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Introductory Greeting.

WELCOME “METHODIST MESSENGER"! I Young persons, I know, like to receive like your name and appearance. To whom messages, and they shall not be forgotten. are you sent ? and what are your messages ? As I shall bring instruction for ChurchIf you are a true Methodist, your mission, I members, as well as for those who shall teach know, will be to all who need visitation, and others, I shall be the bearer of Pastoral your errand will be that of benevolence and Counsels from ministers, and not forgetting the truth.

need of the present times—promptings to I am, what I profess to be, a genuine Protestant Duties. Christian Poets will be Methodist; and, therefore, without bigotry : likely to engage my services; but I promise “the friend of all and the enemy of none.' that if, in any instances, their effusions be My mission, you rightly judge, is to all; not unscriptural in sentiment, unpoetical in conso much to make Methodists as, by the ception, or mere doggerel in versification, I blessing of God, to make Christians; not so shall refuse to be a Messenger for them. As much to promote the interests of any one my visits will be monthly, I intend to keep a denomination as to win souls for Christ; and Monthly Record of events relating to the to lead those who love Him to love Him Church in the world, so that its progress may more perfectly.

be known and registered. With regard to my messages, I hope to Thanks, kind reader, for the welcome you come laden with them every month. They have given me. Be assured my only object will be miscellaneous, but none of them will is to promote your highest welfare. Other be trifling, and all of them will be important. messengers are abroad, working incalculable Longer than telegrams are, generally, they injury to mankind.

Some of them are emwill furnish explanations and reasons for ployed by Mammon, and others by Belial; what is made known beyond what are re- some are on the exciting errands of sporting ceived by electric wires ; and yet they will be and gaming; and by encouraging betting so brief that the busiest in this busy age may amongst young and old, accomplish the ruin of read them and profit by them. They will thousands. Others pander to licentiousness; be expressed in a free, outspoken style, and and others, by dwelling constantly and apoloyet without vulgarity or coarseness. You getically on the career of criminals, surround may expect from me, from time to time, with fatal fascination a life of crime. The messages relating to the attainment of Experi

messengers of error, too, are destructively mental and Practical Godliness; to the holiest busy; and in the interests of infidelity on the examples set forth in Christian Biography ; one hand, and of superstition on the other, and to the Scriptural necessity and design are compassing sea and land to make proseof Church Agencies. In connection with the lytes. To help, by the Divine blessing, to latter, I shall have something to say on the counteract these numerous and powerful «luties and services of Class-Leaders, Local agencies of evil, and to lead forth old and Preachers, School Teachers, Mothers' Meetings, young in the way of truth and goodness, and on all kinds of Mission-work, Home and The Methodist Messenger" has appeared. Foreign. My communications will also take When you have read my several messages, the form of Family Readings, so that each please pass me or to your neighbour's house, member of the household may have his or that I may communicate instruction to as her portion, including servants and children.

many as possible. VOL. I. JANUARY, 1871.

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