The History of British India, Том 6

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Baldwin, Cradock, and Joy, 1820

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Сторінка 93 - Mauritius, from whence forty persons, French, and of a dark colour, of whom ten or twelve were artificers, and the rest servants, paying the hire of the ship, came here in search of employment. Such as chose to take service were entertained, and the remainder departed beyond the confines of this...
Сторінка 119 - Moiz-ad-Dien, whom on a former occasion I had seen delivered up, with his brother, hostages to Marquis Cornwallis, — the sad reverse of their fortunes, — their fear, which, notwithstanding their struggles to conceal, was but too evident, — excited the strongest emotions of compassion in my mind. I took Moiz-ad-Dien by the hand, and endeavoured by every mode in my power to remove his fears.
Сторінка 47 - It is an intricate question of law and of policy, and the limits of this article preclude us from entering into it. But even Mr. Mill* acknowledges that it is impossible to read the Governor-general's minute, recording the transaction, and not to be impressed with a conviction of his sincerity. And the Court of Directors, in their letter of the 5th of May 1799, after a long commentary...
Сторінка 418 - At length the ••Commander-inchief was ushered into the royal presence and found the unfortunate and venerable . emperor — oppressed by the accumulated calamities of old age, degraded authority, extreme poverty and loss of sight — seated under a small tattered canopy, the remnant of his royal state, with every external appearance of the misery of his condition.
Сторінка 199 - I am satisfied that no effectual security can be provided against the ruin of the province of Oude, until the exclusive management of the civil and military government of that country shall be transferred to the Company, under suitable provisions for the maintenance of his Excellency and of his family. No other remedy can effect any considerable improvement in the resources of the state, or can ultimately secure its external safety and internal peace.
Сторінка 153 - I do not believe that any such description of men exist at Lucknow). In the place of the armed rabble which now alarms the Vizier and invites his enemies, I propose to substitute an increased number of the Company's regiments of infantry and cavalry, to be relieved from time to time, and to be paid by his excellency...
Сторінка 93 - In this Sircar (the Gift of God), there is a mercantile tribe, who employ themselves in trading by sea and land. Their agents purchased a two-masted vessel, and having loaded her with rice, departed with a view to traffic. It happened that she went to...
Сторінка 190 - If, in formally answering His Lordship's letter, His Excellency should think proper to impeach the honour and justice of the British Government, in similar terms to those employed in the paper delivered to you on the llth inst., the Governor-General will then consider how such unfounded calumnies and gross misrepresentations, both of facts and arguments, deserve to be noticed.
Сторінка 120 - I would return and remain with them until General Baird arrived, I convinced them of the necessity of compliance, and I was happy to observe that the princes, as well as their attendants, appeared to rely with confidence on the assurances I had given them. " On opening the gate, I found General Baird and several officers, with a large body of troops assembled.
Сторінка 130 - Of his cruelty we have heard the more, because our own countrymen were among the victims of it. But it is to be observed, that, unless in certain instances, the proof of which cannot be regarded as better than doubtful, their sufferings, however intense, were only the sufferings of a very rigorous imprisonment...

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