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al. 2z. 16, Men, were manifestly prophesy'd by the 28.

Scripture; they pierced his Hands and Pfal.69. 21. Feet, and cast Lots upon his Vesture,

and Garments ; they gave him Gall to Ila. so.6.

eat, and Vinegar to drink: He bid not

his Facę from Shame and Spitting : Isa. 53.6. He gave his Back to the Smiters, and Dan. 9. 26. Cheeks to the Nippers: He fall pour

out bis Soul unto Death: The Meflia Jhall be cut off and pain. All which was #ccomplished on my blessed Redeemer Jesus Chrift,

Fifthly, He was raised from the Dead; Pfal. 16.11. that his Flesh might not fee Corruption, Pla 110. i. Christ alfo sitteth on the right Hand of his

Father the Almighty; Šit thou on my right Hand, until I make thy Enemies

tby. Foot-Stool: He was the beloved Son Psal. 2. 7.

of God, Thou art my Son, this Day have I begotten thee, who liveth and reigneth

with his Father, one God, in one ŞubPsal. 47. 9. stance, World without End. He af

scended into Heaven, and reigneth for Plal. 61. 6. ever : He also, by his Ascension, led

Captivity captiye.

Sixthly, Whereas the Meflia was to come at the limited Time, according to the Prophecies of facred Scripture ; this


was at the very fame Time accomplished in Jesus. The Scepter shall not depart from Juda, neither a Law-giver from Gen. 49. 10. between

his Feet, until Shiloh come, &c. (on which I have already inlarged.) When Christ came, the Jews were tributary to the Romans, and they placed their Governours in all Parts, wherefoever the Jews had any Poffesfions; and it was likewise fulfilled, which was spoken by the Prophet, That they mould never want à Man of the Seed of Jer. 33. 17. Dayid, to reign CONTINUA L-18, 19, 20, LY, whereas you have no King reigning at present. So that it is evident, that this Prophecy was

meant of Jesus, who was of the Seed of David, and reigns over his Church for


Farther, The seventy Weeks, which by Calculation amount to four hundred Dan. 9.24,2 and ninety Years, when the holy City 26, 27. and Temple should be destroy'd, and be fore the Destruction, after the fixty two Weeks, or four hundred and thirty four Years, the Melia should be cut off ; all these Particulars were accomplished in Hesus. For if we count from the Reign of Darius Nothus, until the Birth of





Jesus, you will find it about four hundred Years, or a few more,

The great Glory of the second Temple; was the glorious Appearance of the Meffia, clothed with Flesh. For in the first Temple the T3JV Shechina, or divine Essence, could not be seen, but in the fecond Temple, Christ, who is in one Substance with the How Shechina, or dieine Essence, manifestly appeared. Befides, what else could this Glory mean?

You had not the least Sympton of a Glory, in the second "Temple; and your Talmuid confesses, that all the Glories that were in the first Temple, vanished from the Second, I have already mentioned, what Glories ceased from the second Temple; so that it is evident, that this Glory was meant of Jesus Christ the Mesia. s. Thus without the least Contradiction, or Failure, all the Prophecies concerning the Mefia, have been accomplished in 7ef1's ; but notwithstanding all this, you continue in your Stubbornness and Delusions, in which you fulfil the Saying of the Lord of Life, You have Eyes, and see not ; Ears, and hear not ; There



fore my Heart weepeth, and mine Eyes, even mine Eyes pour out Water, for the loft and dispersed Flock of Israel.

I beseech you, be not so hardned as your Ancestors were, to whom my blefsed Saviour faid; That if they would not hearken to Mofes, and the Propbets, certainly they would not believe although one should rise from the Dead.


Cast off, I beseech you, those pernicious deluding Superstitions of the Talmud and Traditions, for their contradictions and Absurdities are sufficient to convince you, that you labour under the greatest Errors imaginable.

My blessed Saviour Jesus Christ appear'd after his Resurrection, to multitudes of Jews, above five hundred being then present.

Thus, my Brethren, as I find my felf in Duty "bound, as well to feek for your Happiness and Salvation, as my own: I have offered these Arguments and Difcourses, unto your serious Consideration; and as I have, with the greatest Caution


and Care, searched diligently, through so many

of your Traditions, as I could possibly peruse, fo for the rest, that were not to be had of Christians, I collected them with the greatest Care and Diligence possible, as is requisite in a Matter of fuch great Moment as this is

Consider, my Brethren, we are on this fide of the Grave, but as a Shadow, our Life and Being is but borrow'd, and when the Debt of Nature must be paid, we must refign our Life to the Donor thereof, the Almighty, into whose Hands we mult yield our Spirit.

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T'herefore, that you may be endued with Knowledge and Understanding, search well the Scriptures, for it is your Duty fo to do, as you believe them to be of divine Authority. You that are come to Maturity of Understanding, and are capable of examining into Matters of Religion, you ought feriously to confider, and endeavour to attain fuch a Satisfaction, as that you may assure your felves, you are either in the right or wrong Path towards Salvation.


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