoveries and improvements in the art of which it treats; together with a vast variety of practical instructions, valuable hints respecting the choice of plates, apparatus, &c ;

indeed, all the details and minutiæ necessary to lead to successful results."-EXAXIBL. ELLIOTSON.-HUMAN PHYSIOLOGY:

With which is incorporated much of the elementary part of the “ Institutiones Physiologica" of J. F. Blumenbach, Professor in the University of Gottingen. By JOHN ELLIOTSON, M.D.

Cantab. F.R.S. Fifth Edition, 8vo. with numerous Woodcuts, £2. 28. cloth. ENGLISHMAN'S HEBREW AND CHALDEE CONCORDANCE

of the OLD TESTAMENT ; being an attempt at a Verbal Connection between the Original and the English Translations: with Indexes, & List of the Proper Names and their occur. rences, &c. &c. 2 vols. royal 8vo, cloth, £3. 138. 60. ; large paper, 24. 148 6d.

“ The labour bestowed upon this important work has seldom, we should suppowe, been equalled; and we have the fullest conviction, from the merely cursory examination we are able to give to such a stupendous task, that the result justifies all the labour, time, and money expended upon it. Indeed, the whole book bears the most palpable evi. dence of honest carefulness and unwearied diligence (the points of prime worth in a Concordance); and wherever we have dipped into its pages (about 1800), we have, in every case, had ou opinion of its neatness, accuracy, and

lucid order, confirmed and increased."--LITERARY GAZETTE. FAREY.-A TREATISE ON THE STEAM ENGINE,

Historical, Practical, and Descriptive. By John FAREY, Engineer. 4to. Illustrated by

numerous Woodcuts, and 25 Copper-plates. £5. 53. boards. FERGUS.- HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA,

From the Discovery of America to the Election of General Jackson to the Presidency. By the Rev. H. FERGUS. 2 vols. fcp. 8vo. with Vignette Titles, 12s. cloth.

as we are dedim he whole book concordance); and


VETERINARY RECORDS OF THE LATE JOHN FIELD. Edited by his Brother, WILLIAM FIELD, Veterinary Surgeon, London. 8vo. 86. boards.

« A collection of remarkable cases of disease in the borbe, observed by the late Mr. Field, during his extensivs practice; with a few paper on particular diseases, either read before the Veterinary Medical Society, or, seemingly, sketched with that end in view. To pass a decided judgment on the veterinary value of the volume is beyond our power; but the cases appear to be noted with great clearness in their symptoms, treatment, and post-mortem examination. We should conceive the work likely to be of considerable use to veterinary surgeons, ho, lucky people, do pot as yet appear overburdened with books on their busin.cas; and not without interest to the medical practitioner,

who would study comparative surgery, as well as comparative anatomy."-SrECTATOR. FORD.-THE NEW DEVOUT COMMUNICANT,

According to the Church of England; containing an Account of the Institution, Prayers, and Meditations, before and after the Administration, and a Companion at the Lord's Table. By the Rev. JAMES FORD, B.D. 7th Edition, 18mo. 28. 6d. bound in cloth, with gilt edges ;

fcp. 8vo. 88. 6d. bound. FORD.-A CENTURY OF CHRISTIAN PRAYERS,

On FAITH, HOPE, and CHARITY; with a Morning and Evening Devotion. By the Rev.


OF ENGLAND. With an Introductory Treatise on the Popular Progress in English History. By JOHN FORSTER, Esq. 5 vols. fcp. 8vo. witb Original Portraits of Pym, Eliot, Hampden,

Cromwell, and an Historical Scene after a Picture by Cattermole, 21. 108. cloth. The Introductory Treatise, intended as an Introductiou to the Study of the Great Civil War in

the Seventeenth Century, separately, 28. 6d. sewed. The above 5 vols. form Mr. Forster's portion of the Lives of Eminent British Statesmen, by Sir

James Mackintosh, the Right Hon. T. P. Courtenay, and John Forster, Esq. 7 vols. fcp. 8vo.

with Vignette Titles, £2. 28. cloth. FOSBROKE.-A TREATISE ON THE ARTS, MANNERS,


T. D. FOSBROKE, &c. 2 vols. fcp. 8vo. with Vignette Titles, 136. cloth. FRANKUM.-DISCOURSE ON THE ENLARGED AND

PENDULOUS ABDOMEN, showing it to be a visceral affection attended with important consequences in the Human Economy; with cursory Observations op.Diet, Exercise, and the General Management of Health: for the use of the Dyspeptic. By RICHARD FRANKUM, Esq.

The Second Edition, augmented, with a Dissertation on Gout, suggesting new physiological views

as to its Cause, Prevention, and the best Course of Treatment. Fcp. 8vo. pp. 126, 5s. cloth. GLEIG.-LIVES OF MOST EMINENT BRITISH MILITARY

COMMANDERS. By the Rev. G. R. GLEIG. 3 vols. fcp. 8vo. with Vignette Titles, 186. cloth. GLENDINNING.-PRACTICAL HINTS ON THE CULTURE

OF THE PINE APPLE. By R. GLENDINNING, Gardener to the Right Hon. Lord Rolle,

Bicton. 1200. with Plan of a Pinery, 58. cloth. GOOD.-THE BOOK OF NATURE.

A Popular Illustration of the General Laws and Phenomena of Creation. By JOHN MASON

GOOD, M.D. F.R.S., &c. Third Edition, corrected, 3 vols. fcp. 8vo. ..cloth. GRAHAM.-ENGLISH: OR, THE ART OF COMPOSITION

explained in a. Series of Instructions and Examples. By G. F. GRAHAM. Fcp. 8vo. pp. 348,


Or, Easy Exercises for Young Children. By G. F. GRAHAM. Ilustrated by Engravings-on

Wood. Fcp. 8vo. cloth, 88. GRANT (MRS. OF LAGGAN).-MEMOIR AND CORRE

SPONDENCE of the late Mrs. Grant, of Laggan, Author of " Letters from the Mountains," “Memoirs of an American Lady," &c. &c. Comprising Sketches of the Society and Literary Characters of Edinburgh for nearly the last thirty years. Edited by her Son, J. P. GRANT, Esg. 3. vals, post 8vo. with Portrait. 318. 6d. cloth.

“The three volumes consist of a brief sketch of Mrs. Grant's life (drawn up by herself to the year 1806, and contioned by her sons,) and of her letters written to various friends, between 1803, when she left Laggan for Woodend, and within a few months of her death, in 1838. The nature of this correspondence is domestic, though often interspersed with remarks on the books she was reading, or sketches of the persons she had met. There are also very many passages of a biographical character, but the great bulk of the book is private and personal-letters of compliment and condolence, the effusions of friendship or piety, accounts of her domestic affairs, or sketches of the persons, often great names in literature and life, both of London and Edinburgh, whom she had met in society, both readable and attractive."-SPECTATUR.

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From the Invasion by the Romans to the Belgian Revolution in 1830. By T. C. GRATTAN,

Esq. I vol. fcp. 8vo. with Vignette Title, 6s. cloth.

Selected from various Authors. Etched for the Use of Students. By MARIA EMMA GRAY.

Vol. I. pp. 40, with 78 plates of Figures, 128. cloth. GRAY AND MITCHELL'S ORNITHOLOGY. THE GENERA

Of BIRDS ; comprising their Generic Characters, a Notice of the Habits of each Genus, and an extensive List of Species, referred to their several Genera. By GEORGE ROBERT GRAY, Acad. Imp. Georg. Florent. Soc. Corresp. Senior Assistant of the Zoological Department, British Museum ; and Author of the “ List of the Genea of Birds,” &c. &c. Illustrated with Three Hundred and Fifty imperial quarto Plates, by David WILLIAM MITCHELL.

In course of publication, in Monthly Parts, 108. 6d. each ; each Part consisting generally of Four imperial quarto coloured Plates and Three plain, and accompanying Letterpress ; giving the Generic Characters, short Remarks on tbe Habits, and a List of Species of each Genus as complete as possible. "The uncoloured Plates contain the Characters of all the Genera of the various Sub-families, consisting of numerous details of Heads, Wings, and Feet, as the case may require, for pointing out their distinguishing Characters.

*** The work will not exceed Fifty Numbers. No. 3 will be published on the 1st of July. GREENER.-THE GUN;

Or, a Treatise on the various Descriptions of Small Fire-Arms. By W. GREENER, Inventor of

an improved method of Firing Cannoo by Percussion, &c. 8vo. with Illustrations, 158. boards. GREENER.-THE SCIENCE OF GUNNERY,

As applied to the Use and Construction of Fire Arms. By WILLIAM GREENER, Author of

“The Gun," &c. With numerous Plates, 158. cloth. GREENWOOD (COL.)-THE TREE-LIFTER:

Or, a New Method of Transplanting Trees. By Col. GEO. GREENWOOD. 8vo. with an Illus

trative Plate, 78. cloth. GUEST.-THE MABINOGION,

From the Llyfr Coch o Hergest, or Red Book of Hergest, and other ancient Welsh MSS. : with an English Translation and Notes. By Lady CHARLOTTE GUEST. Royal 8vo. Es. each.

Part 1. The Lady of the Fountain.
Part 2. Peredur Ab Evrawc; a Tale of Chivalry.
Part 3. The Arthurian Romance of Geraint, the Son of Erbin.
Part 4. The Romance of Kilhwch and Olwen.

Part 5. The Dream of Rhonabwy, and the Tale of Pwyll Prince of Dyved. “ Genuine popular legends possess a high literary value, and must always be received with interest, although they may aspire to no greater elevation than that of a mere nursery tale; and amongst the most valuable which modern research has brought to light, must be placed Lady Guest's Mabinogion.' The tales are curious additions to the stock of undoubted Celtic remains. It is interesting to trace in their supernatural machinery the close connexion which subsists between the marvels of the East and of the West; and to find not only some of the wonders, but actually some of the incidents, which amused our childhood in the Arabian Nights,' told with earnest faith and

wild poetry, by the Welsh bards of the twelfth century."-ATHEN ZUX. GWILT.-AN ENCYCLOPÆDIA OF ARCHITECTURE :

Historical, Theoretical, and Practical. By Joseph Gwilt, Esq. F.S.A. Illustrated with upwards of 1000 Engravings on Wood, from Designs by J. S. GWILT. In 1 thick vol. 8vo. containing nearly 1300 closely-printed pages, €2. 128. 6d. cloth.

« Gwilt's Encyclopaedia ranks high as a work for professional students, containing the mathematics of architecture, with copious details upon all the technicalities of the science. It is a work which no professed architect or builder


FIFTY-THREE MAPS, on Colombier Paper; with the Divisions and Boundaries carefully coloured. Constructed entirely from New Drawings, and engraved by SIDNEY HALL. New Edition. thoroughly revised and corrected; including all the Alterations rendered necessary by the recent Official Surveys, the New Roads on the Continent, and a careful Comparison with the anthenticated Discoveries published in the latest Voyages and Travels. Folded in half, Nine Guineas, half-bound in russia; full size of the Maps, Ten Pounds, half-bound in russia.

The following Maps have been re-engraved, from entirely new designs.--Ireland, South Africa, Turkey in Asia : the following have been materially improved ---Switzerland, North Italy, South Italy, Egypt, Central Germany, Southern Germany, Greece, Austria, Spain and Portugal; a new map of China, corrected from the recent government survey of the coast from Canton to Nankin (to which is appended, the Province of Canton, on an enlarged scale, in

a separate compartment), has since been added. HALSTED.-LIFE AND TIMES OF RICHARD THE THIRD.

as Duke of Gloucester and King of England: in which all the Charges against him are carefully investigated and compared with the Statements of the Cotemporary Authorities. By CAROLINE A. HALSTED, Author of “The Life of Margaret Beaufort, Mother of King Henry VII.," and “ Obligations of Literature to the Mothers of England." 3 vols. with Original Portrait and other illustrations.

(Nearly ready.


Or, How to Observe Works of Art, especially Cartoons, Pictures, and Statues. By FABIUS PICTOR. Second Edition. Fcp. 8vo. gs. boards.

« We have never met with a compendions treatise on art, and the principles which should guide taste in judging of its productions, that contained more excellent matter than this small unpretending volume. It is expressly compued for the instruction of the public, and with a view to that era in art which the decoration of the new Houses of Parliament, and the present display of the cartoons in Westminster Hall, may be expected to create. It exhibits the opinions of the best artists and critics of all ages. It is not intended to instruct the student in art, though he may profit much by its lessons, but to tell the observer how he may judge of the productions of the fine arts. It is not flattering to set out with saying that England, in the art of design, is not only immeasurably behind Italy, but falls short of what France aspires to, and Germany has accomplished; but this is qualified by the admission that England is, nevertheless, quite capable of efficient progress.

"The following rules, and those which precede them, should be well conned over before visiting exhibitions, and

afterwards stitched up with our catalogue."--TAJT'S MAGAZINE. HANSARD.-TROUT AND SALMON FISHING IN WALES.

By G. A. HANSARD. 12mo. 6s. 6d. cloth.

Being the Accout of Eighteen Months' Residence of a British Embassy to the Christian Court of Shoa. By Major WC. HARRIS, Author of “Wild Sports in Southern Africa,” &c. 20 Edition, 3 vols. with Map and Illustrations, £2. 28. cloth.

“In taking our leave of this very interesting work, we may express the hope that Major Harris will favour ne with a fourth and concluding volume an addition for which the events that intervened between the liberation of the princes and the departure of the embassy, the nature of the commercial treaty itself, and the adventures which occurred on the return, will supply ample materials. But even as it is, from the discoveries which it has imparted to us, and from the means of communicating with the interior of Africa which it discloses, it is one of the most important which have appeared in the present century, and one which promises to point the way to most extensive good, whether we refer to the advantages which may flow from that country to ourselves, or to those which we may


In all that relates to Guns and Shooting. By Lieut. Col. P. HAWKER. 8th Edition, corrected,

enlarged, and improved, with numerous explanatory Plates and Woodcuts, 8vo. 41. ls, cloth. HENSLOW.-THE PRINCIPLES OF DESCRIPTIVE AND

PHYSIOLOGICAL BOTANY. By J. S. HENSLOW, M.A. F.L.S. &c. 1 vol. fcp. 870. with

Vignette Title, and nearly 70 Woodcuts, 6s. cloth.

By Sir John HERSCHEL. New Edition. I vol. fcp. 8vo. Vignette Title, 68. cloth. HERSCHEL.-A PRELIMINARY DISCOURSE ON THE


fcp. 8vo. with vignette title, 68. cloth. HINTS ON ETIQUETTE AND THE USAGES OF SOCIETY:

With a Glance at Bad Habits. By Aywyós.“ Manners make the man.” 23d Edition,

revised (with additions) by a Lady of Rank. Fcp. 8vo. 2s. 6d. cloth, gilt edges. General Observations; Introductions-Letters of Introduction Marriage- Dinners-Smoking;

Snuff-Fashion-Dress-Music-Dancing-Conversation-Advice to Iradespeople-Visiting;

Visiting Cards Cards-Tattling-Of General Society. HOARE.-A PRACTICAL TREATISE ON THE CULTIVATION

OF THE GRAPE VINE ON OPEN WALLS. BY CLEMENT HOARE. 8d Edition, 8vo. 78. 6d. cloth. Introduction; Observations on the present Method of Cultivating Grape Vines on open Walls;

on the capability and extent of the Fruit-bearing Powers of the Vine; on Aspect; on Soil on Manure; on the Construction of Walls; on the Propagation of Vines; on the Pruning of Vines; on the Training of Vines; on the Management of a Vine during the first five years of its growth; Weekly Calendarial Register; General Autumnal Prunings; on the Winter Management of the Vine; on the Planting and Management of Vines in the public thoroughfares of towns; Descriptive Catalogue of twelve sorts of Grapes most suitably adapted for

the first five

sare on open Wescriptive Catalogonting and Manac Autumnal Prom


Of Malmesbury; now first collected by Sir WILLIAM MOLESWORTH, Bart. Vol. 10, contain. ing the Translation of Homer's Iliad and Odyssey. 108. ; to non-subscribers, 128.

Nine preceding Volumes have been published of the English and Latin Works. Vols. 8 and 9, recently published, comprise the Translation of Thucydides. HOLLAND.-PROGRESSIVE EDUCATION;

Or, Considerations on the Course of Life.. Translated from the French of Madame Necker de Saussure. By Miss HOLLAND. 3 vols. fcp. 8vo. 195. 6d. cloth.

*** The Third Volume, forming an appropriate conclusion to the first two, separately, 7s. 6d. HOLLAND.-A TREATISE ON THE MANUFACTURES IN

METAL. By J. HOLLAND, Esq. 3 vols. fcp. 8vo. Vignette Titles, and about 300 Woodcuts, 186. cloth.



By HENRY HOLLAND, M.D. F.R.S. &c. Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, Physician Extraordinary to the Queen, and Physician in Ordinary to His Royal Highness Prince Albert.

2d Edition, i'vol. 8vo. pp. 65+, 188. cloth. HOOKER.-THE BRITISH FLORA,

In Two Vols. Vol. 1; comprising Phænogamous or Flowering Plants, and the Ferns. By Sir WILLIAN JACKSON HOOKER, K.H. LL.D. F.R.A. and L.S. &c. &c &c. Fifth Edition, with Additions and Corrections ; and 173 Figures illustrative of the Umbelliferous Plants, the Composite Plants, the Grasses, and the Ferns. Svo. pp. 502, with 13 Plates, 148. plain; with

the platea coloured, 246. cloth. Vol. 3, in Two Parts, comprising the Cryptogamia and Fungi, completing the British Flora, and

forming Vol. 5, Parts 1 and 2, of Smith's English Flora, 248. boards. HOOKER.-ICONES PLANTARUM ;

Or, Figures, with brief Descriptive Characters and Remarks, of New and Rare Plants, selected from the Author's Herbarium. By Sir W. J. HOOKER, K.H. LL.D. &c. 4 vols. 8vo. with 400 Plates, 65. 128. cloth.


Containing the Mosses of Great Britain and Ireland, systematically arranged and described ; with Plates, illustrative of the character of the Genera and Species. By Sir W. J. HOOKER

and T. TAYLOR, M.D. F.L.S., &c. 2d Edition, 8vo. enlarged, 318. 6d. plain ; £3. 38. coloured. HOWITT (MARY).-. THE H- FAMILY: TRALINNAN ;

AXEL and ANNA; and other Tales. By FREDRIKA BREMER. Translated by MARY

Howitt. 2 vols. post 8vo. with Portrait of the Author, 218. boards. HOWITT (MARY).-THE NEIGHBOURS :

A Story of Every-day Life in Sweden. By FREDRIKA BREMER. Translated by MARY

Howitt. 3d Edition, revised and corrected, 2 vols. post 8vo. 188. boards. HOWITT (MARY).-THE HOME.

Or, Family Cares and Family Joys. By FREDRIKA BREMER. Translated by MARY'

Howirt. 2d Edition, revised and corrected, 2 vols. post 8vo. 2ts. boards. HOWITT (MARY).-THE PRESIDENT'S DAUGHTERS,

Including Nina. By PRED AIKA BREMER. Translated by Mary Howitt. '3 vols.

post 8vo. 318. 6d. boards. HOWITT (MARY).-A NEW SKETCH OF EVERY DAY

LIFE:-A DIARY. Together with STRIFE and PEACE. By FREDRIKA BREMER. Translated by MARY Howitt. 2 vols. post 8vo. 215.

“The success already attained by the fair translator in giving these Swedish novels an English dress has been carried out in this new work, the incidents of which are strongly marked with the characteristics of romance. There is not a little of singularity in both the dramatis personæ and train of events, in which real life in the far north is illustrated by Fredrika Bremer: but a high moral purpose is sedulously studied in all she writes. She obviously aims at enforcing the purest principles of domestic life, and her illustrations, however odd, are never inanimate or uninteresting. She is most amiable in her eccentricities, which lose nothing of their freshness and piquancy in their


BOOK, commonly called “Otto Speckter's Fable Book.” Translated by MARY HOWitt.: With French and German on corresponding pages, and illustrated with 100 Engravings on Wood by G. F. Sargent. Square 12mo. 108. 6d. boards.

Otto Speckter's illustrations are well calculated to please children: some by their truth, others by their humour. The verses, too, are in a kindly spirit some sly, some chiming in those coral-and-bells measures which ought never to be out of the ear of such as write for the very young. Mrs. Howitt bas, in naturalizing this book, done a good deed


By WILLIAM Howitt. 3d Edition, corrected and revised, medium 8vo. with Engravings o

wood, by Bewick and Williams, uniform with “Visits to Remarkable Places," 218. cloth. Life of the Aristocracy.

The Forests of England. Life of the Agricultural Population.

Habits, Amusements, and Condition of the Picturesque and Moral Features of the Country. People; in which are introduced Two New Strong Attachment of the English to Country Chapters, descriptive of the Rural Watering Life.

Places, and Education of the Rural Population. HOWITT.-GERMAN EXPERIENCES :

Addressed to the English, both Goers Abroad and Stayers at Home. By WILLIAM HOWITT. Fcp. 8vo. 75. 6d. cloth.

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