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We have here no Inquisitions or other rigorous Means to force you against your Confciences, to embrace the Christian Faith ; neither have the Christians, here in their Churches, any superstitious Idolatry, or falfe Worthip; therefore such Advantages as these are, you ought well to weigh,

But above all, I recommend to you, my Brethren, the serious Confideration of your future and eternal Happiness, toward which you cannot expect any Bepefits from your Mellia; for you make no mention of your being delivered from those Şins, for which there was no Atonement, or Expiation by Sacrifices under the Law ; but when Jefus came, the Ifa. 59.20,2 L) second Covenant ran thus, That those should be saved, who turn from their Iniquities.


There are many more Circumstances from the Talmud and Tradition, contradicting the sacred Scripture, as well as themselves, but if I should mention them all, it would, perhaps, tire the Patience of the Reader; therefore I have endeavoured, as much as in my Capacity


lay, to set before you the chief Motives and Circumstances the Christians have in the Maintenance of their Faith. If you give but the least Credit to the Scriptures, that they are inspired, then certainly the Christians have a good Foundation for their Religion; and then it follows, and is evident, that my blessed Saviour Fefus Christ came, not only to be a Light to the Gentiles or Heathens, but also to be the Glory of Israel

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All my Wishes, Prayers, and Defires, continually are, not only for your fpiritual, but likewise your temporal Glory, especially that I might rejoyce, in the Days of your Conversion, that we might be united into one' Flock, under one Shepherd Jesus Chrift. And

great Creator, I beseech him, turn from you his Wrath, and Indig- , nation, by taking off that deluding Cloud from your Eyes, that you may plainly see your Errors, and pernicious Deluti ons; that all of you, by embracing of the true Christian Faith, may be delivered from your damnable Sins, by the Cross and Pation of my blessed Saviour Jesus Cbrift, towards which, I add my hearty :


Prayers, as offered up in the holy Com= munion of the Catholick Church, as it is the Duty of all pious Christians to of fer up theirs, for God to enlighten your Minds, and deliver you from those pernicious Prejudices you labour under, and that the divine Majesty would make such an Impression on your Hearts, as may cause your effectual Conversion to the Christian Faith ; that through the Mediation of mine and your true Mesia, who poured forth his Blood like Water for us, on the Cross, and pray'd to forgive you; Father forgive them, for they know not what they do; and for the compleating of your Conversion I farther offer up my Prayers.

Almighty God, and merciful Father, ( who delireit not the Death of a Sinner, C but rather that he should live and be con

verted ; most heartily, I beseech thee,

to have Mercy upon my poor Distref* fed Brethren, the Jews, and that thou

would'st be pleased to take from them ' the Cloud of Ignorance, all Hardness

of Heart, and Contempt of thy holy Word, and to gather them again to be thy Flock, that they may be saved among the Remnant of the true Ifraelites ;


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that they may be made one Fold, un der one Shepherd. Father, I beseech thee, to bring into the righteous and holy Path, all hardned Sinners, and alfo those that have erred and are deceived; and this I

and this I pray, for thy dear and beloved Son's fake, Fesus Chrift, our Meßia, who liveth and reigneth

with thee, and the holy Ghost, one God; ? in one Substance, World without Endo


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