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WILLIAM EDGAR BORAH was born on a farm near Fairfield, Wayne County, Ili., June 29, 1865; attended the common schools of Wayne County and the Southern Illinois Academy at Enfield; was graduated from the University of Kansas at Lawrence in 1889; studied law, was admitted to the bar September 1890, and commenced practice in Lyons, Kans.; moved to Boise, Idaho, in 1891 and devoted his time exclusively to the practice of his profession; unsuccessful candidate for election in 1896 to the Fifty-fifth Congress; unsuccessful candidate for nomination as United States Senator in 1903; member of the Republican National Committee 1908–12; delegate to the Republican National Convention at Chicago in 1912 that nominated Taft and Sherman; elected as a Republican to the United States Senate in 1907; reelected in 1913, 1918, 1924, 1930, and again in 1936, and served from March 4, 1907, until his death; unsuccessful candidate for the Republican Presidential nomination in 1936; died in Washington, D. C., January 19, 1940; funeral services were held in the Chamber of the United States Senate; interment in Morris Hill Cemetery. Boise, Idaho.

In the House of Representatives

MONDAY, March 25, 1940. Mr. BULWINKLE. Mr. Speaker, I have sent to the Clerk's desk the usual resolution providing for memorial services for deceased Members of Congress to be held on Wednesday, April 24, and I ask its immediate consideration.

The Clerk read the resolution, as follows:

House Resolution 437

Resolved, That on Wednesday, the 24th day of April 1940, immediately after the approval of the Journal, the House shall stand at recess for the purpose of holding the memorial services as arranged by the Committee on Memorials, under the provisions of clause 40-A of rule XI. The order of exercises and proceedings of the service shall be printed in the Congressional Record, and all Members shall have leave to extend their remarks in the Congressional Record until the last issue of the Record of the third session of the Seventy-sixth Congress, on the life, character, and public service of the deceased Members. At the conclusion of the proceedings the Speaker shall call the House to order, and then, as a further mark of respect to the memories of the deceased, he shall declare the House adjourned.

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in the

House of Representatives

Seventy-sixth Congress

Third Session

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