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Temperance Sustenance Expanse Inhance. And the Plural of the Nouns, and third Person Singular of the Prefenc Tepse of the Verbs in AIGN, AIN, AN, and ANE.

ANCH, Branch Stanch Hanch Ranch' Blanch. And the Words in AUNCH and ENCH. AND. Hand Strand - Stand Band Land Sand Command Withstand A-land Understand Brand Grand Wand Coun. fermand Demand Reprimand Disband Expand Gainstand Underhand Dcodand Saraband. And the Participle of the Verbs in AIGN, AIN, AN, ANE, EAN, EIGN and EIN. «ANE. Fane Bane Wane Cane Crane Lane Mane Plane Profane. "Also the Words in AIN, and all the Termina. tions that rhyme to it.

ANG. Fang Rang Gang Twang Bang Hang. ANGE, Change Range Exchange Grange Mange Strange Arrange Interchange Eltrange, and the Words in ENGĚ.

ANK. Bank Thank Clank Frank Blank Lank Plank Rank Drank Prank Shank Dank Difrank Mountebank.

ANT. Plant Grant Ant Cant Pant Elephant Inhabitant Cormorant Allant Askant Rant "Scant Decanc Implant Ini chant Complaisane Disinchant Recant Supplant Transplant Dissonant Elegant Exorbitant Conversane Combatant Adamant Amarant Adjutant Arrogant Concomitane Covenane Dispurant Precipirant Perulant Mendicant Militant Occupant Inelegant Extravagant Pursevant Significant Exuberant Resonant Absopant Vigilant Visitant Predominant Protube rant Protestant. Also the Terminations AINT, AUNT and ENT.

AP. Cap Lap Clap Gap Pap Sap Slap Strap Snap Trap Entrap Mishap. Wrap Unwrap. And the Termination next following:

APE. Gape Ape Grape Scape Escape Rape Agape Shape Scrape. Also the Terminations EAP, EEP and EP. - APH See AFF:

ApS and-APSET Perhaps Lapfe Relapse Elapfe. Also: the Plural of the Nouns, and third Person Singular of the Present Tense of the Verbs in AP, APE, EAP and EP.

APT. Apt. Adapt Unapt And the Participle Passive of the Verbs in AP, APE, EAP and EP..

AR: Afår* 'War Far Stari Star Car Jár: Bar Unbar Mar Spar Debar Catarrh Symatr Tar Popular Calendar Circular Colendar Auricular Orbicular Particular Perpendicular Ans gular Articular Cubicular Rectangular Triangular Quadrangular Secular Regular Scimitar. Vinegar Tutelar Simifar Dilimilar Ocular Jágular Titular. And the words


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ARB. Barb Garb. To which may be shymn'd the Word's in ERB. Herb Verb. Superb.

ARCE. Faree Scarce. And the Terminations EARSE and ERSE. As also the Plural Number of the Nouns, and third Person Singular of the Present Tenfe of the Verbs in AIR, ARE, EAR, EER, EIR, ER and ERE.

ARCH. Arch Starch Parch March Countermarch. And the Words that end in EARCH.

ARD. Hard Lard Nard Fard Bard Pard Card CounterFuara Hard Yard Guard Regard Bombard Perard Placard Recard Afterward Shard Discard Difregard Interlard Hisherward Thitherward Ward' Award Reward. And the

Terminacions EARD and ERD. Alfo the Participle Pailive of the Verbs in AIR, AR, ARÉ, EAR, EIR, ER ‘and ERE.

ARE. Bare Care Fare Prepare Dare Compare Ware Soare Aware Shate Spare Hare Declare Bewäre Blare Pare Lare Mare Stare Are Unaware Glare Over-care Rare Infnare . Thre Knare Square Vare. And the Words in AIR, With all the ocher Terminations that rhyme to them.

ARE. Scarf Wharf Dwarf

ARGE. Charge Large Discharge Barge Surcharge line kerge Vacharge Overcharge. And the Termination ERGE.

ARK and ERK. Hark Remar Dark Bark Lark Park Dispark Countermark Embark Shark Spark Disembarks Reimbark Clerk.

ARL. Gnarl Marl Snas. And the Terminacions EARL, TRL and URL.

ARM. Alarm Arm Farm Charm Harm Barmt Difarm Vncharm Fore-arm Warm Swarm. Note that these cwotalt Words rhymie to some of the Words in ORM ; as, Scort Form Deforin, &c. which lee under their proper Termination.

ARN. Barn Darn Yarn Warn Forewarn. And the Word's in LARN and ERN. See likewise the Termination ORN: To fome of the Words of which Ending the two latt of this :perfedly rhyme; as Mørn Adorn, &c. ARP, Carp Harp Sharp Counterfearp Warp. ARSH. Harsh Marsh Earflar

ART. Part Start Dart Are Depart Mart Símart A part Dit part Care Hart Tart Thwart Athwart Impart Upftast Counterpart Heart

ci ARTH. See EARTH. ÄRVE. Starve Caive. And the Words in ERVE.

AS, and ASS. Has Was Alas Afs. Pass Glass Class Mass Surpafs Brass Amass Outpafs Overpafs Repafs

, Lals Morales Cuirals. And the three following Terminations,


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ASE, AISE and AZE. Chase Base Case Debale InchareAbase Phrase Paraphrase Anaze Glaze Craze Imbiaze Maze Raze Gaze Braze Graze Eraze Blaze Praise Raise Difpraise. And the Terminations ACE, EACE, EASE and EEZE ; together with the Plural Number of the Noun, and third Person Sin. gular of the Present Tense of the Verbs in AY, EA, EE, EIGH and EY.

ASH, Ah Lash Flash Garh Crash Clash Abah Thralla Gaih Dash Gnash Flash Raih Slash Math Tranh Qualit Wash. And the Terminations EASH and ESH.

ASK. Task Cask Ask Mask Bask Vomask. And the Terminations ESK and ESQUE. ASM, Chasm Spalm Enthusiasm Pleonasin.

ASP. Gasp Clafp Hasp Grasp Unclasp Warp Afp Un hafp

ASS. See AS.

AST. Fast Laft Mart Repart Blast Caft Hart Overcast Pak Walt Vall Aghalt Foreealt Outcast seonoclalt. And the Termination,

ASTE. Chafte Halte Paste Shame faca Thorow-paca Tafte Walte Distalte. And the Participle Pastive of the Verbs in ACE, EASE, AS, ASE aod ASS : together with the second Person Singudar of the Prefent Tenfes of the Verbs in AY, EIGH and EY: as Delay ft Neigh's Conrey'it, &c.

AT. Chat That Bat Flat Fat At Hat Gnar Brat Rat Mat Par Vat Plat What Squat Certificat. And the Terminations AIGHT AIT, ATE, EAT, EIGHT, EIT and ET.

ATCH. Difpatch Catch thatch Latch March Overmatch Unlatch Scrach Patch Harch Snatch Overcatch Watch And the Terminations ACH, EACH, EECH, ETCH and ITCA

ATE, AIGHT, EIGHT and EIT: Prate Rate Create Fate Hate State Debare Inoculate Sate Educate Gate Fumi. gate Late Confecrate Mate Celebrate Date Relare Gare Violate Sedate Estate Rebate Bate Communicare Graté Ma. giltrate Place Propagate Scate Slate Abate Equivocate Em tin Jere Debilitate Dedicate Eltimate Enumerare Elaborate Degenerare Delicate Deliberate Attemperate Chocolate Circulare Inftigate Capacitate Coordinace Consulate Confiderate Delegate Denominate Depopulate Derogate Deprecute Dilucidak Discriminate Celihate Candidate Cultivate Corroboraie Co-operare Contaminate Consolidate Conjugue Unfortunate Ulcerate Ultimate Suffocate Surrogare Sapplicare Terminate Tolerate Temperate Triumvirate Vindicate Viotate Subordinare Subjugate Sublimate Stipu lage Sophisticate Solidate Operate Obliterate Nominate


Necessitate Mutilate Moderate Indeterminate Incorporate Iniconsiderate Incapacitate Inanimate Imprecate Importunate Separate Mitigate Salivate Immoderate Meliorare Runagate Ruminate Meditate Imitate Reverberate Matriculate Immaculate Reprobate Marquisate Illuminate Remunerate Mari nate Illiterate Reiterate Illegitimate Regulare Hesitate Re. generate Gratulate Legitimate Germinate Generate Recriminate Invigorate Fortunate Recapitulate Facilitate Iterare Prognosticate Irritate

Expectorate Profligate Inviolate Procråltinate Inveteratę Exulcerate Prevaricare Invalidate Ex tricate Intricate Preineditate Intoxicare Expoftulate Intimidate Predominate Intimate Exonerate Exhilerare Interrogate Predestinate Intenerate Precipitate Intemperate Elaborate Potentate Instigate Excommunicate Personare Perpetrate Exafperare Innovate Penetrare Inordinate Exagitate Passionate Exaggerate Participate Palatinate Eva: Innate Sedate Elate Trapslate Congratulate

Conglutinate Confederate Confabulate Concorporate Compassionate Communicatę. Commiserate Commemorare Coatzulate De liberate Abominate Abdicare Abrogate Accelerate Accom. modate Accumulate Accurate. Adequate Advocate Adulterate Eitimate Affectionate Aggravate Agitare Alienaté Animate Annihilate Antedate Anticipate Arbitrare Arrogate' Articos late Affaffinate Aspirate Calculate Capirulate Captivätt Fraight, Eight Height Streight Weight Conceit Deceit Receit Counterfeit Self-conceit Wait Strait Baie Await Appropriate Calumniate Insinuate Excenuare Attenuate Impropriate Inebriate Perpetuate. And the Terminations AT, EAT and ET.

ing *ATH, AITH and ATHE. Path Wrath Bath. Lath Haiti Faith Saith Bathe Rathe Swarhe. And the Terminations EATH and EATHE.

AUB, Payb" bedaub. And the words in O3 and OBE.


AUCH. Dębauch. With this Word, which is the only one of this Termination our Poers make the Words ihyme That end in -ACH, ATCH and OACH!

do'91E1. AUD. Fraud Laud Applaud Defraud Bawd. Ang and two following Words in "OAD Broad Ayroad Likewife the Participle Passive of the Verbs in AW.

AVE. Have Gave Brave Pave "Stave Save Lave Grave Slave Cave Rave Crave Wave 'Isllave Ingrave Deprave Outbrave Outrave Knave Shave Wave Behave Forgáve Misbehavie Mifgave Architrave. Also the Words in EAVE, EEVE, EIVE, EYE and IEVE.


AUGH. See AFF. AUGHT. Draught. This Word being pronounc'd in two differenc Sounds. Mr. Dryden makes it rhyme sometimes to thc Words in AFT; and sometimes to thofe in OUGHT: Where see the other Words of this Termination,


AULT. Fault Vault Affault Default Revolt. And the Terminations ALT, AUGHT and OUGHT.

AUNCE. Praunce. Askaunse. And the Words in ANCE and ONCE, cogerlier with the third Person singular of the Present Tense of the Verbs, and the Plural Number of the Nouns in AWN and ON. AUNCH. Paunch Launch : And the Words in ANCH.

AUNT. Haunt Tauat Vaunt Aant Jaunt Flaunt Gauns Avaunt. And the Terminations ANT and ONT..

AUSE. Cause Pause Applause Clause Because Sauce Was And the Plural Number of the Nouns and third Perfont fingular of the Present Tense of the Verbs in AW. Also the Termination ASS.

AUST. Exhauft Holocaust. And the Terminations AST OAST and OST.


AW. Draw Saw Law Aw Maw Raw Paw Straw Claw Caw Thaw Withdraw Chaw Craw Daw Flaw Gnaw Jaw Overa w Wiredraw forefaw. And the Words in A. AWD, See AUD. AWK. See ALK. AWL and AUL. Awl Baul Brawl Crawl Sqwal Sprawl Spawł Mawl Wawl Drawl Caul Gaul Saul, and the Terminations ALI,, OL and OLE.

AWN. Brawn Dawn Drawn Pawn Lawn Fawn Prawa Yawn Sawn Undrawn Withdrawn.

AWND. Lawnd, for a Lawn, is used by Mr.Dryden, who makes it rhyme to the Words in AND.

AX, Ax Wax Tax Flax Barrel-AxRclax.To which rhyme the Plural of the Nouns and third Perfonys singular of the Prefent Tenfe of the Verlus in ACK, AKE, EAK and ECK.

AY, EIGH and EY. Day Play Lay May Pay Way Away Delay Decay Pray Display Betray Clay Gray Bay Stray Bray Fray Allay Stay Millay Array Belay Forelay Say Holyday Spray Virelay Aftray Dray Gay Hay Ray Gezy Sway Tray Splay Affray Ellay Bewray Betray Defray Disarray Pismay Forefay Gainsay Inlay Overlay Relay Repay Vol derlay Unsay Withsay Callaway Runaway Galloway Roundelay Neigh Wéigh Faveigh Sorvey Obey Prey Convey Grey They Whey Disobey Purvey. Also the Terminations A, E, EA and EE.


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