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Сторінка 55 - Itinerarium Curiosum, or an Account of the Antiquities and Remarkable Curiosities in Nature or Art observed in Travels through Great Britain ;' illustrated with copper-plates, fol., 1724. A second volume, or
Сторінка 28 - Fasti Romani. The Civil and Literary Chronology of Rome and Constantinople, from the Death of Augustus to the Death of Heraclius.
Сторінка 67 - ENGEL'S (CARL) Music of the Most Ancient Nations ; particularly of the Assyrians, Egyptians, And Hebrews ; with Special Reference to the Discoveries in Western Asia and in Egypt. With 100 Illustrations. Svo. 16».
Сторінка 19 - DIRECTORIUM ANGLICANUM ; being a Manual of Directions for the right Celebration of the Holy Communion, for the saying of Matins and Evensong, and for the Performance of other Rites and Ceremonies of the Church, according to the Ancient Use of the Church of England.
Сторінка 9 - ARMOURY OF ENGLAND, SCOTLAND, AND IRELAND. Comprising a Registry of all Armorial Bearings, Crests, and Mottoes, from the Earliest Period to the Present Time, including the late Grants by the College of Arms.
Сторінка 37 - A system of heraldry, speculative and practical, with the true art of blazon...
Сторінка 78 - The Civil and Literary Chronology of Greece, from the earliest Accounts to the death of Augustus.
Сторінка 36 - Plates, splendidly illuminated, mostly in gold and silver, exhibiting some of the finest Specimens existing in England ; also a new Plate of the Tournament of Locks and Keys, (pub. at 21i.), half-bound morocco, gilt edges, 101. 10«.
Сторінка 36 - MEYRICK'S PAINTED ILLUSTRATIONS OF ANCIENT ARMS AND ARMOUR, a Critical Inquiry into Ancient Armour as it existed in Europe, but particularly in England, from the Norman Conquest to the Reign of Charles II., with a Glossary.&c.

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