The History of British India, Том 2

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Baldwin, Cradock, and Joy, 1817 - 777 стор.

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Сторінка 311 - It was an innovation by which the whole property of the country, and along with it the administration of justice, were placed upon a new foundation...
Сторінка 238 - ... the vast fortunes acquired in the inland trade have been obtained by a scene of the most tyrannic and oppressive conduct that ever was known in any age or country.
Сторінка 237 - Upon my arrival, I am sorry to say, I found your affairs in a condition so nearly desperate as would have alarmed any set of men whose sense of honour and duty to their employers had not been estranged by the too eager pursuit of their own immediate advantages.
Сторінка 310 - to stand forth as Diwan and by the agency of the Company's servants to take upon themselves the entire care and management of the revenues."!
Сторінка 258 - Under the Sanction of a Soubah every encroachment that may be attempted by Foreign Powers can effectually be crushed without any apparent Interposition of our own Authority ; and all real Grievances complained of by them, can, through the same channel, be examined into and redressed. Be it therefore always remembered that there is a...
Сторінка 304 - That all acquisitions made under the influence of a military force, or by treaty with foreign princes, did of right belong to the state. " 2. That to appropriate acquisitions so made to the private emolument of persons intrusted with any civil or military power of the state is illegal.
Сторінка 99 - Committee of the House of Commons, appointed to inquire into the Bankrupt Laws ; and i This and the two preceding motions were lost by large majorities.
Сторінка 4 - Company has been an oligarchy, in fact. So far from meddling too much, the Court of Proprietors have not attended to the common affairs even sufficiently for the business of inspection: And the known principles of human nature abundantly secured that unfortunate result. To watch, to scrutinize, to inquire, is labour, and labour is pain. To confide, to take for granted that all is well, is easy, is exempt from labour, and, to the great mass of mankind, comparatively delightful. On all ordinary occasions,...
Сторінка 240 - To go farther, is in my opinion, a scheme so extravagantly ambitious and absurd, that no Governor and Council in their senses can ever adopt it, unless the whole system of the Company's interest be first entirely new modelled.
Сторінка 216 - Your deliberations on the inland trade have laid open to us a scene of most cruel oppression; the poor of the country, who used always to deal in salt, beetlenut, and tobacco, are now deprived of their daily bread by the trade of the Europeans.

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