Views of nature: or, Contemplations on the sublime phenomena of Creation, tr. by E.C. Otté and H.G. Bohn

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Сторінка 477 - Robson, and others ; besides many thousand names which have never appeared in any previous Work. This volume, in fact, in a small compass, but without abridgment, contains more than four ordinary quartos. BURNS' WORKS, WITH LIFE BY ALLAN CUNNINGHAM, AND NOTES BY SIR WALTER SCOTT, CAMPBELL, WORDSWORTH, LOCKHART, &c.
Сторінка 489 - ELEMENTS OF CHRISTIAN THEOLOGY; containing Proofs of the Authenticity and Inspiration of the Holy Scriptures; a Summary of the History of the Jews...
Сторінка 477 - Bearings, Crests, and Mottoes, from the Earliest Period to the Present Time, including the late Grants by the College of Arms. With an Introduction to Heraldry, and a Dictionary of Terms.
Сторінка 467 - HANSARD'S ILLUSTRATED BOOK OF ARCHERY. Being the complete History and Practice of the Art: interspersed with numerous Anecdotes; forming a complete Manual for the Bowman. Svo. Illustrated l>y 39 beautiful Line Engravings, "exquisitely finished, by ENGLEIIEAUT, POUTBURY, etc., after Designs by STEPHASOFJ?
Сторінка 469 - MEYRICK'S PAINTED ILLUSTRATIONS OF ANCIENT ARMS AND ARMOUR: A Critical Inquiry into Ancient Armour as it existed in Europe, but particularly in England, from the Norman Conquest to the Reign of Charles II.
Сторінка 476 - BOSWELL'S LIFE OF DR. JOHNSON ; BY THE RIGHT HON. JC CROKER. Incorporating his Tour to the Hebrides, and accompanied by the Commentaries of all preceding Editors : with numerous additional Notes and Illustrative Anecdotes ; to which are added. Two Supplementary Volumes of Anecdotes by HAWKINS, PIOZZI, MURPHY, TTKKS, RET^OLUS STEEVKNK, and others.
Сторінка 477 - Cunningham alone occupies 164 pages, and the Indices and Glossary are very copious. The whole forms a thick elegantly printed volume, extending in all to S4S pages.
Сторінка 475 - It is, without doubt, the most splendid of the kind ever published In Britain, and will stand a comparison, without any eclipse of its lustre, with the most magnificent ornithological illustrations of the French school. Mr. Selby baa long and deservedly ranked high as a scientific naturalist.

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