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Сторінка 3 - I mean the due regulation and domestic order of the kingdom, whereby the individuals of the state, like members of a well-governed family, are bound to conform their general behavior to the rules of propriety, good neighborhood and good manners, and to be decent, industrious and inoffensive in their respective stations.
Сторінка 88 - Portfolio shall be appointed by the President of the Republic upon the recommendation of the President of the Executive Yuan.
Сторінка 235 - Every member of the Force must remember that his duty is to protect and help members of the public, no less than to apprehend guilty persons. Consequently, while prompt to prevent crime and to arrest criminals, he must look on himself as a servant and guardian of the general public and treat all law-abiding citizens, irrespective of their social position, with unfailing patience and courtesy.
Сторінка 169 - The police in short, are not the representatives of an arbitrary and despotic power, directed against the rights or obtrusively interfering with the pleasures of law-abiding citizens : they are simply a disciplined body of men, specially engaged in protecting ' masses ' as well as ' classes,' from any infringement of their rights on the part of those who are not law-abiding.
Сторінка 16 - In sharp contrast is the Continental theory, which, evolved from the necessities of autocratic government, makes of the police force the strong arm of the ruling classes. The Continental policeman is the servant of the Crown or the higher authorities; the people have no share in his duties, nor, indeed, any connection with them. He possesses powers greatly exceeding those of the citizen. Under ordinary circumstances he cannot be prosecuted for illegal action unless permission is obtained from the...
Сторінка 161 - In this respect, therefore, English and Continental practice differ widely. In Germany, Austria, France, and Italy, it would be impossible for a man who has served as a patrolman ever to become the chief of his force in his own or in any other city. The prevailing class distinctions and social lines forbid. Indeed, the idea appears never to have been considered on the Continent, and questions on this score elicit stares of amazement. It is only in democratic England that such a practice could prevail....
Сторінка 36 - Police judgments are showering over us like hail-stones," says Weidlich, himself a loyal subject of the Empire. " A German citizen who has not had at least one such punishment must be looked for with a lantern ! " 1 The combination of legislative and judicial with administrative functions produces an unwieldy and uncontrollable machine. From an English standpoint — indeed, from the standpoint of any democratic government or any liberal political creed — the practice is greatly to be deprecated....
Сторінка 340 - The omnibus thief remains the omnibus thief ; and the stealer of milk-cans steals milk-cans and nothing else. The stealer of dogs might surely diversify his program by occasionally stealing a cat; but no, the feline race concerns him not. With strange stupidity they frequent the same line of omnibuses, return to the same streets, and, till Nemesis overtakes them, steal the same articles. In the higher walks of the profession these peculiarities are still more striking. The bank robber and the forger...
Сторінка 322 - Bertillon in 1883, is based on the fact that the dimensions of certain bony portions of the human frame do not vary during the period between adolescence and extreme old age.
Сторінка 384 - Austria are given wide discretion in the matter of licenses. of this kind. The distinction between what is criminal and what is merely vicious is on the whole clearly drawn, and the penal laws are not encumbered with provisions the only purpose of which is to enforce by threat a given standard of morality. The functions of the police are not confused with those of the church, the school and other organizations and influences by which civilization is advanced.

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