Зображення сторінки

To his Grace


By Divine Providence,

Archbishop of Canterbury,

and Metropolitan of all

Most Reverend Father in Chrift,

ERMIT me to
shelter my self
under the


of your Fatherly Goodness, from the Violence of unreasonable and

A 3



unrighteous Men, who pursue

me, for no other Reason, that I know of, but because I have left the Synagogue, and profess my self a Servant of your Mesa, and a Member of your Church.

I am sensible, the following Narrative of the Grounds of my Conversion, runs in fo mean a Stile, and upon fuch trite Observations, that I cannot, in Modesty, expect any Father of the Christian Church, should throw away an Hour or two in the Perusal of it.


But let me be considered, as what I really am, of small Age and Experience in the World, and a very late and new born Babe iri Christ, who has scarce learn'd to speak the Words and Phra fes of Religion, and from whom manly Reasons are not yet to be expected.

But, my Lord, however weak my Arguments may appear to others, they proved too strong for all the Objections which I could oppose, or ever heard opposed against them. They have convinced


А 4

A 4

me, not only of the Probability, but the Certainty, that Jesus of Nazareth is the and the Prophets.

er the Law And that I am very sincere and unfeigned in this Profeflion; I hope your Grace, and the whole World will have the Goodness to believe, when I declare, and can bring many Witnesses to confirm what I say, that by joyning my self to the spiritual Family of Christ, I am banished from that of my natural Parents, once


most endearing and indulgent Parents, who spared for nothing of their precious Treasures, wherewith they abound, to make me Great and Happy in this World ; but have now conceived a mortal Hatred to me, upon the Account of this religious Difference ; and deny me Bread to eat, and Raiment to put on. By whom being rejected, I quickly found my felf like a fhipwrack’d Man, plunged in an Ocean of Hardships, under which, in all


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