The Library Companion: Or, The Young Man's Guide, and the Old Man's Comfort, in the Choice of a Library

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Harding, Triphook, and Lepard, 1825 - 899 стор.

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Сторінка 497 - General Biography ; or Lives, Critical and Historical, of the most eminent Persons! of all Ages, Countries, Conditions, and Professions, arranged according to alphabetical order.
Сторінка 709 - ... For in pure love heaven did prepare Those powders to enrich your hair. Ask me no more whither doth haste The nightingale when May is past, For in your sweet dividing throat She winters and keeps warm her note. Ask me no more...
Сторінка 778 - The Famous Tragedy of the Rich lew of Malta. As it was playd before the King and Qveene, in his Majesties Theatre at White-Hall, by her Majesties Servants at the Cock-pit. Written by Christopher Mario.
Сторінка 707 - WHEN Love with unconfined wings Hovers within my gates, And my divine Althea brings To whisper at the grates; When I lie tangled in her hair And fettered to her eye, The birds that wanton in the air Know no such liberty.
Сторінка 695 - Love's Martyr ; or Rosalin's Complaint. Allegorically shadowing the truth of Love, in the constant Fate of the Phoenix and Turtle.
Сторінка 520 - Yet delighted not men so much in her beauty, as in her pleasant behaviour. . For a proper wit had she, and could both read well and write ; merry in company, ready and quick of answer, neither mute nor full of babble, sometimes taunting without displeasure and not without disport.
Сторінка 776 - Newlie set foorth, as it hath sundrie tymes bene played by Ed. Allen and his Companie. With Kemps applauded Merrimentes of the men of Goteham, in receiuing the King into Goteham.
Сторінка 588 - our true English Aretine, " another, "Sweet satyric Nash," a third describes his Muse as ' ' armed with a gag-tooth (a tusk), and his pen possessed with Hercules's furies." He is well characterised in " The Return from Parnassus." " His style was witty, tho' he had some gall ; Something he might have mended, so may all ; Yet this I say, that for a mother's wit, Few men have ever seen the like of it.
Сторінка 484 - Plantes équinoxiales, recueillies au Mexique, dans l'Ile de Cuba, dans les provinces de Caracas, de Cumana et de Barcelone, aux Andes de la Nouvelle-Grenade, de Quito et du Pérou, et sur les bords du Río-Negro, de l'Orénoque et de la riviére des Amazones, ouvrage rédigé par A.
Сторінка 792 - The True Tragedie of Richard the third : Wherein is showne the death of Edward the fourth, with the smothering of the two yoong Princes in the Tower : With a lamentable ende of Shore's wife, an example for all wicked women.

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