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Сторінка 3 - The American Institute of Electrical Engineers; The American Society of Mechanical Engineers; The American Society of Civil Engineers; The American Society of Mining and Metallurgical Engineers; and The American Society for Testing Materials.
Сторінка 65 - Stranded wires (except in flexible cords) must be soldered before being fastened under clamps or binding screws, and whether stranded or solid, when they have a conductivity greater than that of No. 8 B. & S.
Сторінка 10 - Must be so spliced or joined as to be both mechanically and electrically secure without solder. The joints must then be soldered, to insure preservation, and covered with an insulation equal to that on the conductors.
Сторінка 64 - Insulation Resistance — The wiring in any building must test free from grounds; ie, the complete installation must have an insulation between conductors and between all conductors and the ground (not including attachments, sockets, receptacles, etc.) of not less than the following: Up to 5 amperes 4,000,000 ohms...
Сторінка 68 - ... b. Must be placed at every point where a change is made in the size of wire [unless the cut-out in the larger wire will protect the smaller.
Сторінка 27 - Circuitbreakers must not be set more than 30 per cent. above the allowable carrying capacity of the wire, unless a fusible cut-out is also installed in the circuit.
Сторінка 12 - Must be so placed in wet places that an air space will be left between conductors and pipes in crossing, and the former must be run in such a way that they cannot come in contact with the pipe accidentally. Wires should be run over, rather than under, pipes upon which moisture is likely to gather or which, by leaking, might cause trouble on a circuit.
Сторінка 34 - Rigid supporting requires under ordinary conditions, where wiring along flat surfaces, supports at least every four and one-half feet. If the wires are liable to be disturbed, the distance between supports should be shortened. In buildings of mill construction, mains of No.
Сторінка 56 - The object of a tube or conduit is to facilitate the insertion or extraction of the conductors to protect them from mechanical injury and, as far as possible, from moisture. Tubes or conduits are to be considered merely as raceways, and are not to be relied upon for insulation between wire and wire, or between the wire and the ground.
Сторінка 12 - Must be separated from contact with walls, floors, timbers or partitions through which they may pass by non-combustible, non-absorptive, insulating tubes, such as glass or porcelain, except at outlets where approved flexible tubing is required.

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