Questions and Answers on Law: Alphabetically Arranged. With References to the Most Approved Authorities, Том 8

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Cornish, Lamport & Company, 1852

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Сторінка 25 - ... for the reimbursing or repaying any money knowingly lent or advanced for such gaming or betting as aforesaid, or lent or advanced at the time and place of such play, to any person or persons so gaming or betting as aforesaid, or that shall, during such play, so play or bet, shall be utterly void, frustrate, and of none effect, to all intents and purposes whatsoever...
Сторінка 134 - ... of the seas, men-of-war, fires, enemies, pirates, rovers, thieves, jettisons, letters of mart and countermart, reprisals, takings at sea, arrests, restraints, and detainments of all kings, princes, or people, of what nation, condition or quality soever, barratry of the Master and Mariners, and all other perils, losses, and misfortunes, that have or shall come to the hurt, detriment or damage of the said goods and merchandise, or any part thereof.
Сторінка 256 - The true test of the interest of a witness is that he will either gain or lose by the direct legal operation and effect of the judgment, or, that the record will be legal evidence for or against him in some other action. It must be a present, certain and vested interest and not an interest uncertain, remote or contingent.
Сторінка 117 - The charge must contain such a description of the crime, that the defendant may know what crime it is which he is called upon to answer ; that the jury may appear to be warranted in their conclusion of ' guilty' or ' not
Сторінка 179 - I think, that, by submitting to the demand, he that pays the money gives it to the person to whom he pays it, and makes it his, and closes the transaction between them.
Сторінка 197 - that the bare affirmation that it was a bezoar stone, without warranting it to be so, is no cause of action...
Сторінка 165 - ... in its support. As little doubt is there, that the holder of any negotiable paper, before it is due, is not bound to prove that he is a bona fide holder for a valuable consideration, without notice ; for the law will presume that, in the absence of all rebutting proofs, and therefore it is incumbent...
Сторінка 57 - Cur. adv. vult. Lord DENMAN CJ now delivered the judgment of the Court. The Court...
Сторінка 141 - ... defendant was convicted, as by the record and proceedings thereof, remaining in the said court of our said lord the king...
Сторінка 113 - KING'S BENCH. 1818. 2 BARNEWALL AND AIDERSON 205. The defendants were found guilty upon an indictment which charged that they unlawfully did conspire and combine together, by divers false pretences and subtle means and devices, to obtain and acquire to themselves, of and from PD and GD, divers large sums of money of the respective moneys of the said PD and GD, and to cheat and defraud them respectively thereof, to the great damage, &c.

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