The Novelist's Magazine, Том 15

Передня обкладинка
Harrison and Company, 1784
A collection of separately paged novels.

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Сторінка 746 - ... have so much experienced, and so much abused. I don't presume to think you should receive me. — No, indeed! — My name is — I don't know what my name is! — I never dare to wish to come into your family again ! — But your heavy curse, my papa. — Yes, I will call you papa, and help yourself as you can — for you are my own dear papa, whether you will or not — and though I am an unworthy child — yet I am your child PAPER in.
Сторінка 978 - Much more lively and affecting," says one of the principal characters, " must be the style of those who write in the height of a present distress, the mind tortured by the pangs of uncertainty, — the events then hidden in the womb of fate, — than the dry, narrative, unanimated style of a person relating difficulties and dangers surmounted, can be, — the relater perfectly at ease, and, if himself unmoved by his own story, not likely greatly to affect the reader.

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