Зображення сторінки
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1. monument ab fritminster the page.
2 they doorway
3 Herminster dwów clouter

It. Cloister
5 St. Mary's W door
6 Ballibe quad doorway
7 ch. Ch. doorway from halk a

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12 St Peters Eash the porch 13 All Souls gable of Chapel It Wadham Entend q chapel is Magdalen windows on closer 16 New college side window 17 Merton a { window and chapel is St Peter'in East Window 19 trirnihachool 20 If Mary the front a 21 Snerton Window Chapel tower 22 - E. Window' Chapel 23 Magdalen Window of sich in Chapel 24 Ch.ch. Window & landing of hall 25 a Window in corded 26 Werkninsker Nivide chapel op te los

& side poési abruer La Cambridge Window ank chapel King's collo

a and hall

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30 St Albanss window & chimneys
31 Merton Dormer window

32 Bellid Orrel windon
33 Stohns Oriel in garden front

e Lincoln Crelo
35 Ch. Ch. estage cathedral arch weapitalo W. Transept
36a Efper window r. Transept
37 Merlon Archway entrance

- principal entrance 39 Au Souls nich over entrance

Magdalen nich over old gateway
40 h. the statue of Wolsey .

Merton statue & nich Nside chapel
41 Srivrnily school mattressed

New College Punacle ank chapel
All Anis Turret at chapel

a Pinnacle and Intlement
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Murtata chapel tower
47 Magdalen side of lower
Her Chinese forward

Frame nothing to me that was there coll. chapel
57 Winky rekord Pendant

Chich? spandrel wer arched entrance gt. Staircase
52 a pendant schon 1
53 a racket & pendant in hall
57 Magdalen & St John's grotesque ornament

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Court battlement over Wintrance stone pulpit in entrance entrance.

a 58 Magdalen college


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