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PAGR. 6. Upon the first petition, that the name of God may be hallowed..... 93 7. That his kingdom may come 8. That his will may be done in earth as it is in heaven

96 9. In what the will of God consists

97 10. That it must be performed both with our bodies and our souls

98 11. That in the petition, “Give us this day our daily bread,” the mystical bread of the holy eucharist may be alluded to....

..100 12. That our daily food is likewise comprised in this petition

101 .3. That God would forgive us our debts.....

..104 14. That our pardon from God is suspended upon the condition of our granting it to our brethren...

..105 15 We farther desire, not to be led into temptation

108 16. Finally we ask of God that he would deliver us from evil

.110 17. That our Lord hath taught us to pray as well by example as by precept 111 18. That attention of mind is necessary in prayer...

.112 19. That alms are to be joined with prayer.

113 20. The solemn hours of prayer.


ON THE DUTY OF CHRISTIAN PATIENCE. 1. That there can be no true wisdom without patience....

..118 2. That the virtue of patience is common to us with God

.120 3. That the precepts of the gospel do, in a very particular manner, recommend patience

.123 4. That our Lord exemplified in practice the patience which he recommended by precept ..

124 5. That the patriarchs and prophets all have trod the same path of patience 127 6. The advantage of patience illustrated from our being born to labour and trouble

...129 . 7. That Christians, who wage a perpetual war against the devil, have a peculiar occasion for this virtue..

130 8. That the christian religion requires our faith and hope, which must have patience to support them

131 9. That patience not only confers upon us many great advantages, but secures us from many evils.....

132 10. That all virtues are preserved and do subsist by patience

134 11. That all good men have been tried by this test....

136 12. The advantages of patience appear upon the comparison with its contrary fault ....

137 13. That impatience produces heretics in the church .

.138 14. That patience is a very comprehensive virtue

..139 15. That the consideration of a future judgment is a great persuasive to

.140 16. That he who is so much in haste to take vengeance, should consider that God is not himself avenged


this duty



During the short reign of the Emperor Gallus, a dreadful

Pestilence broke out in Africa, which made great havock among all ranks of men, and frequently swept away whole families.

The Pagans were alarmed beyond measure—they neglected the burial of the dead through fear-and the bodies of many lay in the streets of Carthage. The Christians also were cast down with over-much sorrow; for the Pestilence and Famine, which prolonged the trial of their faith and patience, were ascribed to the Authors of the new religion, and were consequently made the ground of renewed and cruel persecution. The eloquent voice of Cyprian, on this occasion, roused the courage and alacrity of his people. The Christians ranked themselves into classes for the purpose of relieving the public distress. The rich contributed largely of their substance, and the poor gave their labour with extreme hazard of their lives. The Pagans saw with astonishment the effects of the love of God in Christ; and had a salutary opportunity of contrasting these effects with their own inhumanity and selfishness,



1. I am very sensible, my beloved brethren, that many

of you are so well fortified, by the power of your faith and hope, and your religious affiance in God, that the present mortality is not


able to make upon you any disadvantageous impressions; whilst these trials of your christian courage do rather approve than overthrow it; and all the rude shocks which you receive from a boisterous world, rebound from your minds, as the waves do from a rock, without impairing its firmness : yet, though this be generally, and for the most part true of you, I cannot but observe that some of my flock, either through weakness of mind, or want of faith, or an attachment to the pleasures of life, or the delicacy of their sex, or (which is more than all the rest) through some misapprehensions concerning the great truths of the gospel, are shocked with this great calamity, and do not exert themselves with that spirit and constancy which might so reasonably be expected from their principles and professions; and therefore, upon this view of the case, I thought it incumbent upon me to say somewhat to it, and to employ my best endeavours upon rousing their dormant courage, and their drooping spirits, by exhortations and encouragements taken from the book of God; that so the man who hath devoted himself to the service of God and Christ, may be taught to behave as becomes such an honourable relation : For he who serves in the christian warfare, and hath entered his name upon the roll of our head and captain, Christ Jesus, should consider with himself, my beloved brethren, what obligations he is thence engaged in, and how all

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