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Gov. I can hold no longer. 'Sdeath, sir; who is it you dare treat in this manner?

Cad. Hey! zounds, Mr. Sprightly, lay hold of him.

Spri. Calm your choler. Indeed, Mr. Cadwallader, nothing cou'd excuse your behaviour to this gentleman, but your mistaking his person.

Cad. Hold, hold. Is not he interpreter to -
Spri. No.
Cad. Why did not you tell

Spri. That was a mistake. This gentleman is the prince's friend; and, by a long residence in the monarch's country, is perfect master of the language.

Cad. But who the devil is he then?

Spri. He is Mr. Cape, sir ; a man of unblemish'd honour, capital fortune, and late governor of one of our most considerable settlements. Cad. Governor! Hold, hold, and how came

Gov. By marrying his mother. Cape. But how am I to regard this?

Gov. As a solemn truth; that foreign friend, to whom you owe your education, was no other than myself; I had my reasons, perhaps capricious ones, for concealing this, but now they cease, and I am proud to own my son.

Cape. Sir; it is not for me (kneeling) but if gratitude, duty filial

Gov. Rise, my boy; I have ventured far to fix thy fortune, George ; but to find thee worthy of it, more than o'erpays my toil; the rest of my story

shall be reserved till we are alone.

Cud. Hey! Hold, hold, hold ; ecod, a good sensible old fellow this; but, hark'e, Sprightly, I have made a damn'd blunder here: Hold, hold, Mr. Governor, I ask ten thousand pardons; but who the devil cou'd have thought that the interpreter to prince Potowowsky

you father to


Gov. Oh, sir, you have in your power sufficient means to atone for the injuries done us both.

Cad. Hold, how ?

Gov. By bestowing your sister, with, I flatter myself, no great violence to her inclinations, here.

Cad. What, marry Bell? Hey! Hold, hold; zounds, Bell, take him, do ; ecod, he is a good likely- hey! Will you?

Arab. I shan't disobey you, sir.

Cad. Shan't you? That's right. Who the devil knows but he may come to be a governor himself; hey! Hold, hold; come here then, give me your hands both ; ( Joins their hands.) There, there, the business is done: And now brother governor

Gov. And now, brother Cadwallader.

Cad. Hey, Beck! here's something new for my pedigree ; we'll pop in the governor to-morrow.

Mrs. Cad. Hark'e, Mr. Governor, can you give me a black boy and a monkey?

Cad. Hey! Ay, ay, you shall have a black boy, and a monkey, and a parrot too, Beck.

Spri. Dear George, I am a little late in my congratulations ; but --

Gov. Which if he is in acknowledging your disinterested friendship, I shall be sorry I ever own'd him. Now, Robin, my cares are over, and my wishes full; and if George remains as untainted by aMuence, as he has been untempted by distress, I have given the poor a protector, his country an advocate, and the world a friend.

(Exeunt Omnes.


T.C. Hansard, printer, 2

Fleet Street

Printed for W. LOW NDES,

ABELARD & ELOISA, with seven Poems
Antigallican, or Harry Cobham
Auction, 2 vols
Beaufort, History of Sir Charles, 2 vols
Birmingham Counterfeit, 2 vols
Boyle's Voyages and Adventures Brother, 2 vols
Casket, or Double Discovery, 2 vols
Clive, Adventures of Francis, 2 vols
Country Seat, or Evening's Amusement, 2 vols
Delia Stanhope, 2 vols
Evelina, by Miss Burney, 2 vols
Fair Philosopher, 2 vols
Fanny Seymour, by Mr. Shields
Fatal Friendship, 2 vols | Fine Lady, 2 vols
Fortunate Country Maid, 3 vols | French Lady, 2 vols
Henrietta, by Mrs. Lennox, 2 vols
High Life, or Miss Frankland, 2 yols
Indiana Danby, 4 vols
Jack Connor, 2 vols
Joseph Andrews, by Fielding, 2 vols
Ladies Miscellany, 2 vols
Lady Manchester, or Husband's Resentment, 2 vols
Lucilla, or Progress of Virtue
Major Bromley, and Miss Cliffin, 2 vols
Margaretta, by Miss Minifie, 2 vols
Miss Melmoth, or New Clarissa, 3 vols
Modern Fine Gentleman, 2 vols Modern Wife, 2 vols
Mount Henneth, by Mr. Bage, 2 vols
Novelist, or Tea-Table Miscellany, 2 vols
Pamela Howard, 2 vols
Relapse, 2 vols
Sentimental Spy, 2 vols
Singleton's Voyages and Adventures
Surprises of Love, by Cleland
Telemachus, by Fenelon | Tom Jones, by Fielding, 4 vols
Thoughtless Ward Trinket
Unfashionable Wife, 2 vols
Vaughan's Voyages and Adventures, 2 vols
Wilhelmina, by Jünger, 2 vols
Woman of Fashion, 2 vols
Woman of Honor, by Cleland, 3 yols
Younger Sister, 2 vols

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Printed by T. C. Aansard, Peterborough-Court,

icet Street

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