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St. John's square, account of; 409 ;—the gate described, ib.

- Luke's hospital for lunatics, its institution and government, 413,
- Margaret's Hill, the site of a church, 491.
- Saviour's close, called also Montague close, anecdotes of, 468.
- Thomas's hospital, its origin and history, 464.
Salisbury house, its situation and history, 207.

square, so called from being the residence of the bishops of
that see, 15;-afterwards possessed by the earl of Dorset, 16.
Saviour, St. its history and description, 478.
Savoy, The, formerly the residence of the earls of that title, 199.
Scotland Yard, built on the site of a palace, 233.
Scottish corporation, account of, 105.- portralts in the hall, ib.
Scroope's Inn, now called Scroope's court, 82.
Serjeants Inn, Chancery lane, its hall described, 129.

at law, their origin and history, 129.

Inn Fleet street, its history, 42;-account of the Amicable so:
ciety, 43.
Shadwell, origin of the name, 442 ;-antiquities found there, ib, n.
Shakespeare Gallery. See Pall Mall and Boydel.
Shipwrights, company of, 135.
Shoe lane, formerly garden grounds, Oldbourne hall, Bangor palace, 92.

conduit, Fleet street, its history, 48.
Shoreditch, anecdotes of, 421, n.
Silkmen, company of, 135.

throwers, company of, 135.
Swap inakers, company of, 135.
Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce,

their house described, 213;—fine paintings by Barry, in the Great

Room, 214.
Somerset house, formerly a church, 172;-converted to a palace by the

protector Somerset, 179 ;-converted to various public offices, &c. 183.
Southampton house, Holborn, history of, 119. See Wriothesley.
Southwark, borough of, its history, 451.
Spa Fields chapel, litigations concerning, 401.
Spencer house, described, 324.
Spectacle makers, company of, 135.
Spital Fields, formerly a hamlet to Stepney, 425.
Stanley, John, Esq. the eminent musical composer, anecdotes of, 65, n.
Staple Inn, account of, pictures in the hall, 118.
Starch makers, company of, 135.
Strand, its ancient history, 141;-and progressive improvement, 142.-
Stratford place, account of, 361.
Stephen's chapel, St. historical anecdotes of, 256;-appropriated by Ed-

ward VI. for the use of the house of commons, 258. See House of

Store-houses, antient regulations concerning them, 470.
Suffolk place (now the Mint) anecdotes of, 498.
Surrey chapel, account of, 512.
Swedenbourgh, Emanuel, his religious tenets, 341.
Swedes church, Princes square, described, pictures, 440.

Tabard Inn, Borough, its history, 491.
Tabernacle, Whitfield's, account of, 416.
Tart-hall, the residence of viscount Stafford, 314 ;-anecdotes of him, ib.
Temple, The, why so called, 22 ;-history of the Knights Templars,

their riches, and dissolution, ib. et seq.--their first residence in Lon-
don, 23.


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