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As thro' this thorny vale of life we run, By lenient measures, ere thy art unfold
Great Cause of all effects, “ thy will be done!" | Doctrines, whose aspect suits not worldly pride,

Now had the Grecians on the beach arriv’d, Or idle vanity, or sensual care.
To aid the helpless few who yet surviv'd :
While passing they behold the waves o'erspread Free to receive thy lessons, shall the heart
With shatter'd rafis and corses of the dead, Attend them, unrevolting. Then affect,
Three still alive, benuinb'd and faint they find, And in repeated agitation keep,
In mournful silence on a rock reclin'd.' By thy displays of sacred truth, the face.
The generous natives, mov'd with social pain, of passion ; which, attemper'd into shapes
The feehle strangers in their arms sustain ; Resembling scarce their foriner guise, and held
With pitying sighs their hapless lot deplore, In close engagement, rarely shall relapse
And lead them trembling from the fatal shore Again imbruted, amid earthly things.

Meantime thy style familiar, that alludes

With pleasing retrospect to recent scenes, $ 159. Pulpit Eloquence from the English Shall interest every bosom. With the voice

Of condescending gentlencss, address PoLwHELE. Thy kindred people. Shun the distant air,

The formal : shuu the flippancy too smooth, Then decm not (as my previous strains have | The lightness too theatrical; the starts taught) :

That waken for awhile the listening ear, Religion, à cold metaphysic form,

But waken to antipathy. Be warm, Musing o'er moral probleins, and confin'd Yet grave : unite an animated soul To wisdom's eyes alone - behold, she siis, With dignified demeanor ; and, untouch'd While faith unveils her to the vulgar gaze, By the vainglory that on Horod beam'd Streaming cherubic effluence o'er her heaven A moinentary rapture, big with death, Of spotless azure! To the dazzling light Preach not thyself; but nitrse an ardent zeal Her everlasting rohe, the abestos floats As for thy offspring tang'd below! The fire In vivid folds. Around her emerald throne of exhortation haply may diffuse The passions tremble at her awful beck - Thy piety, thy virtues ; as they see “ Her ministers as Haming fire," to wast | The emotions of a parent. But beware Into the morial bosom the pure spark

of overacted violence, that turns Athereal, that refines our thonght! Hence Ay To ridicule the best-imagin'd strain. The words that burn ; while her impulsive power

The pulpit-speakers that arose to fame, Iinparts an oratory only less

Ere Britaiu froin asperities had clear'd Than what inspir'd the apostles, when of old Her language, opening to thee ample stores Thevspakealltongues, and saw confusion's reign, For eloquence, inay cool the intemperate The curse of jarring Shinar, disappear.


Of passion : but the pulpit might in vain And lo! she hails her Albion as the spot Adopt their manner. ldly might a South Auspicions to her orators, tho', long,

His wiity turns --- his quainunesses display, Unfriended ; whilst, in other climes, the pomp Except to wakeu laughter. Barrow's Style, Of tyranny and superstition frowns,

| Relundant and involv'd, would soon oppress Ungenial inmates, and in sloch supine Thy auditors : even Tillotson's were cold, Snores the dark priory, or proud conclaves vaunt Tho' thick with oratorial beauties souv'ni; Their hierarchal honors ! Here the mind And Clarke's exactess, rigorous and precise, Shall rise unshackled, if too nice a sense Might vainly torture the protracted thonght Fastidious intervene not, to retard

Noto shy observation to thy heart Its flights! Here pathos may exert its powers. Recur ; nor ever sligtit thein ; and, now versid

In nature and religion, fix thy choice . First therefore, to produce the pathos, fix Upon the topics that may besi epforce . Upon the great emotions of the soul

The mural senso, instil into the soul The mental eve; and deem thy heaters mor'd The Christian spirit meek, aud tend the heart. By similar sensations. Thus the case Of others may be accurately drawn

If to the moral system we restraili From thine assenting heart that feels it true. Our search, select such topics in are sure

To suit thiy various audienre. To one point Thus intimaltly versant in the soul's

That turns on age or stativ?l of the modes Quick movements, thou wilt never harsbly Of character, thv apt di- (15-10ps guide treat

Unvarying. Manva preacher wanders wild What should be gently turn'd to virtue's road; O'er human lite ; esibiting his draughis Removing each obstruction that may bar Confus' and transitory -- 10 ili stract": Persuasion, and preparing erers mind

The act on tive eye, that will it in puruses

Is youth thy subject ?-Fix'd within the pale Here may the historic instance give effect Of youth, delineate its peculiar bent

To moral portraits. From the sacred fount Its failings, its affections ; in full strength : Bring forth the forcible example. Show Show its appropriate duties; and address The grey Barzillai's honorable age The young around thee with the feeling tones l'acid, iho' to the minstrel's warbled voice That speak the guardian father and the friend. To the sweet meltings of luxurious lutes

No more awake! Show Hezekiah frail Or, on the duties of maturer years

In human weakness, and still asking life! Descanting, rove not with digressive wing. Show faintly Timothy, cho' young, detach'd

From sensual joys. Exhihii Lazarus poor But still to thy selected topic true,

| Arimathean Joseph rich, yet proud Trace the hoar lineamenils of tremulous age To bear the Christian banner! And describe Dropping into the grave. Trite is the tale The trembling Felix! Such as these besrem Of inortal frailness; bat the gloomy truth Thy pulpit oratory, opening tracts Yet interests and affects : and what affects Recent in various' beauties; where the heart Will influence. For, tho' oft the passions, Throbs with the keen emotions of delight rous'd

Or fear; and (as the obedient meinory stores By vivid strokes of the pathetic, glow

[The striking incident) beats every pulse With but a momentary Aush, and faint In corresponding tones to nature's sense; Full fast away; still something at the heart | Till, sudden, by an unexpected stroke Lingers in feeble pulses inextinct, .

At once discover'd to itself, it sees
That quick recurs to conscience, at the hour | Its every winding avenue; shrinks back
Of meditated evil : the weak sense

From its detected vices, (never viewid
By oratorial energies renew'd,

Before, but with a transitory glance); • Acquires an active vigor to repel

And shudders at the brood it fosters there. The power of vice. The pictur'd frown of death

If in the Christian system, we behold Hath even awak'd from lethargies of sin The radiant' sun of righteousness arise The sluggard soul; and bade it trembling Aly With healing in its wings to stream forth The horrors that inwrap the yawning gulph: I. light

Upon the sterner virtues, to relume Nor seldom, stealing with familiar strain By pure effulgence mild ihe moral world; Into his business and his bosom, paint 'Tis here pathetic eloquence shall greet The poor man's lot; whilst in the house of God Prospects at which ev'n paradise might fade, The virtuous peasant shall beside the peer Tho' all its towers hung blooining to the Stand forth, embolden'd. Tell bini, if the glow breath Of Aoating purple shade o'erweening pride, of innocence ! -'Twas Eden's happy pair His is the better livery that infolds

Announc'd creation's blessings. But here The limbs of want : and tell him, tho' his burst, hours

Ineffably benign, redemption's rays, Of still devotional repose are few,

Whilst in a mute amaze archangels hail If pious meditation shall await

The infinitude of mediatorial love!
His steps into the field, the humble vow
Breath'd from amidst his labors, may ascend

| Here shall thy glowing oratory charm The purest incense that embalins the skies.

With an unwonted lustre, as it ineets

The meekness of the Christian - his calm eye Thus it behores thee to inspect with care Wet with the tear of gratitude! To prove Life's shifting circumstance. The social ties,

Religion's firinly rooted truths, by long The duties that reciprocally bind

Elaborate deduction, were to freeze The human race, shall in strong light appear T hat feeling tear! The unfathomable strain Link'd with peculiar stations. Thu'alike The vulgar may admire : but not with break “ The tender charities of father, son,

More idly eloquent, the sainted sage “ And brother," interest all our mortal race; Gather'd around him on the rocky shore Lovelier shall they attract the poor, if drawn The scaly race that cleave the hoáry deep. Beneath the straw-rooft'd dwelling, or the rich, If shadow'd in the splendor of the dome. | Insist not, therefore, with a tedious length,

On proofs external. The strong leading facts And human character with no rain force Concisely representing, quickly bring May arm thy eloquence. Its simple forms The internal evidence to light, that strikes Shall strike ihe rude spectator, and excite Conviction while it sinks into the heart. The cunscious feelings. But the draught refin'd

- Faith is, perhaps, thy topic. Ah beware Rarely the vulgar apprehension meets, Of mazy ambiguities too dark Tho' well thy pencil's mimic powers it prove. For letter'd minds. Atteinpt not to premise



The jarring tenets of innumerous sects; .

1 Such is the manner only, that becomes But in perspicuous enarration touch

The pulpit. And it strikes with double force, The important theme. Clear argument may While dignified demeanor, and a sense rise

Of duty in the unerring conduct shown, In short succession : yet the historic draught

And fatherly affection nerer damp'd Shall occupy attention's stedfast soul.

By low pursuits of lucre, o'er thee spread The weak apostle's unbelief; his doubts

The sunshine of sincerity. Can they, Quick into fajth resolving; the despair

Whose inconsistent lives not rarely seem of tortur' Judas, who in bitter shame

A very contrast to the truths thev preach, In the black writhing of remorse exclaim'd,:

Reforin the general morals? - When the light, “I have betray'd the blood of innocence" -

The volatile, the modish churchman mouts These are the potent instances sublime

The hallow'd rostruin with an airy step That best become thy subject and thyself;

That rivals ev'n a Vestris' ease, and casts The bold examples that command belief;

His careless glances on the pews below, The judgement and the passions at a stroke

What are his bosom-feelings? Sure, one pause, Convince and move; repel with wond'rous

One little pause the vanities resign

To serious thought; as to his distant home
The sceptic's rebel reason ; and inform |Retiring from Augusta, he yet deigns
The meanest intelleci with instant light.

To visit, for a while, his vagrant charge.

Alas! he scarcely knows (nor strives to know) And should repentance be thy plainer theme, His blunt unfashion'd people; but to all Discourse not in too general terms that fix Bowing with graceful condescension, pays But feebly on the memory. Show its powers Anundistinguishing regard; then Aies As instanc'd by the roving son, who Alcc (Delighted that his tedious task is o'er) With sorrow, from the harlot's treacherous Back to the scenes, while, hailing his ap smile

proach, To his glad father's bosom. If thy speech Soft pleasure strews the rosy. couch, and The stronger passions shall address, behold The everlasting gospel brings to view,

Familiar, the fond vot’sy to her arms! Amid the horrors of the spreading gloom Miraculous, a dying Saviour nail'd Upon the cross, while in the midst is rent Here, pupil, might we rest --the genuine The temple's vale; and the pale vaults resign

vein Their dead! Behold, the gospel blazons forth

of pulpit eloquence already trac'd .. The dissolution of a world in flames;

| But let us mark occasions that may ask Pictures the bloody sun; the rushing spheres, More argument or elegance than suits The elements that melt with fervent heat;

The multitude ; and touching on the modes Purtrays the throne of julgement and the That in discriminated features show crowds

| Thy art, propose the models which may That meet their doom eternal_some ingulph'd) _ claim In fiery depths sulphureous; others high

Thy just regard. - A learned audience loves, Among the saints, and crown'd with starry

As Granta's, or a Rherlycina's sons, light.

Ev'n the polemic question. Not but t'iere

The champions of the theologic war These be thy tonics - thy sententious phrase Misplace their oratory. For, behold, With each variety of figures fraught

Those hearers that await the preacher's nod That heighten the pathetic; while exclaiin

lo academic bowers, are, chief, the young, The affections in apostrophes; suspend

With fancy gay and vigorous. Doth the dry Attention by the well-tim'd pause ; contrast

The strict methodic dissertation suit The bold-drawn imag'ry; or break away,

Their airy spirits ? - Rather note the sting In all the abruptness of transition, wild. Of secret vice, exhort to study, point

The prize of honor, and distinctly draw Thus, whilst thy pulpit-oratory lives

Virtue's fair outline.

. In nature. scripture echoes to its serain: t . * * * * * * Whether the cheerful or serene shall flow,

. O'er thy reasoning throw Or the devout in feeling beauty breath'd, |The robe of rhetorick. Not that ornament The sorrowful, the joyous, the sublime. Should, here, invest thy topics with a glare

Of superficial richness. Rather yerge And lo! the oration modeld by the rules To Sherlock's plain compactness, that admits Of beautiful arrangement, shall despise No decorating figures, than oerload " The studied air - the mechanism chat marks Thy lessons with the inetaphor's crude mass. A chain of subdivision. Every part Shall coalesce with ease ; nor passion wait | These, on a general survev, are the modes Invariably, the peroration's call.

of pulpit-vratory, which agree in

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With no unletter'd audience. But in these From nature and the scriptures! These are thine (\llierc judgement or the lively fancy reigns · These are already open to thy view Predominant o'er pássion) genius bids

In fair displav ! " I see, auspicious vouth,
The different mannerists attract the ore Thy busoin kindle, as thy sacrer guides
Of faine. Hence, by an easy process, slides Pass in array before thee! I behold
The species into country-fanes — transcribd Thine ardors mark a Saviour on the inonat
By inimic ignorance. What tho' Horne may That mocks the rigor of the stoic porch,

And his pathetic look on Peter cast,
His thoughts in beauteous metaphor, he knows And his heart-breathing accents in the path
To discipline his fancy - to couimane

To Emmaus, at dim eve! I see thee hail
The heart; and by familiar accents move The martyr's angel-features, all illum d
The Christian soul! Say, what tho' Porteus By inspiration's lustre, while he bids

Subliniest truths inform the uphallow'd ear!-
By copious sentiinent, condens'd and strong; I see thee turn to Lystra's prostrate uribes
Or graceful Hurd may reason in a style

That fell astonish'd at the feet of Paul, Of clegant deduction, as a roice

| And, as the god of eloquence, acord More musical than Atterbury's, holds | The saint! I see thee irace him, at the ihm 7€

The still attention ; pathos best accorils Of the half-Christian king; or midst the With cominon hearers; nor is misapplied

shrines Ex'n to the more refind. The statelier pomp of Athens! And thine own exalted mind Of high cathedral dignities may frown

I see with transport glowing, as the powers Upon the irnpassion d period; and the pride Of Blair and Stonehouse mect - combind ia i Of science to pedantic may propose

thee! The closer method of the deep discourse, As the sole imitable mode. Yet say,

Thus then, (thy glorious mission dily Doch not the fine effuse its holy gloom

O'er various minds, the polish d or wformd As of eterval moment) be it thine,
In cach gradation --o'er the gentle breast. Whilst other speakers, less rever'd, pursue
Whence unaffected sentiment aspires;

| Their own appropriate task, as erst mr verse Whence pnre devotion's flame? Is there a Instrucied; wheiher at the learneri bat heart

Strict reasoning gain conrierion; of the Feels- not the address from Blair ; tho' strict, not dull,

of senates echoe to the embellish'd phrase ; Impassion'd and ret temperate, tho'refind (Mau's temporal welfare their inferior end); Yet rarely florid? Who but owns the charia Be thine the nobler office to persuade As Stonehouse gives to sentiment new soul, By exhortation, fis in every soul From every fine inflexion of a voice

llos fervor for the immortalscene, and point Di:sinct and sweet? 'Tis thus thy art hath The path tho' here thou walk, yet luat to drawu

1. earth, Persuasion's genuine excellence and force Thy heart establish'd in the bliss of hearen!


C. Robinson, Printer, Rolls Buildings, l'etter Lane, London,

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