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Hobbart-Allfree, Transmission bar failure, what to do, 219

With crosshead link broken, how to proceed, 220
"Hooking-up," meaning of, 160
How to get along with broken valve stem, 179, 180
How to proceed with Walschaert eccentric rod broken, 179
How Walschaert eccentric rod can be changed in length, 167, 168


IF lead is not desired could the combination lever be dispensed

with? Confusion in the meaning of lead, 158
Indirect valve motion, 26
Inside vs. outside admission valve, 16
Inspection of the erected gear, 101
Instructions for using cardboard valve models on the folder

diagrams, 119 to 121 inclusive
Introducing cut-off, 33
Invention of Walschaert valve gear, 12
Is increase of lead desired? Does the established amount of lead

vary in the Walschaert gear? Advance of the valve for other
purposes besides securing lead. Is lead necessary? 156


KIND of eccentric used with Walschaert and Stephenson valve

gears. How the Walschaert motion is reversed, 152


LAP and lead, changing the, 194
Lap and lead; cut-off, 17, 18
Lap and lead with Walschaert gear, 30 to 32 inclusive
Location of suspension of the Walschaert link, and carriage of the

valve-stem slide, 169, 170
Location of suspension of Walschaert link, 76 to 80 inclusive
Location of Walschaert eccentric in relation to crank-pin. Is

the Walschaert gear of direct or indirect motion? Changed to

either by the shifting of the reverse lever, 159
Long's diagram of valve events, 109 to 111 inclusive

L. S. & M. S. Ry. engine with Walschaert gear-heaviest pas-

senger engine, 73, 74


Mallet articulated compound engine, 62 to 64 inclusive
Mason's early design of Walschaert gear, 53 to 57 inclusive
Meaning of “cut-off” and “hooking-up,” 160
Meaning of the term, “valve motion." From where the valve

gear receives its initial motion. Kind, or style of valve used
with Walschaert gear.

Difference between Walschaert and
Stephenson motions, 151, 152
Meaning of “working quarter” of the crank-pin, 165, 166
Medal awarded Walschaert, 14
Method of disconnection, etc., with a broken main rod, 181, 182
Method of disconnection of radius rod, 176, 177
Motor car with Walschaert valve gear, 67


NATIVITY of Egide Walschaerts, the inventor, 13

OPPORTUNITY for rigid frame bracing in the use of Walschaert

gear, 140
Outside vs. inside admission valves in connection with Walschaert

gear, 57 to 60 inclusive


PERMANENCE of adjustment of the Walschaert gear, 139, 140
Permanency of adjustment of Walschaert eccentric. When

necessary to correct its length, 168
Permanency of the Walschaert gear, 52
Piston and D-slide valves, 17
Piston, broken, or detached, 182
Position of valve in relation to piston. What is meant by “lead,"

Preliminary suggestions, 95 to 98 inclusive

QUESTIONS and answers on Walschaert valve gear, 151-185


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RADIAL valve gears other than the Walschaert, 198 to 236 in-

Radius rod, 35, 36
Radius rod suspension, 65
Radius rod, testing for length of, 191
Reauleaux and Zeuner diagrams, 114-119
Reasons for Walschaert link curving in opposite direction to the

curve of the Stephenson link. Impossibility of changing the

adjustment, or experimenting, with the Walschaert gear, 162
Relation of eccentrics to crank-pin, 21 to 25 inclusive
Relative positions of reverse lever and radius rod, 161
Reversing gear, 37–39

SECURING lead, 27
Securing lead with Stephenson eccentrics. Securing lead with

Walschaert motion. Does the amount of lead remain constant

in the Stephenson motion? 155
Setting valves with Walschaert gear, 189 to 197 inclusive
Set-up of the gear-different styles, 19
Simple comparative test of Walschaert and Stephenson valve

gears, 148
Squaring the valve: by shortening or lengthening the valve stem,

Suggestions as to certain dimensions and proportions of the Wal-

schaert gear, 103


Test of Walschaert and Stephenson valve gears, 148
The Allan valve gear, and the Allen valve, 102
The built-up Walschaert gear complete, 42
The combination lever, 29
The dead center, to locate crankpin on, 192, 193

The general effects of lead, 143 to 148 inclusive
The radius rod, 35, 36
The Reauleaux and Zeuner diagrams, 114 to 119 inclusive
The reversing gear, 37 to 39 inclusive
The several effects from lead. Use of a compression instead of

lead, 154
The valve, 15
The Walschaert link, 34
Theory of the combination lever, 96, 97


Use of Walschaert gear indicated on engines with crank-axles,

141, 142


VALVE gears of De Glehn compound, 69 to 73 inclusive
Valve gears, the three general types of, 198
Valve models, instruction for using, 119-121
Valve motion, indirect, 26
Valve, the, 15
Variations in the angle between eccentric and crank-pin, 121

to 126 inclusive


WALSCHAERT eccentric rod changed in length, 167, 168
Walschaert eccentric rod may be changed in length. Other parts
of the gear.

Does any particular part of the Walschaert gear
have a tendency toward heating? 163
Walschaert gear adjustment, 102
Walschaert gear,

Helmholtz modification of, 113, 114
Walschaert gear, Mason's early design, 53-57
Walschaert gear unaffected by side-rod breakage, 84
Walschaert gear with piston valves, 60 to 62 inclusive
Walschaert link, 34
Walschaert link, details of, 44-49
Walschaert link, details of link, Frontispiece
Walschaert locomotive valve gear, names of parts, Frontispiece

Walschaert motion, reve

versed, 152
Walschaert valve gear, model of, 199
Walschaert's original design of valve gear, 87 to 92 inclusive
Walschaert's patent, 14
What is meant by “lead," 153
What parts of the Walschaert gear should be kept especially free

from lost motion? 163, 164
What to do in case of blown-out front cylinder head, 183, 184
What to do in the case of broken radius rod, 178
Where links between crosshead and combination lever are broken

and lost from both sides of engine, how to determine the correct

length for new ones, 184
Working quarter” of the crank-pin, meaning of, 165, 166


ZEUNER and Reauleaux diagrams, 114-119

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