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Be this Love's eloquent token, Friendship's gift,
And let it speak to thee of hearts that cling
Closer, as parting time is on the wing.


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LADY, thy life hath sped within the rounds
Of home's pure joys, and such a home as bounds
Within its ample love, a wealth of joy,
And kindliness, and hope without alloy,
And all the heart's own charities of love;
The worth of Love and Friendship thou canst

prove, For thou hast known them, welling from the

fount Whence they are purest; yet if thou should'st

countAs well I ween thou yet shalt do—the worth Of other's vows, and, for their sake, go forth From thy now happy home, and for its dearth Atoning by another cheerful hearth Thou then shalt gladden; cherish still old ties, Nor, for another's, that pure flame despise, Of Love and Friendship in a brother's eyes.

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