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An extenfirip: Parietai. of Cheap Histories, and other small Books, for sale.by. JOHNBARCACK, near the Bridge, Hartford. They are offered as low, by the quantity, As at any store in America.

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HAT wanteit thou? O my soul! with what imaginable excellency wouldit thou cloche thgfelf? What desirable object wouldit thou pitch upon? Is it beauty? The righteous thail Thine forth as the fun in the kingdome of heav, en, and the wife as the brightneis of the tool ament for ever and ever, Is it riches? Wealth: and riches are in the house of God; ercry one in his family fhall have a rich, a glorious, an. iricorruptible and eternal inheritance omers the faintz. What is it then? Is it honor: Viet honor like to this, to be a fundada 01 God, and a spoole of Cus? Tore's CTO of righteoulnes, of win, and of glory: Yet more, a far more srceeding and eterical weight of gloryfet upon thy head. Yet again, is it pleasure?' The just fall enter in to their inaster's joy, and there are rivers of pleasure at.

his right hand forevermore. In a word, what
wouidit thou have? O nyflesh, a confluence
of all the glorious things both in heaven and
in earth! Why, godliness hath the promise of
this life, and of that which is to come; If
heaven and the righteousness thereof, be the
thing thou det leek ; both hcaven and earth,
with the excellencies, thereofx: is that which
thor faltar
NOTHING' in this world I want,

No treasure cje beneath ;
Only for Thice Torillpani,

For The de Toreitba: Wipe away my nature's sin,

Tay image to my breast reitore;
Thou alone canst make me clean,

And bid me fin no more.
Thor invited me to come

To fare thy people's rest;
Poor in fpirit, I prelume

To prefs unto the feast : Saving faith to me impart,

And cloihe me with thy righteousness; ta the fountain dip my heart,

And fign ny glad releafe. SIU emrin ihy perfect love,

And an ser cach complaint; Uurelieving ihoughts remove,

And banith all suy wants. Lord, enable ene by grace

My ev'ry weight to lay afde; Tatiently to run my race,

Till Thou doit take thy bride.

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Christians Chaire. I AM frail, and the world is fading ; bur my soul is immortal, and God is eternal. I pitch upon the creature, either, they may ako wings like an eagle that tieth towards heaver, or my soul may take its way with the rich fool, and go to hell; but if i chuso God for iny portion, then mercy and goodness ih i fcilow me when I live, and glory and eternity hell crown me waen I die.I will iberetoro nou leave that which I ball foon loc, thsi fo I may embrace that which I fall aivays enjoy. ONE there is, above all others,

Weil deferves the name of triena;
His is love beyond a brother's,
Colly free and knows 10 end :

They who cace his kindnes prove

Lind, it everlasting love!
Which of all our friends to five ,

Could or would have ned their blood.
Rut cur Jeitusiy'd to have es
Reconcil'd in him to God:

This was boundleis loveindeeri

Jesus is a friend in need.
Then he liv'd on earth abue

Friumni of inners was his none;
Now, above all glory raised,
Horejoices in the fame:

Sull he calls them brethrer. Cicod.
And to all their wants attends

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Spiritual Yay and Sorrow. AS there is a fad mirth, so there is a joyful mourning: look upon the voluptuous inan, however laughter may appear in his face, yet Cliefs over centers in the heart; his carnai delights are not only in vain, but vexing; like antic, they play him into a rielancholy fit : shilli the banquet lafis, the sensualist fings : our when the reckoning comes, his fpirit sinks, usbuming candle prelently goes out in a itinking inufi; his frining fun instantly fery in the vatry cloud. Solomon gives us the loin of It thus : Even in laughter the heart is forrow.. ful, and the end of that mirth is heavines. But How come to the penitential perfon, as his tears are the joy of angels, fo they are the joy of his Hearts and the place of his foul is the falter tiis foars, the Interluas comforts, the deeper 5925, tire fuller hi joy; the beans of cone bition always thine into this house of moun. sig, so that his foulis in his travail with a BarDabas, and his labeurs bring forth the fruits if peace; infonucl, thai I may truly fay, is paurn for fin, is to weep for joy. Theic fare not pleasant freams of confolation (which is the worldlings wonder) that low and rua ia store cryfalriverses cierzal pleasure, at Gods, sight hard, they come froni a weering prins: Why then is the mouth of wickedness opened again} the way of holintis ? As if grace vera the i Iy to intonb joys ; in izry the med 13 ochrang forth klient;: Biffex.

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