The Asiatic Journal and Monthly Register for British and Foreign India, China, and Australia

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Parbury, Allen, and Company, 1842

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Сторінка 390 - Content with the limits nature appears to have assigned to its empire, the government of India will devote all its efforts to the establishment and maintenance of general peace, to the protection of the sovereigns and chiefs its allies, and to the prosperity and happiness of its own faithful subjects.
Сторінка 379 - They opened a fire of small arms, supported by two six-pounder horse-artillery guns, which were admirably served. Our columns advanced upon the different points with great regularity and steadiness, and after a short and spirited contest completely defeated the enemy, capturing their guns, tents, ammunition, &c. &c., and dispersing them in every direction. One hour's more day-light would have enabled me to destroy the whole of their infantry. Shumshooden fled in the direction of Ghuznee, accompanied...
Сторінка 132 - Dr. Binns says the discovery is due to Mr. Gardner : — " Horn to procure sleep. — Let him turn on his right side ; place his head comfortably on the pillow, so that it exactly occupies the angle a line drawn from the head to the shoulder would form ; and then, slightly closing his lips, take rather a full inspiration, breathing as much as he possibly can through the nostrils. This, however, is not absolutely necessary, as some persons breathe always through their mouths during sleep, and rest...
Сторінка 390 - Indus, and the mountainous passes, and the barbarous tribes of Afghanistan will be placed between the British army and an enemy approaching from the west. ..if, indeed, such an enemy there can be... and no longer between the army and its supplies. The enormous expenditure required for the support of a large force in a false military position, at a distance from its own frontier and its resources, will no longer arrest every measure for the improvement of the country and of the people.
Сторінка 132 - The attention must now be fixed upon the action in which the patient is engaged. He must depict to himself that he sees the breath passing from his nostrils in a continuous stream, and the very instant that he brings his mind to conceive this apart from all other ideas...
Сторінка 408 - China agrees to release, unconditionally, all subjects of Her Britannic Majesty (whether natives of Europe or India), who may be in confinement at this moment in any part of the Chinese Empire.
Сторінка 183 - No native of the said territories, nor any natural born subject of His Majesty resident therein, shall, by reason only of his religion, place of birth, descent, colour or any of them, be disabled from holding any place or employment under the said Company".
Сторінка 390 - Disasters unparalleled in their extent, unless by the errors in which they originated, and by the treachery by which they were completed, have in one short campaign been avenged upon every scene of past misfortune ; and repeated victories in the field, and the capture of the cities and citadels of Ghuznee and Cabul, have again attached the opinion of invincibility to the British arms.
Сторінка 390 - To force a sovereign upon a reluctant people would be as inconsistent with the policy as it is with the principles of the British Government, tending to place the arms and resources of that people at the disposal of the first invader, and to impose the burden of supporting a sovereign, without the prospect of benefit from his alliance. " The Governor-General will willingly recognize any government approved by the Afghans themselves which shall appear desirous and capable of maintaining friendly relations...
Сторінка 89 - Sir, — I have the honour to acquaint you, for the information of the Lords...

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