The Rise of Free Trade Imperialism: Classical Political Economy the Empire of Free Trade and Imperialism 1750-1850

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Cambridge University Press, 5 лют. 2004 р. - 264 стор.
The Rise of Free Trade Imperialism seeks to uncover some of the intellectual origins of the imperialism of the classic period, the sources from which later theories of imperialism were constructed, and the character of the ideology which underlay the dismantling of the old colonial system and the construction of the Victorian Pax Britannica. The author discusses the development and diffusion of a number of the central arguments of the 'science' of political economy, from the standpoint of a historian rather than an economist, which were crucial not only to the construction of theories of capitalist imperialism, but also served as a spur both to efforts at colonization, and to establishing a British Workshop of the World.

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Theory and politics of Free Trade Empire in the eighteenth
The agrarian critique and the emergence of orthodoxy
Wakefield and the Radical economists
The Wakefield program for middleclass empire
Parliament political economy and the Workshop of the World
Cobdenism and the dismal science
Mercantilist revival
Classical political economy the Empire of Free Trade
Selected Bibliography
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