Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, Том 124

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Сторінка 583 - She will probably become what we are now, the head servant in the great household of the world, the employer of all employed, because her service will be the most and ablest.
Сторінка 584 - When the greatest railroad of the world, binding together the continent and uniting the two great seas which wash our shores, was finished, I have seen our national triumph and exultation turned to bitterness and shame...
Сторінка 113 - It leaves to the other Powers the liberty of raising such questions at the Congress as they might think it fit to discuss, and reserves to itself the liberty of accepting or not accepting the discussion of these questions.
Сторінка 562 - ... on the part of your rivals to disturb your position as ruler of Cabul and re-kindle civil war ; and it will further endeavour from time to time, by such means as circumstances may require, to strengthen the Government of your Highness, to enable you to exercise with equity and with justice your rightful rule, and to transmit to your descendants all the dignities and honours of which you are the lawful possessor.
Сторінка 38 - Many waxen hands and feet. And whoso a wax hand offers, His hand is healed of its sore ; And whoso a wax foot offers, His foot it will pain him no more. To Kevlaar went many on crutches Who now on the tight-rope bound, And many play now on the fiddle Had there not one finger sound . The mother she took a wax taper, And of it a heart she makes ; " Give that to the Mother of Jesus, She will cure thee of all thy aches.
Сторінка 474 - ... itself, but that this result must not be expected too soon ; that the political and commercial advantages of establishing a second route would at any time be considerable, and might, under possible circumstances, be exceedingly great ; and that it would be worth the while of the English Government to make an effort to secure them, considering the moderate pecuniary risk which they would incur.
Сторінка 582 - While other countries have doubled, or at most trebled, their population, she has risen during one single century of freedom, in round numbers, from two millions to forty-five. As to riches, it is reasonable to establish, from the decennial stages of the progress thus far achieved, a series for the future; and, reckoning upon this basis, I suppose that the very next census, in the year 1880, will exhibit her to the world as certainly the wealthiest of all the nations.
Сторінка 586 - ... with the name of Baltimore or of Penn, to qualify the action of those overpowering forces which so determined the case. Slavery itself, strange as it now may seem, failed to impair the theory however it may have imported into the practice a hideous solecism. No hardier republicanism was generated in New England than in the Slave States of the South, which produced so many of the great statesmen of America.
Сторінка 576 - ... necessary for the careful and searching scrutiny of institutions elsewhere. I should feel, in looking at those of America, like one who attempts to scan the stars with the naked eye. My notices can only be few, faint, and superficial; they are but an introduction to what I have to say of the land of my birth.
Сторінка 577 - Davis and other leaders of the South have made an army, They are making, it appears, a navy .; and they have made what is more than either — they have made a nation. [Loud cheers.] * * * We may anticipate with certainty the success of the Southern States so far as regards their separation from the North.

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