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I remark the pains you take to show the impropriety of paying the duty of the estate's tobacco. When money is wanting, it cannot be expected; but, when a sum lies in your hands, it should certainly be applied that way, as far as it will go. I likewise observe the difficulties you have met with in settling for the interest of the bank stock ; but I hope that is now over, unless any part or the whole should require transferring (when a division of the estate is made), and then timely notice will be given ; but, till this happens, it may be received and placed to the estate's credit in the usual manner.

From this time it will be requisite, that you should raise three accounts; one for me, another for the estate, and a third for Miss Patty Custis; or, if you think it more eligible (and I believe it will be), make me debtor on my own account for John Parke Custis, and for Miss Martha Parke Custis, as each will have their part of the estate assigned them this fall, and the whole will remain under my management, whose particular care it shall be to distinguish always, either by letter or invoice, for whom tobaccos are shipped, and for whose use goods are imported, in order to prevent any mistakes arising. The estate's credit now in your hands may be applied towards answering the whole drafts, that have been and shall be made this year; and it must appear very plain from my former letters, as well as from what is here said, how necessary it is to send regular accounts current, that, by comparing them with the books here, satisfactory settlements may, from time to time, be made to our General Court.

The tobacco per the Fair American will make its appearance, I apprehend, in a very irregular manner. Captain Talman first engaged it to be sent by the Cary, then by the Randolph ; and, being disappointed in both, I had to seek for a conveyance myself, and by mere good luck got it on board Captain Thompson, but not till I had first been at the trouble and expense of carting it across from York to James River for his craft to take it in. The vessel being upon the point of sailing at that time, a gentleman at Norfolk, where she lay, promised to receive the bills of lading, and send them by different opportunities under cover to you; but, losing my memorandum, he wrote to me a month afterwards for fresh directions, which I suppose did not reach him till some time after the vessel had sailed. I shall endeavour to put what tobacco I can on board the Cary, as I understand she is to wait for the new crop. It will be needless, I am persuaded, to bespeak your best care in the sales of it; as you must be sensible the present high

price of tobaccco gives us room to expect extraordinary returns for this year's produce so early shipped.

I am possessed of several plantations on this river (Potomac) and the fine lands of Shenandoah, and should be glad if you would ingenuously tell me what prices I might expect you to render for tobaccos made thereon, of the same seed of that of the estate's, and managed in every respect in the same manner as the best tobaccos on James and York Rivers are. I ask this question purely for my own private information, and my shipping of these crops will be governed in a great measure by the answer you may give. Therefore you will excuse me, I hope, if I again desire the favor of you to take some pains to inform yourselves exactly; because, should the prices differ from those of the estate, I might possibly think myself deceived, and be disgusted of course.

Please to send the goods contained in the enclosed invoices, and charge them as there directed. I flatter myself, that particular care will be taken in choosing them, the want of which gives some tradesmen an opportunity of imposing upon us most vilely. The coarse goods for the estate's use are ordered from Liverpool this year; all but the plaid hose, and these I beg you will cause to be sent from Glasgow in the usual manner and number, directed to the care of Mr. Joseph Valentine, or person managing the estate's business at York River. 1 am, Gentlemen, &c.



A light Summer Suit made of A salmon-colored Tabby of the

Duroy by the measure. I enclosed pattern, with satin 4 pieces best India Nankeen. I flowers, to be made in a sack 2 best plain Beaver Hats, at 21s. and coat. 1 piece of Irish Linen at 4s. |1 Cap, Handkerchief, Tucker, 1 piece black Satin Ribbon. and Rusiles, to be made of

buff; no buckles or rings. 4 lbs. Ivory Black. 2 best two-bladed Knives. 2 pairs good Horse Scissors. {ream good Post Paper, cut.

ream good do. 4to. do.

to wear with the above neg

ligee, to cost £20. 1 piece Bag Holland at 6s. 2 fine flowered Lawn Aprons. 2 double IIandkerchiefs. 1 pair woman's white Silk Ilose. 6 pairs do. fine Cotton do.

• Although these invoices have very little intrinsic importance, yet I have thought it not amiss to insert them, as illustrative of Washington's habits in affairs of business. For other explanatory particulars, see Vol. II. p. 329.


4 pairs Thread do.

| 12 best hard Padlocks. 1 pair black, and 1 pair white 11 dozen Bell Glasses for garden.

Satin Shoes, of the smallest 5s. 2 more Chair Bottoms, such as 4 pair Calamanco do.

were written for in a former 1 fashionable Hat, or Bonnet. I invoice. 6 pairs women's best Kid Gloves. |1 more Window Curtain and 8 pairs ditto Mits.

Cornice. 1 dozen Knots, and Breast Knots. 100 lbs. white Biscuit. I dozen round silk laces. 3 gallons of Rhenish in bottles. 1 black Mask.

2 Lanterns. 1 dozen most fashionable Cam-8 Busts, according to the en

bric Pocket Handkerchiefs. I closed direction and measure. 2 pairs neat small Scissors. 1 lb. Sewing Silk shaded. 25 yards Broadcloth of the en1 lb. ditto., cloth colored, ditto. closed color, to cost about 7s. 4 pieces binding Tape.

6d. 6 m. Miniken Pins.

15 yards coarse thick double, 6 m. short whites.

same color. 6 m. Corking Pins.

6 yards Scarlet Broadcloth, at 1 m. Hair ditto.

8s. 6d. 6 lbs. Perfumed Powder. 30 yards Red Shalloon. 3 lbs. best Scotch Snuff.

20 dozen white-washed Coat But3 lbs. best violette Strasburg. tons. 8 lbs. Starch.

12 dozen Waistcoat ditto. 2 lbs. powdered Blue.

Twist, Thread, Silk, &c. suffi2 oz. Coventry Thread, one of cient to make up the above which to be very fine.

cloth. 1 piece narrow white Satin Rib- 40 yards of coarse Jeans or Fusbon, pearl edge.

tian, for summer frocks for

negro servants. 1 case of Pickles, to consist of 1 piece Irish Linen at ls. 3d.

Anchovies, Capers, Olives, Sal- 1 piece Dowlas at 100, ad Oil, and I bottle India Man- 15 dozen pairs strong coarse goes.

Thread Hose fit for negro ser1 large Cheshire Cheese.

vants. 4 lbs. Green Tea.

| 6 Castor Hats, at about 5s. 10 groce best Corks.

2 Postilion Caps. 25 lbs. best Jar Raisins. | 1 dozen pairs coarse Shoe and 25 lbs. Almonds in the shell. Knee Buckles. 1 hogshead best Porter. 10 loaves double and 10 single | 450 ells Osnabergs. refined Sugar.

14 pieces Brown Rolls. 6 strong Halters, hempen reins. 350 yards Kendall Cotton. 3 best Snaffle Bridles.

100 yards Dutch Blankets. 3 best Girths.

| 2 pieces Fearnought. 25 lbs. Crown Soap.

8 dozen pair Plaid Hose sorted. 12 lbs. best Mustard.

4 dozen Monmouth Caps. 2 dozen packs Playing Cards. 20 lbs. Brown Thread. 2 sacks of best English Oats. 15 lbs. best Shoemaker's ditto. i dozen Painter's Brushes. 20 sacks of Salt, 1 bushel of Tares.

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2 casks 8d, nails; 2 do. 10d. do. / 2 pairs Compasses; 2 Rules. 10 m. 20d. do.; 20 m. 8d, do. 2 Chalk Lines. 20 m. 41. do.

1 small Hatchet. 6 Spades.

2 Punches; 2 Saw Sets. 200 lbs. German Steel.

2 dozen Gimlets. 2 dozen best Sickles.

3 dozen Plane Irons. 6 best White's Handsaws. | 6 Rasps, two of a sort. 6 best Broad Axes.

| 2 dozen Handsaw Files. 6 House Adzes.

2 do. of Tenant do. 2 dozen Box Gimblets. 6 pairs Steel Compasses.

6 bottles Turlington's Balsam. 1 dozen Augers sorted, from two 8 oz. Spirit of Lavender.

inches to half an inch. 1 lb. Ipecacuana powdered. 1 Cowper's Taper Bit.

į lb. Jalap powdered. 1 ditto Crow.

12 oz. Venice Treacle. do. Dowling Bit.

4 oz. best Rhubarb. 1 do. Wimble do.

12 oz. Diacordium. 1 do. Vice.

4 lbs. Pearl Barley. 1 do. pair large Compasses. 1 do. Jointer; 1 do. Adze. 4 oz. Balsam Capevi. 1 do. Round Shave.

5 oz. Liquid Laudanum. I do. Howell.

5 oz. Spirits Sal Ammoniac. 1 Wheelwright's Buzz.

5 oz. Spirits Hartshorn. 1 do. large Gouge.

4 oz. Spanish Flies. I do. Centre Bit.

3 lbs. Bird-Lime. 2 dozen pairs IL Hinges. 6 lbs. Oil Turpentine. 25 lbs. Glue.

2 lbs. Spirits of do. 2 Crosscut Saws.

5 lbs. White Sugar Candy. 12 Inch Chisels.

| 10 lbs. Brown do. 1 Jointer.

1 lb. Barley Sugar. 2 long Planes; 2 Jack do. 2 lbs. Linseed Oil, cold drawn. 4 Smoothing do.

4 lbs. Alum. 10 pairs Hollows and Rounds. 1 lb. Spermaceti. 6 Ogees.

4 oz. Tincture of Myrrh. 3 pairs of Grooving Planes. 4 oz. Balsam Sulphur. 1 Snipe's Bill.

4 oz. Pulvus Basilic. 4 Quarter Rounds.

2 oz. Mer. Dulcis. 4 Sash Planes; 3 Bead ditto. 4 oz. Sal Volatile. 6 Ovelos; 1 Plow and irons. 10 oz. Hartshorn Shavings. 1 moving Philester.

2 quarts strong Cinnamon Water. 1 Screw Rabbit Plane.

2 ditto weak ditto. 1 Square do.; 3 raising do. 1 N. B. All liquids in double1 Spring Brace and Bits complete. Alint bottles. 1 Turkey Oil-Stone. 1 Panel Saw; 1 Tenant do. 40s. worth of Medicines for far1 Compass do.; 1 Sash do. riery, among which let there be 1 dozen Firmers.

4 lbs. flower of Brimstone. 1 dozen Gouges.

4 lbs. Anniseed. 6 Mortising Chisels.

4 lbs. Carthamus. 1 Adze; 1 Drawing-knife. 5 lbs. Syrup of Colt’s-foot.

2 lbs. Diapente.

den ; and a fourth of the King 5 lbs. Black Soap.

of Prussia. 4 lbs. Cummin Seeds.

| N. B. These are not to exceed 4 lbs. Fenugreek.

fifteen inches in height, nor 2 lbs. Juice of Liquorice.

ten in width. 4 lbs. long Pepper.

2 other Busts, of Prince Eugene

and the Duke of Marlborough,

somewhat smaller. Directions for the Busts. 2 Wild Beasts, not to exceed

twelve inches in height, nor 4. One of Alexander the Great; eighteen in length.

another of Julius Cæsar ; an- | Sundry small ornaments for chimother of Charles XII. of Swe- ney-piece.



For Master Custis, 6 years old. For Miss Custis, 4 years old. 1 piece Irish Holland at 4s. 8 yards fine printed Linen at 3s. 2 yards fine Cambric at 10s. I 6d. 6 Pocket Handkerchiefs, small 1 piece Irish Holland at 4s. and fine.

2 ells fine Holland at 10s. 6 pairs Gloves; 2 Laced Hats. 8 pairs kid Mits; 4 pairs Gloves. 2 pieces India Nankeen.

2 pairs silk Shoes. 6 pairs fine thread Stockings. | 4 pairs Calamanco do.; 4 pairs 4 pairs coarser do.

leather Pumps. 6 pairs worsted do.

6 pairs fine thread Stockings. 4 pairs strong Shoes; 4 pairs | 4 pairs worsted do. Pumps.

3 piece flowered Dimity. 1 summer suit of clothes, to be 2 yards fine Cambric at 10s. made of something light and 2 Caps, 2 pairs Ruffles, 2 Tuckthin.

ers, Bibs, and Aprons, if fash3 fine Ivory Combs ; 2 Horn do.' ionable. and 2 Brushes.

| 2 Fans; 2 Masks; 2 Bonnets. 1 piece black Hair Ribbon. | 2 m. large Pins; 2 m. short whites. 1 pair handsome silver Shoe and 2 m. Minekins; 1 Cloth Cloak. Knee Buckles.

1 stiffened Coat of Fashionable 10s. worth of Toys,

silk, made to pack-thread stays. 6 little books for children begin- 6 yards Ribbon; 2 Necklaces. ning to read.

1 pair silver Sleeve Buttons, with 1 oz. 8d. Thread; 1 oz. 12d. do. Stones. 1 oz. 2s. do.; 1 oz. 35. do. | 1 fashionable-dressed baby 10s.; \ Ib. whited brown Thread. and other Toys 10s. i light duffel Cloak with silver 6 Pocket Handkerchiefs.


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