Зображення сторінки


meeting-house, stating overt acts, 32

conspiracy to cause riot with overt acts, 32

purposes, 69

fourth-conspiring to collect information as to dispositions of

subjects to assist invasion, with intent to cominunicate

same to enemy, 69

fifth-collecting information as to disaffected persons, in or.

der to send information to enemy, 70

sixth-obtaining and keeping like information with like in-

tent, 70

seventh-sending information to enemy how British subjects

were affected towards king, 71

eighth-conspiring to raise rebellion and war in Ireland, 71

ninth-conspiring that W. J. should go to Ireland to raise re-

bellion and war there, 71

tenth-corresponding with W. J. in Ireland for same traito-

rous purposes, 72

eleventh-supplying W. J. with money for same traitorous

purposes, 72

for traitorously adhering to king's enemies, 73

for treason compassing death of king and to depose him, 73

first overt act, writing letters apprising enemy of state of

forces, &c. 74

second-giving notice to enemy of forces being about to sail

to West-Indies, 75

third—writing another letter, 75

fourth-writing letters to French subjects about the state of

our forces, 75

eleventh-sending accounts to France, 76

twelfth-retaining one S. R. to carry information to French, 76

thirteenth-obtaining account of naval forces, with intent to

send them to France, 77

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sisting invasion, 91

for seditious words of king and royalists, 94

for seditious words of king and his guards, 94

against dissenting preacher for a seditious sermon, 95

for seditious words of king and constitution, 96

for seditious words against king and government, 97


for assaulting privy counsellor in execution of his office, 99

for libel in verse, of chancellor of exchequer, and of peers,

bishops, and commons, 99

for hiring and retaining a person to serve French king as

soldier, 100

for persuading soldier to mutiny, 102

for administering oath to persons not to give evidence, &c.

against illegal society, 102

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