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human Appearance, I had utterly funk, had not one of my Susceptors in Baptism, with the greatest Tenderness, took me under his Roof, where he still continues to entertain me, and supports me with the Necefsaries of Life.

When my Parents had reduced me to these melancholy Circumstances, and imagined that the Bitterness of my Sufferings had fhook my Resolutions, and brought me to repent of what I had done, they then


courted me with the most advantageous 'Offers of a plentiful Share of their Substance, and a very agreeable Marriage, provided I would return to them and Judaism again. But praised be our Lord, through whose Grace I have hitherto withstood, and trust I shall still withstand all such Temptations, though they are the most apt to work upon a Person of my Age and Education

I hope, my Lord, I have acquitted my self like a


Man, who is wholly under the Influence of this Principle; that there is a State of Happiness after Death, infinitely surpassing all the Enjoyments of this mortal Life, and that Faith in Jefus Christ is absolutely necessary to the Attainment of it. I am sorry to find many, who call themselves Christians, of a contrary Opinion. From such Men as these, young Profelytes, in my Circumstances, must expect but a cold Welcome to Christian Communion.


But we will not be difheartned by the Slights of these Libertines, while we fee a Patriarch at the Head of the Church of England, who stands ready, with open Arms, to receive us into that Way of Salvation, wherein he leads us by his own shining Example ; and zealously performs that Promife of our Lord, that when our natural Friends disown us, and perfecute us for his Names fake, we shall find compassionate nursing Fathers of his Church, who

will will make up this Lofs to us. I am,

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