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Author of the Spiritual Exposition of the Bible, 8c. &c.

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Starch the Scriptures-they are they which testify of me. John v. 39.





HAVING enjoyed the pleasure of perusing this Magazine in Manuscript, I beg leave to give it a brief Recommendation.

1. TO those Parents who are so anxious to amass together a Treasure of Shadows for their Children, and leave them so poor for Death and Eternity, that they are ready to say at a dying Hour, “What “ * shall I give in exchange for my Soul?” therefore as you love your Children, and regard the tenderest Parts of yourselves, put into their Hands this Christian's Grand Treasure, that they may be, through a Divine Blessing, rich towards God.

9. THOSE Masters who have the Command of Servants, whose Labours increase their Wealth and Opulency in Life, I invite them to pay a tender Regard to their Servants' eternal Welfare, by encouraging them to leave in their Hands (*) one Penny a Week to buy a Spiritual Treasure for their immortal Souls, that they who are poor in this World may be rich in Faith, and Heirs of the Kingdom.

3. TO such that are too wise for Heaven and Happiness, and despise all Joys of a Heavenly Nature, Wisdom once more invites you, with all

(*) This Magazine was originally publist.ed once in six Weeks, at Sise penice a Number.

the Secrets of Divine Love, with all the Pleasing hopes of Heaven, with all the Joys of Glory, to seek the Lord while he may be found. In this Spiritual Magazine you will find the Treasures of Life, Joy and Peace, divinely opened, to make you wise unto Salvation by Faith in Jesus Christ.

4. TO the Christian that longs to grow in Grace, and breathes after an increase in spiritual Knowledge, this Magazine is intended through the Blessing of Heaven, as a Dirine Treasure for your spiritual Mind, as there is therein contained such an Harmony of Divine Truths, that will prove a constant Feast for your spiritual Appetite, Rays of Knowledge for your Understanding, Springs of Life and Love for your Refreshment, Rivers of Joy for your Delight, and an Ocean of Happiness for

your Portion.




Dear Reader, AS permanent and lasting happiness is the only enjoyment that is adequate to the desires of an immortal soul, it consequently follows, that the knowledge of what it consisteth in, and where to be enjoyed, ought to be most desirable; therefore this SPIRITUAL MAGAZINE is intended as a compendious treasure of the most interesting knowledge to mankind.

We shall endeavour to open those everlasting springs of life, love, and peuce, contained in the word of God; which is the rule of our conversation while we live, and the hope of our glorification when we come to die; therefore we may say of the scripture with Tertullian, Who can know them, and not love them? Who can love them, and not delight to meditate therein day and night, and love to understand " them?For the sacred scripture is the book of life, whose original is eternalwhose knowledge is lifewhose ways are desirable--whose doctrines are easy-whose depths are unsearchable-whose precepts are inviting---whose paths are eligible, and whose glory is eternal.

As all rivers and streams flow from a springhead, or fountain, so all streams of grace and glory, of life and happiness, flow from the springhead of everlasting love, Rev. xxii. 1. And he shewed me a pure river of water of life, clear as chrystal, proceeding from the throne of God and the Lamb. We, therefore, begin at the fountain-head, viz. at the love of God, as it is a perfection of his nature, an immanent act in his eternal mind, God is love. Then with the fixation of his love upon the objects of his delight, together with the beauty, glory, and wisdom of God displayed in the creation. Then the substance aud marrow of the types and adumbrations under the Mosaic dipensation; the full accomplishment of the prophecies in the Lord Jesus Christ, with the seasonableness, sweetness, and preciousness of the promises; the covenant of grace, with all its extensive blessings ;-the glories of Christ as Jehovah by nature,--and his mediatoriat glories as Prophet, Priest, and King :-Head and Husband of his Church ;-the operations of the HOLT

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